Texas Attempting to Kill Students

Also known as TAKS. TAKS actually stands for Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, but I think my version is much better.

Here in Texas, TAKS is really major. You have to pass both the Reading and Math TAKS in order to go to the next grade level. So, yes, I took the Reading TAKS today and it was sooooooooo easy. It was really unbelievably easy! Usually there’s like 50-60 questions on the reading TAKS and 5 selections to read. But this year there were only 32 questions, 3 selections and 3 OERS. OER stands for Open-Ended Response. They ask you a question and you have to answer it in a box with only 5 lines with text evidence from the selection. The OERS they give us in English were harder than the ones they gave us for TAKS. So all in all, they were only 35 questions. But every single year, there’s that one person who takes the whole freakin 5 hours to finish! And it happened again this year. Everyone finished within an hour or 2, but this girl took FOREVER. Honestly, how long does it take to answer 35 questions? But she eventually finished and everyone cheered.

Since we couldn’t leave our testing rooms because we had to wait for the Sophomores and Juniors to finish their tests too, the school gave us free lunch. I packed my own lunch b/c I can’t really trust the school. I mean, c’mon, free food from the school? It’s obviously bound to be disgusting. Other people ate the school’s lunch and from what I saw, they had a ham and cheese sandwich, a bag of chips, an apple, and water. Yum. The only thing that looked edible was the bag of chips. I’m glad I brought my lunch!

Seniors that passed the TAKS test in 11th grade don’t have to take TAKS 12th grade, so they had the privilege of coming to school at 12:30. Kinda stupid huh? They might as well have stayed home, rather than coming to school just to stay for 2 hours. Oh well, 2 hours beats 8 hours any day! All the more reason to want to be a senior :D

I was in the same testing room as J since our last names start with same first two letters. After everyone finished testing and we were watching “The Wild”, some girl offered to “draw” on his back and he let her. Can you believe that? HE LET HER. He has a freakin girlfriend who he hugged right after we got out of testing rooms (we got out at 12:30 and went to 6th period) and he just acted like some girl wasn’t just dragging her nails all over his back. And he was even flirting with another girl that sat behind him during the test. I told my friend about this and she despises him even more, even though he doesn’t know her lol.  We have both deemed him “Manwhore” or MW for short. I think the name fits just right, no?

Today was a pretty okay day, even with TAKS and all :) There’s this site I came across called “amirite?” It’s a pretty cool site, I even submitted this one! You should check it out!

And I’ve got my first tutorial up: Kerning and Reflecting Text! :D

Well, I guess I better get started on my Geom hw…the ONLY hw I have tonight. I’m not even surprised. And it looks like I’m finally keeping up with my promises! Usually I only post like once a week, but it’s only been 2 days since my last post :)

  1. They just redid our WASL (Washington Assessment of Student Learning) and are calling it the HSPE (High School Proficiency Exam.) 70% of the test is now multiple choice 9at least for math) so I think I’ll do well on that. The reading ones are always super easy.
    School lunches are DISGUSTING.
    MW can shove it, haha.
    Yay for posting!

    • Ari said:

      Lol, I love your last 3 sentences :D
      And I think Texas is getting rid of TAKS :x

  2. Annie said:

    5 hours? Wow!
    I have some tests coming up which the whole state or country has to do, I’m not really sure, and it’s really easy, they should make it harder of something because everyone in the whole grade is going to get 100% haha
    I’ve never had free lunch from the school except from this program to learn about poverty so they just gave us a spoon of rice and water, and we like starved, lol.

    • Ari said:

      Lol! That’s hilarious! I don’t think my school would ever do that, parents would probably complain XD
      Yep, 5 long hours!

  3. Amali said:

    Ah, the only things worse than standardised tests are the acronyms that come with them. It’s good that you found it so easy, though!
    I actually love school lunches! Every now and then, my school has a sausage sizzle, with vegetarian options and free soda cans. That might be an Australian thing though, lol.

    • Ari said:

      Thanks :)
      And yea, I think it’s an Australian thing lol. I think lunch from middle school was better than the lunch we have now in high school. Oh how I miss middle school XD

  4. I love your random pictures! Where do you find them?

    • Ari said:

      I pretty much just find them anywhere (from other blogs or sites; random places). It’s hard to say (or remember XD) specifically where I find them lol.

  5. So you live in Texas I guess? Lol. That test seems so easy. I wish I had that in North Carolina so I have the privilege of not taking it again and coming to school at 12:30! I think you should try out for track for your school, or maybe not ’cause your lazy. :P

    P.S. Whats the program you used for the Kerning and Reflecting tutorial, not the video, the program with the text thing in it.

    • Ari said:

      No, I live in Louisiana :) lol
      Well, the reading is easy, but not sure about the math TAKS haha.

      I use Photoshop CS3 Extended :D

  6. Ooooh… lol.
    Well I don’t think I can buy Photoshop, because my parents don’t really even know I have a blog so I can’t buy it offline, and probably not outside either.

    • Ari said:

      Well, another alternative is gimp and paint.net :D or you can always go to the dark side…the illegal side :lol:

  7. Opus said:

    We take OCT’s here (Oklahoma Tests) mostly B.S though.

    Ah, i love paradoxes :cool:

    • Opus said:

      hmm the picture didnt show, oh well, heres the link:

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