All good things must come to an end

This is just going to be a short post, so no pics :(

I’m back from my sister’s and it was pretty boring. Her spring break was last week, so she wasn’t really free this week. I just sat in her apartment, doing the same thing I would’ve done if I were home. But my brother came to my sister’s apartment yesterday (he lives in a city about 35 mins away), and we went shopping. It was nice because he HARDLY comes home and I never see him. I bought some sandals, he bought me a giant cookie which we both shared, took a picture with the fattest bear ever (I’m not even kidding, that bear was HUGE. It looked like it ate a little kid), and I ate some AUNTIE ANNE’S (!!!)! Even though I didn’t really get to do anything until the very last day (and even then, it wasn’t much), it was nice to get out of my house for once and go to a place where you didn’t know anyone and no one knew you.

Spring Break is almost over, sadly :( I truly do not want to go back to school. Just the thought makes me feel like crawling under my covers and never coming back out. But hopefully the thought of summer just two months away will keep me going in school. Anyway, I calculated my Geometry grade. If I get a 67 on that stupid test, then that will bring my grade down to a 77. Yeah, pretty harsh, huh? A 94 to a 77 :cry: But at least I can still work my way up to a B for the six weeks. I’m prepared. I’ve learned the hard way (many, many times) not to get my hopes up when I take tests/quizzes in school.

I have some homework that I need to take care of, but I’ll probably just put all of it off until Sunday night. The thought of school drains me. School itself drains me even more. I hate it. As you can tell, this post is really bleh-ish. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about transferring my Photoshop tutorials to another wordpress or domain. This is like my personal blog, and the Photoshop tutorials just make it unpersonal lol. So yea, I might be making another wordpress or site, just for Photoshop tutorials and w/e.

Hope everyone’s having somewhat of an OK week :)

  1. I love Photoshop. :)
    my hollies are about three weeks away, but I’m really looking forward to them because I’m going to New Caledonia.
    Anyway, I don’t like school much either, but when you think about it, it’s better than having to go to work and worry about money issues and what not. Ok, I know, I say this now and in a few minutes I’ll be thinking the same thing as you, but I’m trying to be positive (I’m a pessemist, so that’s a big thing). So, what I’m trying to say is enjoy it while it lasts.

    I really want one of these pretzels! They sound so yum! Is it a chain store in america, or only where you live?

    • Ari said:

      Me too :D

      New Caledonia? Where’s that?

      So true haha. I guess part of the reason why I don’t like school that much is because I don’t really like any of my teachers, except for maybe one lol. Being a pessimist is a good thing haha.

      Auntie Anne’s is located in different parts of the world actually! I don’t think they have it in Australia (I looked at their website) So sad :cry:

      • New Caledonia is in the Pacific Islands.. Here, look at this:

        I was looking at their website and I don’t think they have any in the places we’re going at the end of the year either! I’m so crushed! I really wanted to eat one. :( We don’t have good pretzel shops here.

  2. Annie said:

    My Easter break is in 2 weeks, I’m really looking forward to them, I so need a break haha!
    School is annoying at the end of terms. So many tests ): But the holidays in 9 days keep me going lol.
    The new site for the Photoshop tuts sounds good (:

    • Ari said:

      Yes! It’s like test overload during those times gah! I live for the holidays too lol. I could never survive school without them :)

      Since I’m so lazy, the site probably won’t be up anytime soon lol

      • Opus said:

        Procrastination FTW

  3. Amali said:

    Haha, where did you run into a bear?

    Aw, I’m sure school will be better than you’re thinking.
    Like Squishy said, enjoy it while it’s here.
    I know how exhausting it is, though. I’ve only got a week left before my holidays, and it can’t go by soon enough!

    • Ari said:

      Oh :lol: It was inside the store where we bought the giant cookie from lol. At first we walked passed it and then my brother was like “Wow, that was a FAT bear.” Then he wanted to take a picture of it but I said we could get a better picture inside the store. So we ended up taking a picture with the humongous bear sitting on a stool and then we decided to look around the store and ended up buying a giant cookie lol

      Lucky you! I guess I shouldn’t be complaining since I just got had my own break. I know what you mean haha. The week before the the holidays always drags out!

  4. I was wrong! They have them at the airport at Washington! And I’m pretty sure we’re flying from somewhere to Washington anyway, Yaaaay! I can eat one! I’ll be sure to tell you if I like them when I do. :)

    • Ari said:

      Whoop! Be sure to get the unsalted pretzels! I personally think the salted is too salty, but if you like a lot of salt, go for it lol. Or you could get both ahha!

      • Def. both. I am craving pretel right now and I can’t get any – ahh!

  5. the title made me think of that song lol I had a track meet today, ran 2 miles, 800, and another mile p: I missed two days of school lol (today and yesterday when i was heading back from Colorado)

    I looked for an Auntie Annes whilst driving through Texas ;)

    • Ari said:

      It does haha! Oooh, what places did you get?

      Yay! :D Hopefully you might get experience my love for Auntie Anne’s one day lol

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