I just spent like an hour trying to edit my wordpress. Lame huh? I tried to use a background from my myspace, but I kinda ended up screwing up my myspace and not getting a background. But, I eventually got it (hence my header)! So today’s Memorial Day and there’s no school. It feels like the begginning of my summer, except that I still have 3 more days of school left. Thursday seems so far away. I’m entirely aware that I might get no hits or page views at all, but so what? I’m doing this because I have nothing better to do and I like to blog.

I kinda also realize that my About Me doesn’t really give much about me, so here’s more :]. Let’s see…I wanna go to Duke University. Well actually I want to be a model/actress. I think I could be a pretty good actress (all those hours of pretending to be a movie star and having fake interviews in my mirror). But if my model/actress plan fails, then Duke University it is. I tried to take some “model” pictures yesterday and they turned out completley crappy. I blame it on my mom’s stupid battery eater camera. I mentioned this to her and told her that I wanted a new camera, but she never gave me a clear response. Just so you know, my parents know nothing about this model/actress plan of my so let’s keep it a secret haha…

Along with a brand new, awesome, non-battery eating camera, I want my own laptop. The laptop I’m using right now is my sister’s and to tell you the truth, it’s pretty crappy. Ok, well it’s not entirely crappy, but its slow. I also use my mom’s laptop, but it’s annoying because she makes me work for it. Have I mentioned my mom treats me like a slave (don’t call CPS though)? She believes that we have to clean my house every day just because she and my dad can’t wash their own dishes because they’re older and the kids should be doing the work. So basically, my life kinda sucks…or maybe I just don’t really have a life. I mean I have tons of friends in school but it’s not like I ever hang out with them over the weekend. Have I also mentioned my parents are boring too? They stay at home all day and they think it’s fun. FUN. Ugh. Uptight parents, boring life, my big fat imagination and wishful thinking…now I’m really wondering how my summer is gonna turn out.

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