So Damn Beautiful

Right. I’m listening to this song by Akon right now on the radio; it has the lyrics “so damn beautiful”. . . yea I don’t know what its called lol. I just logged off CP like 10 seconds ago. Yea, a lot of people say CP is gay (including me), but I can’t hate CP. That’s like impossible. CP always has a place in my heart.

I should be doing my Algebra homework but I promised you I have a good reason! I don’t have a TI-83 so therefore my homework cannot be completed without it haha. I cleaned my room . . . finally. Let me just say that I am not a messy person but just a lazy person. I am pretty much a neat freak. Locker; clean, Room; clean. I can’t help it.

I’m so freakin bored right now. No TV :[ , I’m hoping they’ll fix our cable before spring break because…seriously? Spring break: staying up late, waking up late, no homework, and . . . no TV?!!!!!!!! No way, I refuse. I pray to God they’ll fix it soon.

I’m tired too. Tomorrow, we’re gonna get timed for track to see who will go to this week’s track meet. I so do not want to go.Even if I got the slowest time ever, they’d probably still put me in the meet. Maybe I’ll be like “I have a dentist appointment Wednesday, sorry no can do”. If only I was that brave. Or maybe I’ll wear a bandage to school on my foot. Yes . . . yes . . . I can see it perfectly now. No running for me all week. But yea right, I’m probably not gonna do it.

I didn’t go to church today. And yes I have a very good reason. My stomach was hurting. And maybe partly because I didn’t want to go. I don’t know why but I feel like I’m slipping away from God. But every time I go to church, no one talks to me. The Youth group is “supposedly” good and they include people in their little activities and invite them places and SAY HI. Yea right. I’ve been at this church for 3 years and I can name about 6 people from the Youth that have never said hi to me. Every time I go to church, they sit with their little group of friends and I sit . . . with my parents. I gave up trying to talk to people from the Youth because they’ve made it loud and clear they have enough friends. Whatever.

I think I’m g…sorry went to go eat something for like 60 seconds. Right like I was saying, I think I’m growing into a bitter person. I’m starting to see the world and my life in a bitter way. . . I don’t know how to explain it. *sigh* I don’t want to go back to school tomorrow. Why oh why does the weekend have to be so short? *sigh* I’ve also noticed I sigh a lot. Lol.

My mom and sister are pissing me off. Why cant they stop bugging me and SHUT UP. I am generally a quiet person but they never SHUT UP. I’d love to scream it at them one day.*sigh* They’re so annoying. I feel no love for them at all right now.

Happy Daylight Savings day to whoever is reading this or to whoever isn’t reading this :]


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