One week won’t be enough!

Spring Break! Hallelujah! I don’t think anyone could truly understand how happy I am right now! I feel like I’ve been force fed so much school that I’m about throw it all back up and lose my mind. I don’t know if that made sense or not lol, but I’ve been really frustrated with school. I just don’t really even know how to explain it UGH. And like my title, one week deff. won’t be enough! I need summer badly!

I’ve had way too many quizzes/tests this week to count. I had a Bio test yesterday, which I made a 78 on. No surprise there. And I had a Geom test today and the highest grade I can make on that test is a 67.

Me: That test was freakin hard. The highest I can make on it is a 67! Isn’t that horrible?

Friend: So you had enough time to count up how many points you missed, but not to finish your test.

Me: Well, by then, I had already given up.

Some people said the test was easy and some people said it was hard (like me). But it’s whatever. I know what to expect when I get my test back so it won’t be any real shock to me or anything. I really freaked out on that test! I don’t even know why. I have never freaked out on a test before. My mind pretty much went blank and I was constantly looking at the time (it wasn’t a long test but my friends said you had to use your time wisely so that contributed to my freaking out). Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on my stupidity anymore and bore you guys so on to my English Sonnet!

Our current unit is Romeo and Juliet, so we had to write a Sonnet (a lyric poem that is 14 lines long). I wrote about my 7th period class, which is probably my most hated class. The class is World Geography and it’s an easy class but it’s just the PEOPLE in my class. There a four main guys who are always causing trouble, which includes J, an annoying perveted, short stupid guy (well they’re all like that, except for J), a guy who instantly pisses me off that second I see his–ahem–face, and this guy who always proclaims his love for me and is constantly breaking up with me b/c I don’t love him back. It’s amazing that I’ve been able to survive in that class. I surprisingly got a 100 on it (highlight of my day…not really) which is pretty amazing b/c I wrote it at like 12 midnight.

Seventh class of the day,

So full of chaos and life.

People of my seventh class of the day, I pray

Please don’t cause anymore strife.

Seventh class of the day,

Blissfully oblivious to our teacher’s glare.



Oh seventh class of the day,

Look how you make our teacher react!

It is not difficult to obey,

But seventh class of the day will not submit; a true fact.

Yet, seventh class of the day, you keep me entertained,

In a truly strange way that cannot be explained.

Those last two lines are obviously LIES. But it was the only thing I could think of XD

All this week, every class (except for seniors) were registering courses for next year. Freshman registered on Tuesday. Next year I’m taking: English II K, Algebra II K, World History AP, Chemistry K, Dance II, and French I and hopefully: Digital and Interactive Media (of course)! After 3 years of Spanish, I still don’t understand when native speakers talk. I hate Spanish. I think the Spanish Department at my school is freaking retarded. My teacher is stupid and she can’t teach worth for—. Hopefully French will be better :D I really don’t want to take Dance full year. I thought it was a half year course so I was hoping to take it in the fall and Athletics: Track in the spring. But it turns out that they were both full year courses and I’m not about to kill myself in Athletics for a whole year. Plus Dance takes care of my P.E. and Fine Arts credit (both required courses to take in highschool along with: Health (check), Communications Applications (check), AAS (check), Technology Applications [Digital and IM will take care of this], 2 years of P.E. and one Fine Arts). I’m getting all my required courses out of the way now, so I can have some fun junior/senior year! AP is a college credit course and WHAP is supposedly a really hard course (as said from sophomores). I will not have a life but that doesn’t really matter b/c I pretty much don’t have a life anyway lol. I was originally going to take World History K, but being stupid, I put AP down at the last minute. Hope I don’t die next year!

I have a new playlist up! They’re old songs! And this time, they really are old! From the 70s and 80s :D. Peace Train is my all time favorite song :) Cat Stevens is the best!

So for Spring Break, I am going to eat, sleep, get on my laptop, possibly run and repeat. But that probably won’t happen because I’m going to stay at my sister’s apartment in this city that cannot be named :) And she likes to have fun and she’s always teasing me about what a couch potato I am. I like to have fun too but my laziness gets in the way :D

Is anyone else on Spring Break? And I will try to post more, since it’s spring break and all :)

  1. Annie said:

    Lucky, my 2 week break is still 3 weeks away! Except it’s like an Autumn break haha well actually Easter break but whatever. Winters coming!! :D
    I have heaps of tests right now as well! I have to study for a commerce, 2 maths, science and a history test today and tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at all hahaha
    Wow, I just finished doing sonnets in English and now I’m doing Romeo and Juliet, haha. Sonnets are so hard to write, me and my friend were thinking of what to write about and we had no ideas so we just wrote about cheese lol. The teacher was like o.O? Bahaha
    Oooh. I don’t get to choose what subjects I want to take next year, I chose them last year and I have to do the subjects for 2 years lol. Same! I only took Japanese because I thought it would be a waste to just drop it after learning it for a year. My teacher is so boring, all I ever do in class is draw Pokemon with my friend. Hehheh
    This is a really long comment :P

    • Ari said:

      Lucky you! You can brag that you’re on break while I’m killing myself with school XD And we don’t even get an Autumn break over here lol, except for Thanksgiving break, which is only 2 days but it’s better than nothing!

      Yea, I started writing it at like 12 midnight and I was stuck so I used a rhyming thingy online lol.

      You have to do the subjects for 2 years?! Wow haha, we choose diff subjects every year. You Australians are so strange :P lol jk. And pokemon is awesome haha

  2. Amali said:

    Ah, I’m with Annie. I’ve still got a fortnight to wait for my break!
    I’m completely with you on being frustrated with school, though. It drains so much out of you.

    I couldn’t stand studying Romeo and Juliet, but it sounds like you’ve got it under control. I like the sonnet!

    That seems like a nice mix of subjects, I’m actually really impressed you’re taking dance. I’m nowhere near co-ordinated enough to try it, lol.

    • Ari said:

      Yes, school is so stressful >.< ugh. And thanks! Romeo and Juliet is ok…for now, since we've just started it and all. But I'm sure I'll get sick of it soon enough lol

      Aha, yea. I'm actually thinking about trying out for Brigade (dance team at my school), but it costs heaps of $$ so I'm not too sure :?

  3. Opus said:

    =o Bob Marley! Awesome!
    Yeah we had out 9 weeks test this last week. I made a 100 on my OK history class, and finished within 5 minutes lol. (80 questions). But thats the only class i finished quickly in, the rest i took ym time :lol:

    Im on spring break as well. I still have Track Practice this week though :/

    (weve been running 5 miles everyday..:s)

    • Ari said:

      9 weeks test? Is that a like a marking period? We have 6 weeks over here in Texas haha :) World Geo is one my easier classes too haha. My teacher is always telling my class that it’s one of the easiest subjects we’ll ever take in high school XD

      That sucks D:
      (once again, i could never be a long distance runner lol)

  4. Loving the sonnet. We never got to do those! Although we do do Shakespeare every year in English.
    Your classes sound really fun too! I do French Beginners. It was alright to start out with but there’s so much to know! Bonjour. :)

    I have to wait two and a bit weeks for my hollies you lucky devil! And I’ve got exams, eww. Don’t worry about your test though. As long as you learnt something – perhaps to try harder next time? Anyway, it doesn’t start getting important till later in life, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. :)

    • Ari said:

      Thank you! :) Shakespeare every year? (hey that rhymed! lol) I don’t think I could stand it.

      Good luck on your exams haha! Thanks :) and yea, it’s not like it’s the end of the world if I fail a test lol

  5. Zipo said:

    Love your music here :!:

    Totally Tubular! Now that was retro. xd!

    • Ari said:

      *GASP* Zipo commented on my blog?? :o
      I guess I should start putting more old songs on my playlists :D

  6. Zipo said:

    xd! I read your blog, but the music was just calling my name. Yes “Just take those old records off the shelf

    I’ll sit and listen to ’em by myself

    Today’s music aln ‘t got the same soul

    I like that old time rock ‘n’ roll

    Don’t try to take me to a disco

    You’ll never even get me out on the floor

    In ten minutes I’ll be late for the door

    I like that old time rock’n’ roll


  7. Opus said:

    Bob Marley FTW

    Im heading off to Colorado today!

    I’m into that good old rock ‘n’ roll xp

  8. Ari said:

    It’s seems like everyone’s heading to Colorado haha
    Well, that’s what most people are talking about on facebook…

  9. Opus said:

    Colorado is awesome :)

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