Yes it’s true…

I have wonky, uneven eyes, a creepy smile, I run around with scissors and no shorts on, and I have no eyebrows or a nose. And yes it’s true, I’m baaaaaack (obnoxious voice) :D I’m totally drawing a blank right now because I have no idea what I’m about to write lol. Might as well begin…

Ok, so after July 4th…hmmm…my parents went on a trip to another country. Exciting, right?! I mean, my sister, my brother and I have the house to ourselves, no parents, summertime!!! Unfortunately, we had guests (of some family relation, dunno). I’m pretty sure my parents planned that :P Having guests at my house is never fun. Every time we have guests, I have to give up my room (because it’s the biggest besides my parent’s). This time, there were 4 guests (not counting the baby). To cut this story short, GUESTS ARE ANNOYING! I DO NOT LIKE THEM BLEHUTHNJ. The fake smiling and being nice really gets to me, ya know? My parents finally came home from their trip about two weeks later and on August 6, 2010, the guests finally left and I moved back into my room the same day. Yessssssssssss. I’m chilling in my bed right now btw, w00t!

I also started volunteering at the library! I was really bored so I finally stopped being lazy and called the library. I found out I got accepted (big surprise. They were like “yeah, it’s gonna take like 2 weeks so we can do a background check on you and blehuisossshb.” really?) It’s not that bad. Well actually, the first few days were a little strange. I got yelled at by this lady (I like to call her Mean Lady) for not moving out of the way quickly when a cart was coming. I’m seriously not kidding when I say that all the people who work at that library section are weird. There’s the Mean Lady, the gay guy (he’s nice enough, but he’s just…STRANGE! I’m so serious about this), the weird chick with piercings who looks like she’s not even out of high school, the Weird Lady with an accent (Jamaican? *shrug*), and there’s a lot more but I can’t remember right now. There’s only like 2 normal people there from what I’ve seen. I’m sort of used to them now, but my first few days there, I was just like “WTF is this?!”

I don’t think the workers there appreciate the volunteers too much. For one thing, they didn’t even bother to learn our names. The Mean Lady was always trying to ‘sacrifice’ us. “Yeah, we’ve got waaaay too many volunteers in here. Maybe the Kid’s section needs some help.”  Whatever. I went there on Tuesday, and I was like the only volunteer there (I usually work 10am to 2pm, but that day I came in at 11 and worked till like 3:30. I saw more volunteers around that time. and we can come in any day and any time we want to). I asked one of the normal ladies what happened to all the volunteers and she said it’s because school is starting. Ha! Sorta serves them right, taking us volunteers for granted and stuff (but she said this happens every summer so I guess they don’t really care) Kinda sad, because I made some friends too. Plus, there’s this really cute guy who works there (he’s not a volunteer, but a shelver [shelves books, gets paid, which I honestly don’t get because volunteers do so much crap, but w/e]. he looks like he’s 16-18 years old) and that’s mostly why I volunteer at the lib so much (even though he doesn’t come everyday, sadly :() I can’t say for sure if there’s really ‘anything there’ but I have caught him looking at me a few times. I’d honestly like this ‘job’ way better if I was getting paid. That’s why the weird chick w/ piercings kind of annoys me because she’s around my age, working there, getting paid, and acting like she’s soooo much older. Maybe I’ll apply to be a shelver heheheh.

Anyway, I haven’t been there since Wednesday and I really want to go (mostly for the cute guy, yeaahhh, but also mostly because I’m bored). But my older older brother is leaving on Friday (or Thurs.) and he BARELY comes home (he’s busy, engineering and whatnot). He wants me to teach him Photoshop, I have ‘orientation’ (there’s actually a name for it, but it involves my school) on Wed., I want him to take me shopping, and I want all of us siblings to go out to eat before he leaves (preferably Chili’s but they think I go there too much and they’re sick of it so probably not, meh). My older younger brother’s birthday is on the 20th and my sister wants us to celebrate at Grand Lux (my older older bro will not be joining us sadly), so that’s why I want all of us to go out and have fun before school starts up again and then I’ll be left all alone, boo hoo.

*sigh* Okay, I’ve got to confess. *Breaks out in High School Musical Status Quo song* Haha, jk…You’d think this would be easier, since it’s the internet and all but um…and I really do feel bad about this and after my little hiatus, I felt this would be the right thing to do. Ariadne’snotmyrealname. There, I said it :( You can find out more on my updated About Page. And, if I’m on anyone’s blogroll as ‘Ari’, I’d like it if you changed it to Auntie Anne (or AA or Honey) Sorry guys…and if that’s too much, you can just delete me off your blogroll (I wouldn’t mind, REALLY, I mean I deserve it…) Well, moving on…

I’ve decided to be more serious in this graphic design stuff. I’ve been Photoshopping since early 2008 and I’m not gonna say I know everything there is to know about PS, but I feel like I know a lot (but not like a lot, a lot and I’m not saying my head is  just absolutely STUFFED with PS knowledge, because it’s not and I still have lots to discover and learn). At the same time, I’ve been wanting to learn more so I’ve been looking at tutorials and trying out new things and just trying to be better at it (Note: my header! I’m seriously in love with it. I feel like I’m ‘branching out’ with it, as weird as that sounds). I’m not too sure about html/css right now. I get the gist of it, but not enough to where I can design a site or something (which I really want to do) Maybe my Digital Interactive Media class I’m taking this school year will help me out!

GAH, I have so much to tell! Hiatuses are good and bad at the same time. Good, because you get to take a little break. Bad, because so much crap decides to happen during your hiatus and when you come back, it’s like “Where do I even begin?” Anyway, I’ve missed blogging and I’ve missed you guys (even though you guys haven’t missed me and possibly hate me right now, wah) I’m glad to be back though :]

  1. Sarah said:

    Welcome back :)
    Gah, I’m having guest this November. But luckily we have an extra guest room, because my brother moved out, haha.
    And your header is amazing , oh by the way I changed your name on my blogroll, so all is good :)

    • AA said:

      Thank you, thank you and thanks :)

      Ah, I wish we had a guest room (well, we sort of do b/c there’s an extra room since everyone’s at college, but that room is smaller and my parents are always aiming to please :roll:)

  2. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) said:

    It really gets me upset how regulars at jobs often treat the new people (or volunteers) badly. I think it makes them feel big to make somebody else smaller. It’s sad. :( I think they do that when they’re insecure about their own abilities.

    I’m considered kind of a guru where I work so everybody, even my bosses, treat me with respect, but it’s taken a long time and a lot of hard work to get there.

    Try not to take it personally and remind yourself to not do that when you get where they are. :)

    • AA said:

      Yeah, it is pretty sad. I definitely wouldn’t do that if I got to where they are. I would actually try to learn the new people’s names and everything and show them around. Ahh, oh well :/

  3. Layla said:

    Welcome baaaack, Ari!
    I’ll change the name on the blogroll :P

    • AA said:

      Thanks. I think you already had me as AA anyway haha

  4. Ooooh a bit of romance in the romance section, hmmm? Delightful.
    Lol, willow’s not my real name. So you’re forgiven for thinking you were the only one who’s been living under an alias.
    I honestly don’t know how people do that with Photoshop. It would take me months just to get the background grey. Your header looks amazing.
    We don’t hate you, hahaha. Welcome back.

    • AA said:

      It’s hardly what I’d call a romance lol. He could be going to college for all I know. I don’t even know his name and I might possibly never get to see him again *gasp* Kinda suckish meh

      Yeah, I know but I’ve just gotten tired of having like 123456 different names on the internet lol. This is actually kind of refreshing haha

      No, it wouldn’t :P I couldn’t jack squat when I first started using it lol. All I really did then was retouch pictures (skin, lighting, etc.). Thank you :D

      That’s a relief :] and thanks

      • … that sounds like classic love story if I ever heard one. Lol.
        Seeing to the fact I don’t even have photoshop, it would take me for EVER to do that. Lol.

      • AA said:

        Really? I doubt it haha and I could just be imagining that there’s ‘something’ there.
        Naaahhhhhhhh :P

      • It’s good to have a healthy imagination. Lol.

  5. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) said:

    Hey Willow, ever heard of “Gimp”? It’s the “Open Source” version of Photoshop and it’s FREE!!

    I took one look at it and ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction though! :) It looks like it’s REALLY hard to learn! About the most I can handle is :)

    • AA said:

      Lol XD

      I’ve never tried Gimp before, but I do kinda wish I’d heard about it before I got PS (It IS free afterall)

      It’s just an illusion! If Gimp & Ps are really alike, then I’d say it’s not that hard, just a little confusing at first haha

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) said:

        Actually, I doubt if Gimp and PS are alike. I think they have similar capabilities but are probably different the way they work. That’s usually what they do with open source software. And open source software is usually less intuitive and more complicated.

    • Hmm, I’ll have to look into it later. I don’t have to download anything do I?

      • AA said:

        Yea, I think you have to download Gimp. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can always try online photoshop haha :D

  6. Annie said:

    Welcome back!
    I love your header! Auntie Anne backwards looks really cool, but when I say it out loud it reminds me of a type of spider. Weird.. I know :P
    Yeah! I hate all that fake smiling and laughing at the (totally lame) jokes when guests come over.

    I changed your name on my blogroll, Honey. :) Hmm maybe I’ll just stick to Auntie Anne, Honey may take some getting used to xD

    • AA said:

      Whoo, gracias!
      Thank you! A spider? Really? lol
      And yea, it’s really tiring. Guests are tiring in general haha

      Thanks! Haha yeah, I’M not even sure how I feel about Honey. Partially glad it’s not actually my real name. Though, I suppose I’d be more accustomed to people calling me that if it’d been my real name my whole life XD

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