It’s a 3 day weekend! Whoop, dance party! It’s Martin Luther King day on Monday, so we get Monday off! I’m so happy! Holidays and days off are one of the many things that keep me alive in school! But on the downside, I still have to do homework :roll: I’m flipping tired! I feel like the week just dragged on and on, but it’s finally Friday! It rained earlier today and it’s cold, so right now, I’m just curled up in my bed. Some people absolutely hate it when it rains, but I love rainy days! I can’t explain it, but they make me feel somewhat happy :) Btw, I got bored with my theme, so I changed it. I wasn’t sure how I’d like the whole no header thing but I think I can live without one :]

We’re reading A Tale of Two Cities in English…you can start feeling sorry for me now. Maybe I would like the book more and understand it better if I didn’t have English FREAKIN FIRST PERIOD. WTF? I’m not ever fully awake during that time, and they expect us to read something like that?! Don’t get me wrong, I love to read but…ugh. I couldn’t even get through a paragraph today because I kept dozing off! And it doesn’t help that I have to reread one sentence like 100 times just to understand it. In my opinion, Charles Dickens talks too much.

I made an 82 on both my geometry and world geography tests! Strange, huh? You would not believe how relieved I was when I found out I got an 82 on my Geom test! I honestly thought I would fail it! But I didn’t, so yay! I was expecting a lecture from my teacher and everything! But no screaming or lectures on how she’s so “disappointed with us”! We had the least amount of F’s (just 1!) in our class! Which is also strange because I’m used to being in the “bad” k-level (advanced) class lol. For some reason, I always end up in classes with the most obnoxious people. I’m so used to teachers yelling and giving us lectures about how their on-level (not-advanced) classes behave so much better than my class, it’s not even funny :|

So today, I took an IMPOSSIBLE quiz in Bio! It wasn’t that hard, b/c I somewhat studied (library during lunch!) but for the people who didn’t study, they were screwed; like straight up. I think any normal person would be scared with words like ZOOFLAGELLATES, ACRASIOMYCOTA, PLASMODIUM  AND PHYLUMS attacking them on a quiz; unless you studied, of course! Geez, those words make my head hurt just by looking at them! :x

J looked hot today! Is there ever a day when he doesn’t *dreamy sigh*?! But he’s starting to bug me. He tries so hard to be a bad boy in school, like disrupting the class and being loud. Hellooooo? I can see right through you! He tries too hard, it’s almost pathetic to watch. Which is why I actually don’t really like like him (or have a crush on him). I just think he’s hot :P I wonder if that makes me shallow? Lol! I think it’s possible to think someone is hot and not like them!

We got a vocab sheet in English today with vocabs words/definitions on the front and fill in the blanks (with the vocabs) on the back. I bet you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “And we give a fugg about this why?” but I’m getting to the good part! On the back, there was this short story with blanks that you were supposed to fill in with the vocab words. And it went something like this: “After the holiday celebration, Amanda’s parents asked her to help clean up their messy ______ (abode). Even the ______ (hearth) where Santa entered the family room was a mess. He and his sack must have been bulky because he nearly ______ (eradicated) the fireplace.” Now tell me, do you see anything wrong with this story? ;) There’s more to the whole story, but that was the part that stuck out to me the most! My whole class and I could not stop laughing! Our teacher said there’s nothing to it, but that is obviously bs. I mean, seriously, who could actually write a story like that with a straight face without being “anything to it”? Now you truly know what a perverted person I am lol! ;)

So, I was on facebook the other day and I was looking through this guys pics (who is totally cute btw) and being a creeper when I saw this really adorable pic! He was camped out in front of his girlfriend’s (or girl he likes) front yard, looking like a hobo holding a sign that said: “Home less Coming?” And in the next pic, he was hugging her and she was holding roses (looks like she said yes!) I just thought it was so cute and adorable that I had to share it with y’all! I wish a guy would do that for me! *Dreamy sigh*

This post is really long and props to you if you actually read all of it! So guys, how was your week? Anything interesting happen? :)

  1. Opus! said:

    Ah, the kids that disrupt the class. Those sure are not very good kids, in my opinion. lol

    Only interesting thing that happened this week is that I didn’t die in Track ;) In fact, I did pretty well, lol. I miss Cross Country Though :-p

    =o I want to read War and Peace someday. Makes Tale of Two Cities look like a childrens novel. XD

    • Ari said:

      Yep! They are deff. not good kids. They’re probably gonna end up in a life of crime! ;)

      Ha, turns out I’m not doing Track this year. I asked my stupid health teacher/boys track coach when Track would start and he was like “It already started.” Like wow, thanks for telling me, I mean, it’s not like I put my name down on the “sign up” sheet for people who didn’t have Athletics *sigh* There’s always next year, though. But by then, I’ll probably be a fatass and freakin slow lol

      Geh! Good luck with that! That book is ridiculously long! XD

  2. Annie said:

    I love the new look! :)
    Wow. Those words are so long and long and strange! I’d probably just give up in the middle of the test XD
    Haha I guess it’s possible to think someones hot but not actually like like them xP Well it has to be because it happens to me bahaha..

    • Ari said:

      Thanks! :)
      And yea, those words are strange! When we first started taking notes over them, I was like, “wtf? We’re only a freshman! Why are we learning this, it looks like college stuff!” I wish I had a photographic memory; my life would be sooooo much easier! XD

  3. Opus! said:

    Track is hell right now. Im used to running at a good pace for 3 miles, not running full sprint for 2 miles x.x

    You can always train out of school ;) find a good running place. I could send my friend to go run with you, He’s the coaches son, is 5’8”, weighs 100 pounds, and runs 5 miles for a warm up x.x He could run over to where you live and go running with you lol.

    • Ari said:

      5 miles for a warm up?! No thanks, I’ll pass lol. I’d probably be dead after the 1st mile! I am sooooooooo not a long distance person; I just don’t have that kind of stamina! :)

  4. Sarah said:

    I like the theme :D What theme is it called?

    I’ve never heard of the book “A Tale of Two Cities” :P I agree having first period your like sleepy and don’t pay attention as much. But, I have my elective first period. So, yeah I can be sleepy in the class, cause I guess I work in the office where we get an automatic A + :P

    • Why do you get automatic A’s? And what do you mean by working in the office? I’m a little bit confuzzled…

      • Ari said:

        I think I know what Sarah means. When I was in 8th grade, I chose an elective that was a “student assistant”. I worked in the Assistant Principal’s office and all I pretty much did was deliver notes around school to teachers asking them to send someone from their class to the AP’s office (getting sent to the AP’s office is not good haha). It’s probably the easiest “class” anyone could have! Some of my other friends worked in the Attendance office or Nurse’s office and did somewhat of the same thing (though not really). So yeah, it pretty much was an “Automatic” A just as long as you delivered notes and stuff :)

  5. Annie said:

    I just realised the picture at the top of the post :lol: Hahahha I laughed so loud xP

  6. Aww, that kid is so cute. I want a sign like that! Except that we don’t actually have Home Coming…so yeah.

    I’ve not read anything by Charles Dickens, but if you ever watch the tv show ‘Bleak House’, based on the book of the same name by Charles Dickens, it’s really awesome.

    Do you have the same subjects in the same order every day? As in, is English your first subject everyday of the week? Ours are different everyday for two weeks, and then the cycle repeats.

    Congratulations on your good marks! :)
    Oh, and the theme looks great!

    • Ari said:

      Thank you :) You don’t have homecoming in Australia? :o

      And yes, I do have the same subjects every single day, until next year of course lol. The only time where I had a few different classes every day was in elementary school and it was pretty much just switching out music/p.e/art :)

      • Woahh, don’t you get bored, always having the same things everyday? I mean, somedays we don’t even have certain subjects, and sometimes we have doubles and stuff. What if you have homework that needs more than one night but you have the class the next day?

        Naww, we don’t have homecoming. We have a formal at the end of year 10, and then a social and formal for years 11 & 12, but the last two are student run. And we have a school disco every year, but they’re pretty lame. What exactly do you do at homecoming?

      • Ari said:

        Our teachers don’t care care how much hw they assign to us. It’s like they want to kill us and make our lives miserable. ‘Nah, I mean it’s totally ok that we have to read 150 pages before our quiz tomorrow, I mean it’s not like I have any other hw to do’ :roll: And yea, it gets REALLY boring! I constantly look at the clock in every class, it’s sad lol.

        Homecoming is pretty much a dance. There’s a football game the night before against the rival school and we wear our mums to school but not the dance. Mums look like this. The seniors wear all white mums and everyone else wears school colors on their mums. The mums can be short or really long, depending on how you want it. You can put all kinds of things on your mums like small stuffed animals such as bears or your school mascot, lots and lots of ribbons and sparkly trims, charms of all kinds, cow bells, whistles, your name or your dates names on them embossed with glitter It’s a crazy tradition but people love it!

  7. Emily said:

    Me too! I hate how they only let you choose from the themes they give you, too, when there are so many more available out there. D:< That's why I want to switch to Webs. The only downer is that there's no good blogging system to use. And then I learned that LJ is kind of deceiving because they put ads on your site when you aren't logged in. :-/

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