32 days and counting!

Wow! Time really does fly by fast! I realize it’s been almost a month since I last had a new post or commented on anyone’s blog, and for that, I apologize! :cry: Strangely, I really have missed blogging :] I’m surprised I still get views!

So in the time I’ve been M.I.A. I guess you can say a few stuff has happened haha. This past week was TAKS week and I thought I would hate it, but it really wasn’t that bad because we didn’t have any homework! Except for Geometry but that’s a WHOLE different story! 9th graders took their math TAKS and all the the other grades (except for 12th because they don’t have to take TAKS :P) took Math, Social Studies, and Science. I thought the math was actually pretty easy. But there was one question that threw me off and it looked like this: x ♠ y = (x-y)(x+y) and then it had this under it: 5 ♠ -8. The spade was just so completely random and I didn’t understand it, so I moved on and had to come back to it. But when I did, I figured out the 5 was x and the -8 was y and you were supposed to plug the numbers into the 2nd equation and it came out to be -39. Easy question, but after the test everyone was saying, “What the hell was a spade doing on my TAKS test?” XD

So TAKS week ended; the underclassmen somewhat suffered, but the 11th graders were happy with the fact that they’d never have to take TAKS ever again. The seniors didn’t have to come to school till like 10 AM and then on Friday, they had their prom. Ah, the perks of being a senior!

The only homework we had was GEOMETRY. I’m pretty sure any student who’s taking Geom right now hates that class, their teachers, and most likely their group members also. I sure do! We were assigned in groups of 4 or 5 and we have to build a scale model of some important buildings and monuments. My group is doing the San Jacinto Monument. The project wouldn’t be so bad if my teacher wasn’t so unreasonable and stupid, my group wasn’t full of bumbling idiots, and if it wasn’t A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. The ‘team leader’ of my group tried to accuse me of not doing ANY work and I really just wanted to punch him in the face (I still do). I don’t even want to go into the whole thing, but I do want to say that I do most of the work and he does nothing but complain how he has double the work because he’s the team leader as well as the historian. The team leader pretty much does nothing but supervise and the historian is the EASIEST out of all the jobs! I’m the damn Geometric Expert so he shouldn’t even be complaining, period. If he tries to push the ‘not doing any work’ thing on me one more time, I will either: a) Shout obscenities at him, b) Cut him down to size and make him look like the true idiot he is, or c) Flip him off. I’ve been tempted to flip off so many people but this guy has really pushed it. But I will try and control the urge :roll: So far, my group’s daily grades have been a 75, 50, and a 45. The only reason why I still have a 90 in that class is because of our last test which I made a 99 on.

ARRGUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHBLEEEEEEEHHHH!!! Just thinking about that stupid project makes me want to punch mirrors. *Ok, calming down now…* Off to another subject…I FINALLY made an A on my Bio test. I will FINALLY be on that damn ‘A’ wall my teacher has in her class. Yay! I just felt that I had to share that lol. Moving on…

GOOD NEWS! I’m finally getting my braces off on May 27 after one year and 2 months with them! I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I have braces on this blog haha :oops: But yes, I have (soon to be HAD!) braces. To tell you the truth, my top and bottom teeth were actually pretty straight before I got braces. Except I had an extra tooth in my bottom teeth, so I had to get that extracted and let that one tooth that was pushed away from the rest of my teeth settle into the spot of the extracted tooth. If that makes any sense? I’m pretty sure that extra tooth was there because of a bike accident I had when I was in Kindergarten. I was riding my bike peacefully in my old apartment complex I used to live in. I came a little to close to my dad’s car and I tried to avoid hitting it, so I turned sharply and fell on the left side of my face. No bones were broken but I’m sure it messed with the alignment of my bottom teeth somehow. It wasn’t pretty but it healed :)

I’m thinking of trying out for Brigade (my school’s dance team). It sounds fun and I like dancing. I read the fat packet they gave us and I’m not too crazy about going to EVERY single football game and sitting with my Brigade girls. Football’s only for like 2 months but still…My friends keep telling me to try out because ‘I’m supper flexible’ and blah blah blah. I’d like to try out, but I feel like I’ll just be lazy about the whole thing. Learning dances, going to all the football games, the competitions…*sigh* Tryouts are May 12, so I really need to decide soon…

AAANNNNNNNDDDDDD…there’s only 32 days left of school! (We get out June 3rd!). I cannot wait for summer! Yay! I also updated my playlist. Here’s a ‘triva’ question for you guys: What type of bands are Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch? (All the songs on my playlist are by them, except for Lillium)

Sooooooooooooooo, that’s some of the updates I have for now! I hope y’all didn’t miss me too much ;) And if you were wondering about the random guys in my post, I just put them in because I thought they were cute lol…Sorry for the mega long post! I guess this is why I need to post more often, to avoid super loooooong posts like this XD

  1. Tianna said:

    I’m so glad school is going to be over soon!! For me, school ends on June 4th (I think). Looks like you have one extra day of freedom than me xD

    Ya, I’m SOO excited for the JB concert. I can’t wait :D

    YES, Dominic DOES know that the girl is obsessed with him. Poor guy :lol: The girl is friends with this girl that I’m friends with that’s close to him, so it’s kinda awkward :P Dominic saw one of her notebooks that said on the FRONT COVER (yea its like shes advertising her love to the world :lol: ) his name with a bunch of hearts surrounding it. It was pretty funny xP

    • Ari said:

      Yay for school ending!

      That’s pretty exciting! I’ve never even been to a concert before XD

      Wow, that does suck lol. How creepy…o__O

  2. Oh wow it’s really been a month? I knew it had been a while; but a whole month?
    Wtf? A spade? When has that ever been a math symbol?
    Umm… what’s with the pictures of the cute boys? I was expecting to read a bit about them but instead your telling me about your braces… not that I don’t love your teeth or anything, it’s just I was expecting something along the lines of the pictures. Lol.
    YOU GET OUT JUNE THIRD???!!!! I get out in LATE June. I only get two months of summer. SUPER jealous right now.

    • Ari said:

      Ik, right? Craziness…
      Yes! It was just so completely random and out of place lol
      Lol, well then! Since you want to know so much about the cute boys, I guess I’ll tell you :)

      The first guy is Ramon Durr (or Pacheco, idrk): He’s 19, 6’2, single, and I think he’s Brazilian
      The Second guy is Avan Jogia: He’s on that nick show Victorious. He’s 18 and Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and South Asian–apparently a good recipe :D

      I feel like such a stalker now :lol:

      We might get out earlier, but we’re going back Aug. 24 ahha

      • Well they’re both adorable so thanks for that lol.
        We start September 3 or fourth. I can’t tell you how much I’m dreading going back. If I remember correctly we get out June 23. We didn’t have any snow this year, so I think we’re getting out regular time. Last year we had to wait an extra half week at the end of the year, and they took out a few of our long weekends. We didn’t do anything on those days.

      • Kris said:

        You’re right, Ramon Durr Pacheco (his full name) is Brazilian. He has a twitter account btw: @ramondurr
        I think he’s really cute :)

      • Ari said:

        :!: Gracias! Man, Brazil! What’s going on in that country?! Breeding all these hot guys…

  3. Thousand Foot Krutch is a Christian band, isn’t it?

    Good to see you back by the way! And woo, no braces! I had mine for 3 years and got them off at the end of last year. Good stuff. And I had a tooth like that too, but mine was up top.

    That guy sounds really annoying. I say you put him in his place!! Haha.
    So, how have you been?

    • Ari said:

      Yep! Both Skillet and TFK are Christian bands!

      Thank you :) 3 years? That sucks, but at least you’re done w/ them now! I have some friends who’ve had braces for like 3+ years and here I am, having braces for only 1 year and getting them off already. I almost feel kinda bad lol XD

      I didn’t do any of those options but I have been working hard and he’s just being quiet haha! And I’ve been ok, tired of school, but you know, that’s the usual :)

  4. Annie said:

    Wow, lucky, my nearest holiday is in…. 8 weeks, haha. 2 weeks into the new term but it feels like ages..
    Ooh cool! I can’t wait to get my braces off. My friend told me that her mouth felt empty without them afterwards… lol. I think I won’t get my braces off until next year in July-ish haha oh well
    Yeah I think I had like a month gap between my last two posts too, bahaha. I’m so lazy nowadays x)

    • Ari said:

      Paha, that’s exactly how I felt when school started! By the second week, I was like, “How long have we been in school again?” lol

      Yea :) I will be a braceface no more!

      Me too, I’m just gonna be even more lazy in the summer x)

  5. Sarah said:

    Ah, you should try out! I bet you will make it. And when you get your brace off you teeth will feel all slimy, it feels weird, haha. Lucky you get out before me, I get out like June 20 or somewhere around that date.

    Oh and I’m not very sure where the internship is to, they just said you be able to get an internship and they’ll set up interviews for me for jobs :P Ohmygosh, driver ed, sounds fun. My dad said I can’t drive until I’m out of the house :/ He’ll probably will change his mind by then though. What type of job are you looking for? And thankyou so much for offering too. And your probably still amazing as always. And hmm, now what to put on it? *thinking* I would like truly fashion and like the title and I guess like fashion things (clothes, models/ppl, shoes, makeup, newyork, la, the city anything resulting around fashion I guess.) on it. Oh and dimesions 730×140. Thank you so much again :D

  6. Did you change your theme again, or is it just me? Hmm…
    And I love that picture. :)

  7. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) said:

    A spade on a math test…..hmmm, that’s definitely strange :)

    I’ll bet I’ve got some even stranger stuff on my blog tho. If ne1 would ever visit it! *sigh* lol!

    Willow could probably tell you tho. I’m weird! :)

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