Snow day please!

I went back to school today, ugh! And now I remember why I hate it so much! At one point, I was kind of excited for school to start, but then I remembered last semester.

We got our new schedules today in 1st period. My schedule got changed, but not too much. So instead of Fashion Design, I now have health (which is btw THE most boring class in the world; word of advice: JUST TAKE IT DURING FRESHMEN YEAR). And instead of having dance 4th period, I now have it 2nd. AND instead of having Geometry 2nd, I now have it 5th. I don’t really know anybody in my dance class or health class, which sucks and it’s kinda awkward.

I prayed to God last night asking him to send some hot, new boys to my school, but sadly, my prayers were not answered. No hot guys, boring classes, and my lunch got switched! I have 3rd lunch now instead of 2nd. B lunch is the best in my opinion, because you’re hungry but not too hungry. But by the time C lunch rolls around, you’re like pretty much on the floor dying of hunger. *sigh* But then again, it’s not like I actually eat the lunch food. I usually just get something from the vending machines. There’s absolutely NOBODY in C lunch. I have friends in there but I really don’t want to sit with them. So, today, I just walked around with one of my other friends and we talked about how depressing it is not to have anyone to sit with and how we probably have to do this for the next 5 months.

NO HOT BOYS! GOSH! I don’t have any hot guys in my classes (except for maybe this one dude, but I’ll talk about him later). I think I know why though! It’s because I’m in all advanced classes! All the hot guys are, sadly, kinda stupid and in the regular classes. So here I am, stuck with all the geeky, sweet guys (no offense to any out there!).

But . . . there is the one dude. We’ll just call him J for now. He’s so cute and he has dark hair (of course!) and the most amazing eyes ever (they’re not grey, but very very light blue and I thought they were grey at first haha)! But (yes, there’s always something up with hot guys) he’s a PLAYA! He went out with this one girl who I’m kinda friends with but I never talk to her. Then he broke up with her and went out with her friend! And now he’s broken up with that girl and he’s going out with one of HER friends! He only dates preps and apparently it’s pretty normal for their ex- boyfriends to date their best friends. I don’t know WHAT kind of world they’re living in but I am glad I’m not a part of it! But I don’t really like J, I just think he’s cute and I always get the sense that there’s more to him than meets the eye but I’m probably wrong about that. Anyway, despite me always talking about hot guys, I’m not shallow or boy crazy lol

On Monday, I changed up my room, since it is the new year after all. I moved my bed position to another position in my room all by myself and let me tell you, it is not that easy moving a queen sized bed to the other side of the room! There was a lot of dragging and pulling and pushing hehe. My room looks awesome! I’m not a neat freak, but I do like things tidy and organized…ok, so maybe I am one haha.

My favorite brother went back home to college on Sunday and I’m still sad. Everyone’s leaving! My sister and my other brother have gone to San Marcos to look for an apartment for her and she’ll be leaving soon. And my other brother is leaving next week!

I joined the group on facebook, ‘WHY AM I SO OBSESSED WITH SNOW??? BECAUSE THIS IS EFFIN TEXAS!!!’ Truer words never spoken! It’s supposed to be really cold on Friday so I’m hoping it snows and they cancel school! Whooooo! So if you wanna be a creeper and find me in that group, I can’t stop you lol :)

School is back in (UGH!), I’m going to be all alone at home, and I already have hw (no surprise there). FML.

  1. Opus! said:

    Ahhh, don’t get involved with the ones who go through 5 relationships a week, lol. You would love it here, all the guys you would call ”hot” are in the advance classes, and if you haven’t figured oiut by now, I too am in Advanced Classes. Though, almost no ”hot” girls (i dislike the term hot when describing a girl, lol). But, I do socialize in between classes (mostly with the sophomores, I am friends with all the girls in my grade, and dont want to date them :P).

    It might snow tonight here in Oklahoma! We might get out of school :D

    • Ari said:

      “all the guys you would call ”hot” are in the advanced classes, and if you haven’t figured out by now, I too am in Advanced Classes

      Way to be conceited Opus, lol ;) All the sophomores at my school SUCK. They think they’re better than Fish (what we call freshmen at my school :P) b/c they’re not Fish anymore but they’re not upperclassmen either! I think they’re more hated than freshmen. No offense to you Opus lol :) But no worries, b/c I’ll be a soph next year and people will probably hate us too (I hear the class of 2013 is really obnoxious ;))

      Me and my friends have all kinds of crazy names for cute boys we see in the hall or guys we like. For example, if a guys name begins with K, we would call him Kangaroo and we could talk about him right in front of him and he wouldn’t even know! Yes, my friends and I are silly lol!

      Opus, once again, I don’t like you!!! Gah! I’m moving to Oklahoma! :)

  2. Jules said:


    At least you HAVE guys. I’m in an all girls school. =/ Not that is sucks, I mean I definatly have guy friends but romance — not atm. xD

    You live in TEXAS? *gaspsanddoesalittlyhappy/jelousdance* Does it even snow in texas? xD

    3rd lunch must suck. I have 1st at my school. At least you can take dance! Thats not really offered where I live unless you go to an art school. My school does offer Drama, Visual Arts & Instrumental Music.

    Good luck with the new scheduale, and stay away from HIM. He may be cute, but his personatlity dosen’t sound like it. Maybe there is a guy at your school thats cute you just dont realize it? IDK. I’m no help when it comes to these things.

    Anyways good luck! (:

    • Ari said:

      I would hate to go to an all girls school, no offense. There must be a lot of drama over there :)

      Texas is really not that amazing lol. It snowed in December and last December, which is kind of a record. Snowing for two years straight! But apparently, people who don’t live in Texas think we rides horses to school and think it’s weird to say “y’all” lol!

      3rd lunch does suck! It’s like empty! B lunch is probably the most crowded! What’s it like having 1st lunch lol? 1st lunch at my school begins at like 10:20AM! Dance . . . *sigh* I kinda regret not trying out for Brigade (dance team at my school) now, my dance class is looking really boring ugh.

      Thanks and I’ll definitely stay away from HIM ;) According to my friends, I have to many high standards to look for in a guy. And they say that reason why I probably don’t get asked out is because I’m tall and intimidating? Since when is being 5’5″ sooooo TALL. :? lol I feel their stares but I choose to ignore them b/c I don’t like being looked at like I’m a piece of meat :| So I guess that makes me intimidating? Lol

      Maybe there is a really cute guy at my school, I just have to look harder! Lol! My school lacks in cute boys department :(

      Thanks! :D

  3. brry3321 said:

    God did answer. No is an answer,too. Didn’t expect that?

    • Ari said:

      Lol I guess. I wasn’t really expecting it to actually happen haha, It’s nice to dream though :)

  4. Annie said:

    Wow, back to school already? I got around 3 weeks left of my holiday.
    I go to an all girls school. I don’t that bit of it much, but I can’t really change, but I suppose it’s a good school so I’m ok with it >D But I do sometimes miss the times in primary school where me and my friends used to use code names for guys.. like PT295 and stuff xP
    I want to move stuff around in my room, but my rooms really, really, really small. It just fits a bed and a table, and it’s like, really really squishy. So I can’t really move anything around without like….. knocking down the door or something xD
    Wow, snow! It never ever ever ever never ever etc. snows where I live. So sad ;( I don’t like snow that much but it’d be cool if I missed out on school because of it =)
    Hmmm. What are freshmans and soph’s and things? I’ve never heard of them. All I know is that its something to do with years at school? I dunno :P
    Long comment :lol:

    • I’m wondering if you go to an Australian school Annie?
      I do, and we don’t have Freshmans or Sophomores over here. I’m not entirely sure what they are, but they’re like, being a junior or a senior right?
      Anyway, I go to an all girls school as well. I actually like it, because, despite the idea people have that it’s really bitchy, it’s not. I mean, in year 7 (that’s our first year of high school), things were a bit touchy because most people had come from public primary schools and were used to there being boys around, but now my year is really close, and it’s really easy to talk about guys and other girl stuff with people because you don’t have to worry about getting lost in translation with the opposite sex. So, in my opinion, having gone to both co-ed and private all girls schools, I prefer all girls. :)

      We don’t have different lunch times either…everyone in my school has lunch at the same time! I don’t know how you survive! I mean, it’s the only time my whole group is together (there are about 30 people in my group), I don’t know what we’d do if we had different lunch times.

      Wow…my comment was massive. Ok, I’ll shh now.

    • Ari said:

      @Annie – Yepp, back to school already! But the good thing is that we’re only here for 3 days this week! I don’t know how I’d feel about going to an all-girls school. It’d be strange since I’m so used to seeing a mixture of genders lol

      Knocking down the door haha. My room isn’t that big either. Some people consider it “big” just because it can fit a queen sized bed and some other stuff ha.

      You’ve never heard of freshmen and sophmores?! Freshmen are 9th graders, (first year of high school, “fresh”) haha. Sophmores are 10th graders (not much of a difference :P). Then it’s juniors and seniors. I honestly can’t wait to be a senior and graduate lol!

      @Sas – No, I don’t go to an Australian school because I don’t live in Australia lol! I’ve always thought all-girls school would be all gossip and drama (like Gossip Girl) hehe.

      I can’t imagine having just one lunch! There’s like over 3000 people at my school lol! Is your school small or do you just have lots of cafeterias? I don’t know how I survive either! Me and my friend were joking around as we walked during lunch about how we might have to start spending lunch in the bathrooms and library lol!

      • Wow, 3000 people is a lot! My school only has about 1000 (in the senior school, thats from year 7 [first year of high school] to year 12 [last year of high school]). We have a Junior School as well (which is from preschool to year 6 [last year of primary school] but I don’t know how many people are in that…less than the senior school.

        Anyway, we don’t eat in cafeterias. We eat in the playground…or the school grounds anyway. I mean, pretty much everyone eats outside. We sit on the grass, or on the random benches that are scattered around, or in the quad on the pavement. Only year 12’s (as in me!!) get to sit inside, and we get like, a common room with a kitchen and everything. It’s pretty good, because we have lounges and tables and a fridge. Everything you could want.
        So I’m guessing you guys don’t bring lunch from home either?
        We can buy food from the canteen, but most people bring their own lunch.

        It’s nothing like Gossip Girl [i’ve never watched it, but I have heard about it]! It’s mostly quite friendly, and it’s easy to get along with people because you don’t have to worry about awkward situations with boys.

      • Ari said:

        Wow! Australia’s school system is so different than the American school system haha! Usually you’re like 18 when you graduate from high school over here!

        I would eat lunch outside, but it’s so freakin cold! The only time I would eat lunch outside is in the spring and fall. I can’t believe you guys get a common room! Seniors (or Year 12’s XD) are always treated better haha :P

      • Annie said:

        3000? I have around 650 in my school! How… lonely xP

        Squishy – Ya, I go to an Australian school, since I live in Australia, of course. But I’ve never heard of those freshmen and sophomore things. xD I just use juniors and seniors.
        Ari – Oh, oh I see. But I start high school in Year 7, not 9 ;)

        I graduate at 18 too. Thats weird! Some other Australian schools are so different to mine xP
        Year 12’s at my school are treated like they’re.. extremely special xD They get their own bathroom and they get a cottage to themselves and even teachers are not allowed in xD Just 4 years then I get that hahaa

      • Yeah, we year 12’s are treated really special! Our common room is like that, teachers don’t come in, and we get a whole level to ourselves so no other years use those classrooms. And we have our own bathrooms and kitchen. It’s so super awesome.

  5. Dunya said:

    wtf?! they date their best friend’s ex-boyfriend?! AWKWARDDDDDD!!!!

    • Ari said:

      Yes, it really is! They are like this group of “friends” and this one boy has dated all of them! It’s crazy!

      • That is like, a major no-no in my school. How weird.

      • Ari said:

        Well, in my group of friends, it is too! There are many strange people at my school lol

    • Ari said:

      What sounds so easy?

  6. Jules said:

    Nah. Being in an all girls school is fine. Tehe. Ermm…WHAT? YOU DONT RIDE HORSES TO SCHOOL?!? GASP. jokes. (: I just didnt know it snowed. lol. WELL HOWDY. ;)


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