3rd to Last Day of School!

Yep, 2 more days of school left. We had a party in advisory (1st period of the day, all students have it. You can do any unfinished homework you didn’t do the night before and all that stuff) and it was lame. Everyone was supposed to bring something, but hardly anyone did! I brought Dr. Pepper and another girl brought coke (THE SODA, sheesh what the heck is going on in your mind?), and 2 other girls brought chips and popcorn. Yea, it was like the best party I’ve ever had. But the Athletics party was even more horrible and lamer that the advisory party. The boys came in our gym (there’s a girls gym and a boys gym, girls gym is bigger ha) and started horsing around (and let me tell you, the boys in my school are retarded). But at least some people brought food, even though I had to run around like a beggar looking for food. Eventually, I got some and one of my friends had food, so we kinda had our own mini party. Some girl started spraying silly string at us, but luckily, it didn’t get on me.

So the party just kinda sizzled out. My friend and I had this really big arguement about some guy that was in our 8th period class (OMG BEST TEACHER AND BEST CLASS EVER) in 6th grade. I was like “I’ll bet you $5 he was in our class” and she was like “I’ll bet you $100 he wasn’t”. I told her I would send her a pic of the class that I took on the last day of school last year; and that she would she his face right in that picture and gasp. Unfortunateley…I tried to send her the pic, but later found out the guy wasn’t in the picture. BUT I AM PRETTY SURE HE WAS IN OUR CLASS LAST YEAR. I mean like why else would he be talking about how great Mrs. (teacher name)’s 8th period class was last year in Spanish class? See, my memory never fails. Well…sometimes (well ok most of the time), I’m pretty absentminded, but that’s not the case!


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