Where’s Auntieanne?

Please excuse my absence. It’s been kinda hard to get ahold of any laptop in my crazy household. Well, as you know school ended and I swear I didn’t cry! I mean c’mon, we’re all gonna see each other next year. I mean it’s not like we were 8th graders going to different highschools. But then again, since yesterday we were 8th graders, I mean we were 7th graders at 3:14 but at 3:15 we were deff. 8th graders. We were allowed to take pictures with our cameras on the last day of school. And trust me, I took a lot of pictures. So now, I am an 8th grader, I rule the school, I’m not longer a naive little 6th grader or a horrified-by-the-learning-of-the-reproductive-system 7th grader…I AM AN 8TH GRADER. Oh god, what the heck am I saying? SCHOOL’S OUT, SUMMER’S IN. Sheesh, I’ve been waiting for this day since I stepped back into my poor, gay school in August. FREEDOM! I did not have to wake up at 6:30 this morning and dang, it felt good.

Auntieanne’s Summer to do list

-go swimming

-pursue my acting/modeling career some more

-read some books

-go to barnes and noble

-get a camera and laptop (like that’s ever going to happen)

-get closer to god

-get a pedicure (my toes look like crap)

-GET MY EYEBROWS WAXED (finally! I’m an 8th grader!)

-brush my teeth at night and put on apricot scrub, go running at the track and go swimming

so by the time school rolls around, i’ll have fresh skin, white teeth and a nice toned body haha…a girl can dream

more later…

Anyway, I need to get out of my house. My family is driving me crazy. All they ever talk about is how skinny I am and how I never eat. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I eat like a pig and I’ve seen girls way skinnier than me. They’re acting like 5’4″ at 114 lbs is the skinniest thing they’ve ever seen in their lives. *Sigh*, I need to go sulk about this.


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