I don’t wanna be a stupid boy

So yea, I haven’t blogged in awhile, my apologies! The end of the 4th six weeks is coming up and I’ve had a shizzload of quizzes/tests. It doesn’t help that I’ve been starting my homework at like 10pm, so I’ve resolved that I should be starting my hw around 5-6pm! It is currently 7:03 pm as I am typing this sentence so you can tell that didn’t really work out. But it will tomorrow (hopefully) b/c I will not take a nap as soon as I come back from school, like I did today. Naps are evil! They make you want to never get up!!!

In school news, my (and my partner’s) plant has grown to be the tallest in class (20.5 cm today)! We planted two seeds, but we’re not sure what happened to the other one…Unfortunately, we dissected our plant today :cry: R.I.P Petie (plant name). I’m also trying to do better in school (as in trying to stop procrastinating and not studying) even though it’s soooooooo boring and I really don’t like it! Bleh! It’s 7:39 pm right now and I should really get started on my hw :|

Now, to the title of my post. I was thinking of the song Stupid Girls by Pink and I was already riled up about boys, so this just fit! Boys! Oh, where to begin! Cute boys, specifically! How come I can never meet any cute guys who are humble, don’t feel the need to be obnoxious and perverted, and doesn’t have a new gf every 2 days?! Is that too much to ask for? Apparently it is. B/c pretty much all the cute boys in my school are exactly those things :x But boys in general, even the non-cute ones, are like that too! I’m not trying to make it seem like EVERY single boy is like this, just the ones in my school anyway. Maybe it’ll get better after high school. Oh yea, and it also doesn’t help that cute guys who do have great personalities are sometimes gay :( I guess this post is kinda because of J. What a waste of gorgeousness! It’s really sad :(

We’ve finally finished reading ATOTC in English! We took a test today and I got a 96! How do I know already? It’s because I finally got PIV (Parent Internet Viewer). It’s a site that you can log into to view your grades in all your classes. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds. I was pretty horrified when my friends first told me about this. ‘WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD GET A PARENT INTERNET VIEWER?!’ Lol, but I got it eventually. First I had to print out a form and send it to my school and then it took two weeks for them to send me my username and password. And now I finally have PIV. I intercepted the mail before my parents could get it but my parents wouldn’t even bother to log on to PIV so that was kinda pointless lol. All that matters to them is that my report card looks hot :)

So, the other day, I was at the vending machines during lunch and this guy who was like in one of my classes in 6th grade said ‘hi’ and I said ‘hi’ back and that was it. And then he messaged me on facebook saying this:

Him: Hey we didnt really hit it off so I’m sorry so can we talk

Me: haha no need to apologize :], it’s np

Him: nah I just want to sincerely say sorry

Me: ok then, that’s cool

(I thought this would be the end of the convo but noooooo)

Him: well can I call u sometime

Me: umm…i don’t really like talking on the phone and i don’t want to be mean but i don’t even know you that well :/

Him: I know I mean texting to get to know each other

At this point, I’m just groaning in my mind. I didn’t want to be mean to him and I didn’t know what to say after that so I just stopped messaging him lol. I don’t like calling people ugly so I’m just gonna say that he’s not my type. *Sigh* He just didn’t know when to quit. So yep, that’s it for my so called ‘love’ life. I’ve concluded that I’ll never fall in love anyway :| It’s strange b/c I get sad when couples break up b/c I thought they could fall in love and be high school sweethearts and get married…welcome to the weird mind of Ariadne! Yes, I am a hopeless romantic…for other people. Strange huh? :lol:

I really will try to blog more! Sorry guys! *ducks* Don’t beat me :cry: Well, I hope everyone has a great week :D

  1. Emily said:

    WHAT THE FUDGE? ARI, POST MORE! *starts to beat with bat* Haha, just kidding. I shouldn’t even be talking, I haven’t posted in forever xD

    I’ve always wanted to grow plants for a project, but that’s never happened. ):< I have something like PIV, but it's got some weird name, and my parents never check it anyway :D

    And not all guys are like that! You should find some band people. We're pretty awesome. xD But really, lots of band kids at my school are good looking, nice, AND smart! It's great!

    And that guy sounds kinda like a creeper… I would watch him if I were you haha.

    • Ari said:

      Band kids huh…Actually I do know a few band people and they’re hilarious! Good looking…hmm…I wouldn’t say they’re ugly…but they’re not hot…maybe in the middle? ugliness—cute—hot? Idk lol

      Yes, ik right?! I really didn’t want to give him my number! Now I’m super careful when I go to the vending machines lol

    • Opus said:

      The band kids at our school are snooty. I play the trombone in band, but im not stuck up like the rest of ’em. A lot of the nice kids I know come from the Athletics section, and the Dance Team/Cheerleaders are social too, not stuck up like the band kids here. I know, backwards school. :lol:

  2. Opus said:

    Haha, sounds like hes just desperate. Better watch out, he may be your next stalker, lol. Most High Schoolers are a**holes. You just gotta be open minded and try to get to find the nice ones, which arent always gunna be the “popular” “hot” ones. :lol:

    Most of the girls at my school are ditzy or just plain *thinks up nice word* not virgins. I don’t think I’ll find myself a girlfriend at my school, I usually find girls that i have a lot in common with in Colorado. Like every time I go there, I usually end up flirting with a girl. (usually at Cross Country Camp)

    Colorado is awesome. :lol:

    • Ari said:

      Omg, yes! I really do kinda feel bad for him. Earlier in the year, he got sent to the hospital when he hit his head during wrestling practice (they were doing bleachers and he tripped and fell) but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a creeper XD

      Just plain ‘not virgins’ :lol: Opus, I wish there were more guys like you at my school. That way I could actually look forward to some of my classes knowing that someone could make me laugh instead of make me wish I went to a different school lol

      • Opus said:

        Haha, Bleachers are real fun. Especially for wrestlers I suppose :lol: the wrestlers at our school aren’t exactly what you would call “fit”. Luckily we don’t do much Bleachers in XC and Track, so I don’t have to worry about that kinda stuff.

        Yeah, I would enjoy it if you went to my school, have someone new to talk to. I get tired of the same old repetitive pattern of every day school :p

  3. Haha, the vending machines sound like a dangerous place at your school. At ours, they are a continual source of fascination for the year 7’s who like to see if they can get free drinks out of them. I suppose I do go to a girls school, so we don’t really have the vending machine problem.
    But, as Emily said, he sounds like a creeper. Stay away!

    Mmm, well, I guess I’m glad I go to a girls school really. I went to a co-ed school for primary, but it’s just easier in a girls school really. We don’t have to worry about these problems because they’re all solved outside of school. :)

    • Ari said:

      Oh, they are! I’ve been avoiding them ever since lol. I can imagine it’s so much easier at an all girls school! *sigh* Lucky, lucky :(

  4. Annie said:

    Wow the plant is pretty tall (: Erica Juju which I planted ages ago was like 2 cm tall lol.
    What a creepy guy! Luckily there isn’t really anyone like that at my school, like Squishy I’m happy in a girls school :P

    • Ari said:

      Yea, Petie was so awesome lol, my partner got attached to him and everything. It was strange lol.
      You’re lucky! There’s so many weird guys at my school, it’s not even funny.

  5. By the way, who’s that in the picture (I’m hoping it’s not some really well know celebrity, because then I’ll just look like an idiot. But i’m not really the celebrity following person…

    • Ari said:

      Haha, no, he’s not very well known. His name is Clay Adler. He’s from this short lived reality tv show called ‘Newport Harbor’ :)

      • Oh good, that mmight have gotten embarassing otherwise… :S

  6. I hate school. Some of my teachers shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves teachers, they’re that bad.
    The picture was very distracting lol. I had to race through the text around it quickly and then scroll up so I couldn’t see it. Lol. You’re very rude for putting it up. :)
    All of the cute guys at my school think they’re the hottest things to ever hit the planet. They’re so conceded, are constantly trying to improve their “game” and the most annoying part is that girls are still falling for all of it. It’s rather pathetic.
    Can’t wait till you post again! I somehow managed to loose the link to your blog, but I’ve got it back so I’ll be waiting impatiently for your next post. :D

  7. Uhm…… Ok I’ll admit I can be perverted at times but not around girls atleast… Wow ok I feel bad ’cause now you’ve opened up to me why some girls hate me… Thank you. :lol: Nice blog by the way, and I’m Brett.

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