Caprisun and Gardettos

Yea, I just had Gardettos snack mix and a caprisun along with it. I didn’t go to track practice today because guess what?! I told my coaches I have a dentist appointment on wednesday, the day of the track meet. And they actually believed me! So I didn’t have to get timed today and barely sweated! I have Athletics 2nd period so it sucks a lot when we go outside and sweat and then we have to come in, get dressed and go to 3rd period. It’s not as bad as it sounds but it still sucks. So right, back to track. Then one of my coaches is like “why’d you schedule a dentist appointment on wednesday?! you have to find a way to change it!” Fat chance. I just hope she doesn’t call my mom. My parents think I love track, but when it reality, I’m starting to hate it. The coaches may not notice it, but I am definitely noticing that a lot of people from the track team aren’t that passionate about track anymore. Except the 7th graders, b/c it’s their first year and all. Maybe I should have seemed sadder when I told the coaches about the dentist appointment.

Right now I’m just surfing the internet. I should be doing my Algebra homework but I can’t b/c I dont have a TI-83 calculator. I’m really bored. I haven’t watched TV in almost a month. It’s really depressing. *sigh*

Oh yea, I really want to go to boarding school. In the books they make it seem all exciting and posh. And plus, no parents! Living in dorms and we’re on our own, it’s like college almost. Plus,  I’m starting to get sick of my parents. So boarding school is looking really great right now. I can just imagine it. I mean, hey, I’m about to go to high school, so why not? This might make me seem heartless, but I don’t think I’d really be that sad if I left all my friends. It’s not like I see them outside of school and I don’t even have/need/want a best friend. And if I do go to boarding school, I’m pretty sure none of them will call me, so who cares if I leave them behind. Ahhhhh, boarding school, I’m coming for you!


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