The Diary of Ariadne

Yesterday, my Bio partner and I brought a new life into this world…yep, believe it! My bio class is taking care of plants! My teacher split the class into six groups of four and we have one partner in that group, which actually divides the group into two. 3 groups planted pumpkin seeds, and 3 planted radish seeds. My group planted pumpkin seeds :) This feels like 3rd grade all over again (we had to take care of plants in third grade too lol). We have to take care of our plants and blog about it too and take pictures and all that crap. Well, not actually blogging like this, but on wikispaces so our teacher can read it and grade us. We’re gonna be doing this for 2 weeks and we have to take the plant home during the weekend. I took the plant home this weekend and my partner is going to take it home next weekend. And if our plant dies, the whole group gets points off, which I think that’s kind of unfair b/c it wouldn’t be the whole group’s fault, it would be the one person who had to take it home that weekend’s fault. My partner and I haven’t named our little plant yet, so we’ll decide that on Monday haha. (Btw, that’s not even grass in that picture haha! I just edited my carpet to make it green. So if you were wondering why the grass looks so weird, there it is lol)

So, today is Saturday, my day of relaxation…NOT! The weekend is “supposedly” supposed to give us a break from school :lol: The true definition of weekend when you’re in school is finishing up all the damn homework teachers pile on you during the weekend. For example, my geometry homework which is a packet that consists of 58 Trig word problems that is supposed to prepare us for our test on Wednesday. :| Yea, IDK why we need to do 58 problems for hw when there’s only gonna be like 25 problems on the test anyway. And let me remind you that these aren’t just straightfoward application problems, they’re FREAKIN WORD PROBLEMS. *sigh* I got a 76 on my last Geom test and a 70 on my Bio test. These are officially my most hated subjects. But I still have B’s in both classes, even if they’re low B’s…:( I’m honestly ready for summer. I can’t take 14 more weeks of this school crap :roll:

On the bright side, I got new running shoes! My old ones looked like they went to hell and back. My new ones are Asics ;) I love them! I haven’t tested them out yet, but my feet are itching to! I haven’t bought new running shoes in a while so that would explain why my old ones look so pitiful. Don’t my new ones look sexy?! :D They look huge in the pic, but they’re actually a size 8…which might also be big to other people XD

It seems like I can only blog once a week nowadays, but I’m definitely going to try to change that! I miss blogging! How is everyone? How was your week?

Oh! And if you were wondering about the title of my post, don’t mind it. I’ve had this song stuck in my head, The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin! I added new songs to my playlist too and that song is on there, so you can listen to it if you want to. I’ve also been listening to Dave Days, look him up on youtube, he’s hilarious! He’s the one that sings the Lolipop Cover on my playlist :)

  1. Annie said:

    Ooh, cool. That reminded me of when I was like in 4th grade and I found a weed, so I put it in a pot and cared for it everyday and called it Erica-Juju lol :P But it like died in a week.

    Yeah!! My weekend is for homework that all my teachers give. It makes me miss the holidays so much, and it’s only been a week…lol.

    Haha nice shoes. They look really big though, if I wore them I’d trip :P

    • Ari said:

      Erica-Juju, lol, what made you decide to name it that? That name reminds me of Mojojo XD

      Hopefully school will get better for the both of us! :(

      Thanks :) My mom is convinced that I have gigantic feet b/c I’m “tall” and she’s always trying to buy me size 9 shoes lol

  2. amalic said:

    Good luck to your pumpkin seeds! I was supposed to try and grow zucchini in year 9, but the plant didn’t make it past about two weeks, lol.

    And I’ve been stacked with homework this weekend too; phwoo, I think the teachers are doing it on purpose.

    Cool shoes! I’ve got size 7 feet, so yours seem fine.

    Also, Diary of Jane and Dave Days are both awesome. Good playlist :)

    • Ari said:

      Thanks :D Hopefully my plant does make it!

      Of course they’re doing it on purpose! It’s all a conspiracy…

      And thank you :]

  3. Once when I was little I found a pot and put some dirt in it and ripped up some grass and buried it in there. And it grew. And that same plate has been alive for like, 12 years. Except it looks nothing like the grass on my lawn, because it’s bigger and thicker and more like a plant that grass. Weird, huh?

    • Ari said:

      You grew grass? Lol XD! But wow, that’s pretty cool (and weird too)! I could never take care of a plant for 12 years. I’d probably have forgotten about it after a couple of days :oops:

      • I did forget it! I didn’t water it or anything for years, but it lived! It’s so weird!

      • Ari said:

        That is weird lol. Maybe your plant is magical :o

  4. Sarah said:

    For seventh grade, I had to do a radish plant, Except one girl in my group wonder if plants could drown and gave it too much water, stupid girl >.<, ahaha. Dave days = amazing, and I love the song Diary of Janes now :D

    • Ari said:

      Lol, that sucks. Did everyone in your group get points deducted? Yes, Dave Days = amazing! His videos on youtube are hilarious :D

      • Sarah said:

        We got a new plant and she ending up getting a O, haha.

      • Ari said:

        Serves her right! haha

  5. itsanerdthing said:

    We did that once a while back. Our plant was the ONLY one that died xP

  6. Yes! Maybe it can go to a school for magical plants! Haha.

  7. Jules said:

    I had to grow a plant too back in 3rd grade! It was a bean plant though…lol.

    Name your plant: Fredrica or something uber-deep like Serpendipity [spelling?]. Yeah…I’m lame. lol.

    Cool running shoes, btw! Though I’m more of a converse type of gal, I really do like yours! :]

    Oh & weekends suck. I spend them finishing off homework, and cleaning because generally by the end of the week my bedroom is back to being a disaster. lol.

  8. Opus! said:

    Ahh science labs. We had to work with Eggs for a week in Biology I (osmosis,diffusion..etc). Not fun, the classroom smelled like a mix of Vinegar,Syrup, and Germ-X.

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