It’s summer, bitches!! But, unfortunately, I have summer school. I’m taking Communication Applications [gay as hell]. Sitting in a classroom for one class for 8 hours straight…so exciting. But I only have this week and next monday left! After that I’ll be back to being a bum and lazing around the house. As usual, there’s nothing to eat in my house. My parents are really driving me crazy about how I look “so skinny”. WELL WHO’S DAMN FAULT IS THAT?!  Sheesh. Summer school is only from 7:30AM to 2:00PM so I pretty much have nothing to do after that. I’m gonna ask my parents if I can go see Transformers on Wed. with my friends.

School ended like 4 weeks ago btw lol. The last day of school was pretty sad. Everyone was crying [including me]. Our last year in middle school is finally over. THANK GOD. I mean, I’ll miss my friends and all but seriously? Our school turned into a full blown homosexual this year, no joke. I seriously feel sorry for the kids still going to that gay school. HIGH SCHOOL HERE I COME!! Ahhhh, high school. I know everything’s gonna be different in 9th grade. I probably wont even talk to some of my friends anymore. That’s the sad thing. I’m glad to be out of middle school, but at the same time…am I really ready for high school?

Well, I’m gonna go find something to eat [if that’s even possible]. I’ll try not to get attacked by a cockroach [since my house is really old, during the summer, all the roaches decide it would be fun to come out of hiding and start hanging around everywhere, believe me, it’s is so NOT fun trying to go to the bathroom and encountering a roach on the ceiling, UGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!]!!


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