Why is Friday so far from Monday, but Monday so close to Friday?

It’s finally Friday, thank God! Unfortunately, it didn’t snow today and school didn’t get canceled. Some dumb kid at my school said he stayed up till 4AM b/c he thought school was gonna get canceled. But it’s still cold as funk! It’s currently 30 degrees and I had to walk all the way from my very far away bus stop to get home. Gah, I’m still defrosting!

This might make me sound like a really conceited beeeeeyotch, but I’ve always felt like any guy I ever have a crush on, has a crush on me also. And when I stop liking them, they stop liking me too! IDK, it’s really strange and now that I’ve typed it out, it sounds really stupid :P. Oh well! And if you were wondering, yes, I do feel like J might like me a little bit. But I’m not making a big deal out of it b/c there’s really no way to know for sure if that is actually true haha.

I’m pretty sure I bombed my Bio quiz today since I didn’t study. I think I’ve broken like all of my New Year Resolutions already. It’s pretty sad lol. After the quiz, we did a Protist Lab. We used a dropper and put pond water on a slide and covered it. We used a microscope to look at the tiny tiny, DISGUSTING protists living in it. At first I didn’t even know they were alive and moving until I zoomed in. I was totally freaked when I got some of the water on my hands, but my teacher said it was ok to touch it, just as long as we washed our hands afterwards. My class totally sounded like a bunch of nerds today lol! We were all like “My protist is HUGE and it’s eating the tinier ones! It’s DISGUSTING! Here, look!” and when we were cleaning up, one guy in my class was like “But I don’t want to turn my microscope off!” LOL. Yes, total geeks. As creepy and disgusting as it all was, it was actually pretty fascinating heh.

I added new songs to my playlist :) I listen to all types of music. If I like the song, then I don’t really give a funk what other people think about it! I hate it when people try to be “Music Gods” and say only one genre of music is the best and everything else sucks. There is great and suckish music in every genre, so they need to shut the funk up :P. People generally get the wrong idea about certain types of music because of some of the songs that radio stations play. I hate it when radio stations play the SAME damn song over and over again; it really just kills the song for me, so I try not to listen to the radio much haha.

Anyway, I made new friends in Health today :D Thank God, because it was getting pretty lonely in there!

Have a Merry Weekend! :D

  1. Seriously, Friday is way too far away from Monday. I HATE it when it’s so freaking cold that you could catch death but there’s not enough humidity to catch a snow flake. You’re a freshman in high school but you’re in 10th grade science and you’re 15? Does your high school only have three years of schooling instead of four then? Sorry, I catch random things that a very important only to me lol.

    • Ari said:

      No, my high school has 4 years :) It’s just that I’m in K-level which is pre-AP or “upper level”. Freshmen that aren’t in K-level have the normal classes, like IPC or Algebra 1. But freshmen who are in K-level have Biology and Geometry. Then next year, I’ll be taking Chemistry and Algebra 2, which I would normally take as junior but since I’m in “upper level” I’m taking it in 10th grade instead.

      Does that make sense? lol

      • Yea I had a feeling it was something like that lol. I just didn’t want to write that whole thing out in question form. Hahaha, I’m kinda lazy.

  2. ”this might make me sound like a really conceited beeeeeyotch, but I’ve always felt like any guy I ever have a crush on, has a crush on me also. And when I stop liking them, they stop liking me too!”

    Same with me, except its with girls, not guys :p. It’s kinda depressing though, cause I figure out they actually DON’T like me, and it makes me feel anti-happy. So yeah, I usually try to find hints instead of just figuring it they do lol(which i subconsciously, still do). I am terribly shy and every time I get a crush on a girl, It ends up with my failing to achieve anything.

    • Ari said:

      Opus, you’re shy?! But you’re so hot since you’re in advanced classes! I guess hot guys can be shy too lol :P

      • Well, i was just making ajoke about that lol. There are guys in my classes that you would call ”hot” but i dunno if im one of them. lol. I have been called cute though p:.

  3. =00 im in biology too(im a freshman as well)! I dont wanna take Geometry though, I hate math :s.

    • Ari said:

      You’re a freshman? I thought you were like a sophomore or something haha! I agree, math sucks! We learn a lot of pretty useless stuff in school, but Geometry has to be by far the most useless thing we’ve ever learned

    • Math is the WORST! I can not STAND Geometry! I have a C- in there now, yes I’m proud of that so XP.

      • Ari said:

        I actually have a pretty good grade in Geom but that doesn’t mean I like the class. I’ve always hated math, even since elementary school lol :P

  4. Emily said:

    ZOMG! Me too! I always think the guys I like like me back, but then I always end up disappointed. It sucks. But yeah, I’m a freshman too. I take Bio and Algebra II, which I think is easier than Geometry.. o.O I’m weird. I’m also probably going to post about the guy I like soon, too, haha.

    • Ari said:

      You’re taking Algebra II? Oh, I guess your school system is different haha

  5. Annie said:

    Wow, you have Algebra as like another subject? I just have it like included in maths. Same with geometry.
    I haven’t done biology before, I think the subject comes up in year 10 or something xP

    • Yeah, wow, we don’t have it as a seperate subject either…we do maths as a whole. That is so crazy! I couldn’t imagine doing more than one maths class…ewww.

      Our school runs Biology in year 11, but I don’t do science anymore. I sort of miss it though, it was fun. :)
      One time we had fake blood because we were doing blood splatter (our topic was forensics) and people were throwing at eachother and everything. One of my friends got this big bit of paper and wrote on it in the fake blood ‘I can see you’ or something like that and stuck it up in the year 8-10 toilets. It was pretty funny.

      • Ari said:

        You have the option on whether you want to take science or not?! Gah! And I don’t get having math as one subject?? How does that work? :?

        People were throwing fake blood at each other? I wonder how that worked out…lol

      • Yeah. When you get to year 11, you can choose all of your subjects, they’re like electives. Everything except English that is, which is compulsary. I do English Advanced, Industrial Technology Multimedia (computing/design), French Beginners, Ancient History, Maths General & History Extension.
        So yeah, you can drop science if you want. I was good at it, but our school doesn’t run a ‘general science’ course, and I didn’t want to do the ones they did offer, which are Chemistry, Biology & Physics, so I dropped it.

        Maths…well, you just do one subject with different topics. Like, Algebra is a topic, so it Trig, Volume & Measurement, Linear Equations…all that stuff. We just do lots of different topics in the year. I guess thats about as good as I can explain it.

  6. Emily said:

    Schools do things differently everywhere…. it’s weird to me, haha. Like, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trig, Stat, and AP Calculus are all different subjects in the math category, but everybody refers to them as math, and you can only take one subject in the math category per year. However, you can double up on science, like take Biology and Chemistry the same year.

    But yeah, in math, you only learn that subject and maybe some review. In Alg. II, you only learn Algebra, in Geometry, you only learn geometry, etc. I’d love to have math as a whole T_T

  7. Wow, thats so weird. So you do algebra for a whole year? Could you keep doing it every year, or do you have to swap?
    We have different levels of maths too, I mean, we have General Maths, Mathematics, Advanced Maths & Extension Maths. So, you can choose one and you do different things…as in, it’s easier or harder.
    Yeah, you can take all three sciences here if you want to, but not many people do.

    • You have to swap because once you’ve taken the year of Algebra or whatever, you’ve supposedly mastered that level of it and are ready to move on to a higher level of math. We have a program called Running Start at my school where you get to go to the community college for college level courses. This gets you college credits and depending how advanced you are, you could have four or five college credits before you’re even in high school. It’s much cheaper to do schooling this way because running start is free.

      • Ari said:

        Bleh! Everyone’s school is so much better! At my school we can’t really pick, we have to have four years of English/Science/Math/Social Studies, the 4 basic subjects; we have to have 26 credits to graduate. So next year I’ll be taking Chemistry World History AP, Algebra II and English II; Junior year, I’ll be taking Physics, Pre-Calc/Trig, US History, and English III. I’m not too sure about my senior year though, except English IV. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be in either AP/K-level for any of those classes :x

      • Wow, we don’t have anything like this credits system! Tell me, what’s the difference between college and university, because we only have uni here…

        And what’s social studies?

      • Ari said:

        I’m actually not sure :? lol. All I know is that universities are larger. Maybe this will help you! Or this :)

        And Social Studies is pretty much the World Geography/World History/US History/Government classes

      • University is more pristine.

      • Oh, I get it now. Colleges are like our Tafe… We have mainly unis over here, so all I know about colleges comes from wathing tv. Is all that partying stuff really true?

      • Yes, sadly it is.

  8. Emily said:

    Yeah, I gotta take Algebra II for a whole year. Here’s the order I go in for math: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, PreCalculus, then Calculus, and Statistics last. It kinda sucks though… AP Calc is said to be impossible to get an A in. T_T

    • Ari said:

      Yep! I also heard that World History AP is like a concentration camp (according to a sophomore guy in my spanish class) LOL. I have to take everything for a whole year! And I don’t get it? When did you take Geometry? Because at my school, you’re supposed to take Alg II Junior year, or sophomore year if you’re in upper level.

    So you are 15? And where do you live, I think that all the places in this world are amazing!

  10. I’m still confused though. How come if you’re in a different year to sophomores you still have classes with them? Don’t you only have asses with people in your own year?

  11. Jules said:

    You like I guy with the first letter of his name J?

    ME TOOO. (;

    Hopefully you will have a snowday soon. Snow sucks. Alot. Then again so does school.

  12. Haha, I wrote ‘asses’, but it’s supposed to say classes! Oops!

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