It’s 8:00pm and the sun is still out…

I love long summer days :D Nothing exciting has happened so far this summer. I filled out a teen volunteer application for the library since I have nothing better to do this summer haha! There’s a 7-10 day processing period so I think I’ll call the library on Monday to find out i f I got the job. Is it still considered a job if I don’t even get paid? Who knows, who cares, at least it’s something for me to do this summer! If I get the job, I’ll be working Mon-Thurs from 10:00am till 2:00pm. Maybe I should’ve just put down Mon-Wed. now that I think about it :(

I’ve been watching the World Cup a lot lately. I blame my family XD And it’s not just because the players are hot :D I could make a list of the top 10 hottest players in the WC, but I’m too lazy :3. Kaká would definitely be on the list! And maybe Cristiano Ronaldo. I’ll admit that he’s pretty bangin’, but his cockiness is a huuuuuuuuge turnoff. Cocky guys in general are just a huge turn off to me :| And he’s metrosexual -.- This will help if you don’t know what metrosexual means. I have nothing against metrosexual men, I’m just not attracted to them. I apologize to any metrosexual men out there if you feel offended, but I can’t help it if I’m attracted natural guys. By natural, I mean guys that don’t tan/get facials/get pedicures/get manicures/use excessive hair gel/get eyebrow waxing/get highlights (for goodness sake, I don’t even get half of those things lol!). And by natural, I also don’t mean guys who don’t shower/have proper hygiene/have a lot of facial hair (like a foot long, bushy beard). I hope this doesn’t make me seem like I’m shallow, because I’m really not :P

I’ve been making quite a few tutorials lately. I think you guys should request a tutorial in a comment. I’ll try and see if I can start adding written instructions to the vids. It doesn’t seem like much of a tutorial if there’s no instructions, does it? XD Tutorials give me something to do with my time, so start requesting!

And if you guys have noticed, my site title and tagline have been changing quite a lot lately. Auntieanne just got a little too boring for me ;)

¡Yo tengo hambre! I’d really like some cookies and milk right now. Well, this is another boring post (aren’t all my posts like that?). I have no idea how to end this so I’m just going to…

  1. Annie said:

    Sorry I haven’t commented in ages! I guess I’ve been really busy lately.
    Haha, me too! I’ve been staying up really late to watch the World Cup. Serbia beat Germany last night :)

    • Ari said:

      Annie! I thought you were missing or something XD How’s school going?
      Oh, yea, you live in Australia! Here the games start at 6:30am, 9:00am, and 1:30pm. I usually catch the 1:30 and sometimes the 9:00 but never the 6:30 lol

      Serbia vs. Germany was at 6:30am and I didn’t see it (of course XD) How late do the games air in Australia?

      • Annie said:

        Bahaha yeah, I should like post so people don’t think I’ve gone missing x)
        School’s the usual, I suppose, holidays coming up in 5 days so I’m happy :D

        Ahh that’s a lot more convenient, I have to stay up late to watch, from around 10pm to like early morning. But I watch Wimbledon at the same time too since they’re on at the same time haha.

        Australia got kicked out of the WC ): But I guess that was really expected, aha but I’m still surprised we beat Serbia xD

  2. I think you should put up some tutorials.
    And provide milk and cookies.

    • Ari said:

      I think I should too :]
      And will do :)

  3. Zipo said:

    ☼ Bienvenue au premier jour de l’été

    Yes, get out there and do some community time without wearing orange!!! You know what I mean. Those little orange jumpsuits the inmates wear. ROFL~ If you are up for Honor Society, community service is part of the criteria. You’ve got the right idea. :P

    Switch channels! I am currently watching Wimbledon 2010: Venus Williams. Thank the lord she has underwear on!!! :lol:

    Au naturel! Vive le nu :P

    • Ari said:

      Yo no hablo francés Zipo! But I’m taking French next year :D I had to put that in the translator XD So summer has just started for you? I thought you’ve been on summer all this time haha

      To be in honor society, I have to be a sophomore taking Spanish 4. Ew! As if x] But yea, I get what you mean :]

      Que chanel? I haven’t watched tennis in a while. The WC has been full of surprises and disappointments ha!

      Live nude? Oh Zipo lol

  4. Zipo said:

    You silly! Yesterday was the First Day of Summer: The Summer Solstice 2010 – June 21, 2010 – the beginning of the summer solstice and the longest day of this year. Earth’s north-south axis being tilted 23.5 degrees related to the sun, this is the result of summer solstice.

    Creo que es por ESPN.

    Can’t do nude. The elements are harsh on me.

    Are you drinking your milk froma martini glass? I would have thought you to be a magarita chiquita nibblin’ on sponge cake
    watching the sun bake
    All of those tourists covered with oil
    Strumming on your six-string
    On your front porch swing
    Smell those shrimp, they’re beginning to boil! Wasted away again in Margaritaville :P

    Moi and Speedy Gonzales are like this tight “X”
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~”Andale, andale! Arriba, arriba!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    • Ari said:

      Oh wow! I didn’t know that XD Yahoo has failed me (the only reason I know half of the stuff going on is Yahoo lol)

      Don’t worry Zipo, I don’t think a lot of people can do nude either. But you are in Europe?!

      Say Zipo, isn’t that a song? :D I’ve never drank milk out of a martini glass before (or any type of liquid actually) That will be on my list of top 20 things to try (if I ever make one) ;)

      • Zipo said:

        You must not be a Parrothead; yes it is a song Jimmy Buffet sings it best! Summerzcool

  5. Zipo said:

    PS…. new look is good! Is that a old Chinese proverb at the top? Or are you giving tribute to Fu . . . (Manchu)?

    • Ari said:

      Gracias, gracias!
      *gasp* You’re never heard of ffffuuuuuuuuuuuu/rage comics? :D


      there’s lots more :D you can find them on google and stuff

      • Zipo said:

        Ding Ding Ding…. another one! Yes I have heard of the comics. I was just making another little funny myself. I need more practice! :roll: xd

      • Ari said:

        :( Flew over my head again. I think I’m just really oblivious lol

      • Zipo said:

        I think maybe I was just a tad to “out there” with my funny. You know the saying “can’t see the forest for the trees”. You were just standing too close (thinking to hard !). :lol: I’m easy :!:

  6. opus said:

    Interesting header. :lol: zipo- my dad has the jimmy buffet collection on vinyl as well :D ( its a large boxset). @post i cannot be bothered to find a job :B hmm, i see a glass of milk! Did you know that if you eat/drink a dairy product before bedtime you will have a good dream that night? :) …..well… Unless your lactosintolarent! :lol: then, im afraid, you will have a physical nightmare ;(

    • Zipo said:

      Well then, I believe we should take that there martini glass and get our fins up!!!

      Yes I believe you might get a little wind from being lactosintolarent. Hey How about a little Banana Wind! Ahhh yeas mon, sooo sweet an ebryting, make me wanna go back to de iylan mon! :P

    • Ari said:

      Gracias Opus!

      I didn’t know that haha. I drink cereal a lot before I go to bed :D I don’t really have a lot of nightmares. Yay!

      • Ari said:

        I went grocery shopping today and I bought cookies and milk. Yay!

  7. Phi said:

    Wow! 8PM and the sun’s still out?

    I was just walking home from guitar at 5PM today and it was already dark. Haha.

    Hi. I’m Phi, by the way. :)

    • Ari said:

      Yes! I love it :!: Where do you live?

      Hi Phi :D, I’m Ari ;]

      • Zipo said:

        Phi is in da house. =]

        Phi runs a 5 Star Hotel in the land down under. It is a single-room-occupancy hotel. The lobby scene is standing room only … and the music is mind bending. It’s opulence at a great price. I’m a regular guest there. :P

      • Phi said:

        Hallo. I live in ‘Down Under Australia’ and I run a 5 Star Hotel. It’s a single-room-occupancy hotel. :lol:

        Spot on, Zipo!

      • Ari said:

        Yay Australia! But isn’t it like fall over there? So that would make sense why it’s already dark at 5 XD

        I’ll have to check out your hotel Phi! ;)

  8. Zipo said:

    Wimbledon ///// World Cup SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!

    USA vs France /// USA vs Algeria

    Oh & those French…. so much passion! Ces drame :P

    • Ari said:

      I haven’t watched Wimbledon yet XD

      Yes! USA vs Algeria :D I stopped watching it b/c I thought USA was gonna lose though. But then when I switched back, I saw they scored a goal! :!: This happens all the time lol. When I think a team is gonna lose, I stop watching and then when I switch back, they’ve scored a goal :D

      Si, si! It was exciting while it lasted :P

      • Zipo said:

        You switched channels???????????? WT . . . ツ

      • Ari said:

        Yea! I switch to another channel and start watching another show, and then I switch back to the channel where they’re playing :D

      • Zipo said:

        Yes I understood that. But I’m just saying . . . It’s about staying loyal to a team win or lose. Where is the cheerleader in you?

  9. Ahahahahahahaha. Looooooove your header and sub-header. Is it sad that I knew exactly what you were referencing without looking at the sub-header?

    • Ari said:

      No! It’s awesome! Mean Girls is classic lol. I heard they’re making a sequel :( FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU

      • How on earth are they going to make a sequel? The only way they could even ATTEMPT to do that would be to send the original four to college. But they can’t do that because everyone gets along at the end. And the freshmen bitches aren’t anywhere NEAR as fierce as the originals so that’s not going to work.

      • Ari said:

        Ikr?! Well one thing’s for sure: it’ll never come close to the original >:D

  10. Ari said:

    I just read the…ugh…*dies*

    “The story revolves around a new high school student Jo, who agrees to befriend an outcast, Abby, at the urging of Abby’s wealthy father in exchange for paying all of Jo’s costs for the college of her dreams. Jo and Abby team up to take on the school’s mean girls, the Plastics. The story becomes a high stakes battle of loyalty that ultimately comes to a head when one of the heroines finds out that her friendship has been bought and paid for”

    I can’t even…ugh…*second death*

    • …………….um…………… Were the people who agreed to this high? It’s going to be TERRIBLE. Ahahahahahahaha. Just thinking that someone would dare to call that a sequel to Mean Girls is making me laugh so hard my stomach hurts.

      • Ari said:

        They probably were. Do you know that “mean” girl from Camp Rock? The blonde? Apparently, she’s supposed to be one of the main characters. SMH.

    • Psh. My 5 pound Maltese-poodle-terrier mix is a bigger bitch than she is.

  11. Zipo said:

    Ya see. . . it’s all about LOYALITY! :wink:

    • Ari said:

      I do have a tendency to do that sometimes :oops: But I’d still say I’m loyal (kind of XD). Even while I’m watching E! Investigates, I’m still hoping they’re going to win and I do switch back in the end. I just don’t like being disappointed (well, who does?)”Dammit, I thought they would win *pout*” But I get what you mean! :D

  12. Zipo said:

    I’m jokin’ w/ya :!: Didn’t you see my little teen girl squad vid? Good golly girl. :lol: I am a flipper too! And a button pusher to boot! :P

    • Ari said:

      :P :( >.< :D :lol:

  13. Zipo said:

    武士 Samurai

    Domo arigato :P

    If I played like Denmark….. a preschool team could have won!

    Were you flippin’? =]

    • Ari said:

      You know japanese? Me ensena!

      Aahh I didn’t watch :( Had to get my retainer :|

  14. Zipo said:

    Well the World Cup was long today!!! Ghana won but they didn’t have Bill Clinton in the fan box !!! LOL

    • Ari said:

      Yes it was :( Kinda depressing

  15. Zipo said:

    Any game is about skill…. and a whole lot about LUCK! It was a good game. As long as you gave all ya got…. you did the best you could and the rest is history on any given day. :P

    • Ari said:

      Too bad USA can’t score a game winning goal at the last minute of every game they play :P Talk about luck!

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