And the award for “Lazy Bum” goes to…

How exciting! Not really. I NEED A LIFE. It sucks getting on Facebook and seeing that everyone’s having a great summer and taking tonnss of pictures and having fun. Me on the other hand, I’m here on my laptop pretty much 24/7 like a nerd with no life (exactly?). Urrgghhh! I was hoping to have a productive summer and so far, I’m not even close. I was hoping to: go running, make some $$, possibly get a job, hang out w/ friends (yea right!), HAVE FUN!! I’ve done none of those things so far. Nada, zilch, cero. Maybe I should just delete my fb.

I need to get off my lazy butt and do something! I know y’all are probably thinking “Well, why don’t you get off your lazy butt and get a life? Loser!” I know, I know. I’d like to, yes, I’d really like to. Idk. I haven’t called the library yet and I know I probably got the volunteer job. Buuuuut I’m so freakin’ lazy and I don’t want to call them yet. Here’s a recap of my summer so far: Wake up around 9:00-11:00, get on laptop, go downstairs, turn on tv, watch World Cup, find something to eat (after I brush of course), go back upstairs and get back on laptop. *sigh*

Anyway, in other news, I saw Toy Story 3! I absolutely loved that movie. And yes…I cried…oh bite me!  But it really was a heartfelt and warming story. I’d even watch it again! I totally recommend it to anyone! I wish I had a Woody toy…

I had a strange dream (don’t I always?). I was in school trying to get my counselor to change my schedule because I had a shocking realization that I didn’t want to take French and she changed it for me! And when I woke up, I had a shocking realization that I don’t want to take French! After 3 years of Spanish; the grueling work, the many vocab lists, the stupid teachers, the test and quizzes and orals…it made me wonder if I really want to go down that route again with French.  And I don’t. I don’t want to spend the 25 minutes in the morning that we have before class starts trying to do French homework and learning more vocab words and all that crap. I wish I had realized this sooner, before school ended, that way I could’ve still changed my schedule. Bleh. Oh well, it’s just French I. The first year of any foreign language is always the easiest (I hope).

I’ve been thinking about school a lot lately. I’m almost excited to go back. UGH! What is wrong with me?!?! I’ve waited for summer all this time and now I want to go back to school?! But I still can’t help but think about sophomore year, sadly. I was hoping I’d go in 10th grade without any metal in my mouth this time, but that’s not gonna happen. I got my retainer on Thursday, June 24. I’ve been wearing tooth positioners for 3 weeks and to be honest, I’d rather just wear those instead of my retainer. They’re clear and not that noticeable! But with my retainers, they stick out like a sore thumb. I might as well be wearing braces again *sigh*. I’m supposed to wear them 24/7 for 6 months, except when I’m eating or brushing. Then after 6 months, I can start wearing them at night. That does not fly with me. So I have a plan :) I’m going to wear my retainers religiously for the 2 months I have before school starts (August 23). But when school starts, I’m not going to wear them during school. As soon as I get home (or on the bus), I’ll put my retainers back on. What harm could 7 hours w/o them do? I have a sneaking suspicion that it might do some harm, but what the hey! It’s worth a try.

I’m hoping I don’t have any classes with J next year (or this year, w/e). I had 2 classes with him this year, and the classes we didn’t have together, they were the same subject and in the same area. I’m over him. Hotness doesn’t make up for personality, sadly. Here’s to hoping! *crossing fingers*

I have to go to a wedding now. Whose wedding? Heck if I know. Gotta love parents that drag you to places you don’t want to go to.

Hope everyone’s having a grrrrreat Saturday! :D

  1. Opus said:

    Our old cross country captain (he graduated this year) told us he cried at the end of Toy Story 3. I lol’d (dont worry, he laughed too :P)

    I enjoy the Toy Story trilogy, I have the original Toy Story movie on VHS :D I used to own a Buzz Lightyear year toy back when i was 7 or 6. So far hes M.I.A but I still have a Mr.Potato Head. :lol:
    I have been doing a lot of nothing lately as well, I haven’t been running a whole lot, but that will change now. I went on a 5k run today and I almost died in the humidity! (i ran the whole way though! lol) So I’m going to be running a lot more now! :p I have been working on music a whole lot, and have got that as an accomplishment, but thats it :lol:
    I am far too reclusive to actually try and hang out with friends, but when I get the chance to I’ll enjoy it! lol I prefer to be by myself, though. I like the inner peace I get by exploring the woods around our house during the day, so i havent had the call to be social just yet. :lol:
    I understand where your coming from! Its hard to self motivate!
    Don’t worry about the retainer. I’m sure no one will care whether you have a retainer or not, just wear it at school and show you don’t care if they do. :D Better to know your going to have great teeth than take the risk to ruin them even more! :P

    • Ari said:

      I’m not surprised :) It was a great movie! Have you seen it yet? I hope you cry too lol

      The only kind of toys I had when I was younger were barbies tbh. Not too proud of that fact. I wish my parents had bought me a Mr. Potato Head or a Buzz Lightyear :[

      At least you’re running. I don’t even think I can run a mile now, much less 3 haha

      I prefer being alone too. People get annoying :D I wish I had a place I could just disappear to anytime I wanted to be alone (my room doesn’t really count heh)

      Yea I guess….but my teeth were pretty straight before and my parents didn’t pay for the braces so…hmmm….

  2. opus said:

    Yeah i saw it. I liked it but its hard for me to get emotional, so i stayed pretty neutral the whole time. Lol

    • Ari said:

      So impassive! :P

  3. Annie said:

    Woah how long is your break? I’m so jealous ;p

    Ooooh, I should go watch Toy Story 3. I kind of forgot it’s out now haha. I want to watch Knight and Day too, it looks pretty good :)

    Hahaha I completely understand what you said about braces and retainers and stuff! I never ever use my elastics because they just look so weird when you’re talking and I know it’s bad for my teeth but… still. xD

    • Ari said:

      It’s a little more than 2 months :D

      You should! You won’t be disappointed :] Knight and Day does look pretty good too. I should watch that sometime

      I never had elastics XD But yea, anything related to braces sucks

  4. Zipo said:

    The Office. . . “that’s what she said”…. xd!

    Say is that you laying in the grass? Who are you talking to?

    Ah, French is the the language of love. Je sais parce que je suis française .

    Well count your blessings on the retainer. You could be wearing an ankle bracelet like Lindsay. HaHAHA Think of it a bling. It cost as much. I wonder if you could get a little rhinestone to glue on it? Jeepers if you do and it flies, I want the rights to the idea!

    You may meet someone interesting at the wedding. It may not be Mr. Right… but you could drink until he was at least cute. hahahahahaha

    Mr Potato Head rules! I do believe he has lost some of his parts by now. =]

    Good golly I think Opus is stuck in Smiley Land. And didn’t George Thorgood say that very thing?
    “Now, every morning, just before breakfast,
    I don’t want no coffee or tea.
    Just me and my good buddy Weiser.
    That’s all I ever need.

    Cause I drink alone, yeah, with nobody else.
    I drink alone, yeah, with nobody else.
    Yeah, you know when I drink alone, I PREFER TO BE MYSELF

    Maybe he’s on the sauce again. That could be the Buzz he remembers. ROFL!

    • Ari said:

      I wish it lasted longer ;)

      Nay, que no soy yo :D I just liked the pic b/c it reminds me of summer heh

      Gah! I wouldn’t mind the ankle bracelet too much. I could wear jeans and no one would see it! Rhinestone retainer? Not a bad idea…maybe I could blind people when I smile at them hehehe [:[

      Drink until he was cute? :lol: yo no soy un alcohólico Zipo! And I didn’t go to the wedding haha. I couldn’t find anything to wear D: ¡Que horror! So yea, I didn’t go. Maybe I should have…and had the chance of possibly meeting someone interesting!

      Do you have a Mr. PH?

      Zipo…do you have a drinking problem? :D

      • Zipo said:

        Yes I have or had a PH. One time I thought it would be a great art project to take the pieces from the Operation game and paste them onto Mr PH and make a pop art piece. Kinda Andy Warhol-esque.

        Where is your sense of humor? Humor is everywhere, in that there’s irony in just about anything a human does. Weddings are full of champaign bubbles! I am sure no one drinks on this site. Including Opus. (We just have a inside joke about that one.)

        M. de pommes de terre a perdu son sourire :!:

      • Ari said:

        Yes, I’m pretty sure no one drinks on this site either :P ¿Dónde está mi sentido del humor? ehh mi sentido del humor está bien! :)

        I want all the toys in Toy Story, siiiiiiiii

    • Ari said:

      este video es fantástico! :lol:

    • Zipo said:

      Thanks Opus… that’s what I was talking about. ;)

      Wit is the cognitive experience.

      Mi trabajo se hace aquí … Speedy Gonzales Rides Again :lol:

  5. Phi said:

    We’re currently in the middle of Winter. It doesn’t get that cold but it does get pretty dark. Which means that I’m pretty much prohibited (unless I ride a train or something) from going out(side) of my area after 5. :lol:

    • Ari said:

      That sucks :) I’m kinda wishing it was winter right now haha

      • Phi said:

        Haha, I’ve always preferred Winter over Summer. :)

  6. Andrew said:

    Hey nice to meet your blog. Too bad you didn’t have an about page I could comment on. How old are you exactly, because you said your mom doesn’t know about this blog. So, I assumed you lived with your parents. Oh and by the way about the post. How were you able to put those kind motion pictures? I know how to put videos and all that, but don’t know how to do the motion pictures. Oh and I sued to be lazy. But, now I’m just your everyday butler, athlete and all that.

    • Ari said:

      Hi :) And I actually do have an About page. I don’t know how any one would miss it lol. I’m 15, 16 in a couple of weeks and yes I live with my parents lol. Well if it moves and it’s a .gif file, then all you have to do is upload it like you would normally upload a picture

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