The Blog is personal again

Get it? Like HP: ‘The computer is personal again.’? No? AH, whatever. Anyway, the reason for that title is because I’ve decided I want my blog to be more personal. Meaning, ‘personal’ pictures! Yay! But not of me of course :P

I went to orientation yesterday and it was such a drag waking up at 6:30. But it actually wasn’t that bad now that I think about it. Maybe waking up early to go to the lib helped. My brother took me even though I had a hard time waking him up haha. I got my schedule, textbooks (the line for that was super long), and my yearbook picture taken. And this time, I didn’t have to walk around looking for my locker for like 15 minutes with 6 heavy textbooks in my hands. My bro and I found my locker first after I got my schedule and when I got my books, he carried all of them hehe. I only saw about two of my friends and I didn’t really bother trying to find anyone else. I pretty much just went in and got out. I’m happy with my schedule except for lunch and that they didn’t put my teachers/room numbers. I would’ve liked to go to my classes and see where they are so I won’t be wasting time looking for all my classes on the first day. They put the teachers/room #’s on my schedule last year though. I guess the only do it for freshman, blehggg. And I can’t believe I have A lunch!!! That’s like having breakfast, for crying out loud! It’s just as bad as C lunch, wah. My schedule:

1 – French I (how wonderful)

2 – Digital Interactive Media (yay!)

3 – Dance II


4 – English II K

5 – Chemistry I K

6 – Algebra II K

7 – World History AP

I’m just happy I have all my ‘important’ classes in the afternoon so that I can do any HW I didn’t finish in other classes or during lunch and I can get some test/quiz answers hehehehe. I’m not really sure how I feel about cheating now though. It used to be not such a big deal, but now it’s just kinda like…ehh I don’t know. I really hope my schedule doesn’t change, meh.

The funny thing about yesterday is that out of all the people at orientation (there were a lot), I just HAD to see J. I saw him like 2 times. He had a backpack (? For his books I guess? I did not see anyone else with one. HAHA what a loser…) and some weird, freaky, semi-mohawk thing going on on his head. I seriously hope I don’t have any classes with him. I think it’ll do me good if I don’t.

After orientation, I went shopping with my brother. We went to Target first. I saw some shoes I really liked so I picked them up. They were only 9 bucks! I got a  pair in navy and another pair in all black. When we got to the checkout counter, my brother payed for my shoes :) I think he thought I’d pay for them, but I’d left my purse in the car so he payed for them (aaww). Then we went to Tj Maxx and Ross (all next to each other). I didn’t get anything at Tj Maxx but I did get 2 pairs of jeans at Ross! One was $14.99 and the other was $17.99. I also bought a really cute striped tank top with a big bow on the side for $6.99. Cheap but cute clothing ftw! wOOt!

I.Love.Jeans. No seriously, I LOVE jeans. Some people ADORE shoes, I adore jeans. Idk why, but my ‘obsession’ (even though I don’t have that many) started around 7th grade. I have a pair of jeans that I’ve had since 6th grade that still fit me. These are my newest jeans! The first two are the ones I bought yesterday and the other one I bought a couple weeks ago. I mostly have bootcut and skinnys right now, but I suppose I’ll have to expand farther than those types sooner or later :P I had way more jeans than this but I gave a lot of them away because I decided I didn’t like them that much…

I really wanted to go out to eat with my brothers and sister today, since my brother is leaving tomorrow, but no one wanted to go (mainly my sister). Oh well :/

I was thinking about making a little portfolio or something of all my edits. But I don’t know how long that’ll take (or if I’ll even do it lol) because I have a lot. Anyway, here’s a little Yoann Gourcuff for you guys! I made this today. Enjoy ;)


  1. Chloé said:

    I understand how you feel about your lunch. I eat lunch everyday at 11. It’s ridiculous. That’s basically why I’m always desperate at the end of the day to go home because I’m STARVING. Urrgh…

    French 1… Oh my gosh that’s like a piece of cake. LOL I speak it fluently so that’s why. I’m being forced to take Latin because that’s the only language they have available at my new school. When I get back to high school though I’m going to change back to Spanish because Latin is dead and I’m not going to become a doctor so I’ll probably never use it. (Okay that’s probably not true but if I’m going to learn a language I want to actually be able to have a conversation somewhere besides my classroom).

    My friend has over 20 pairs of jeans. She has an obsession too. I am not afraid of your obsession either :) It’s a natural thing some people have.

    I’m taking Algebra 1 this year. I was pretty good at Pre-Algebra last year so I think I’ll do good.

    Have a nice day!

    • AA said:

      Yes, it’s horrible! Maybe I won’t even eat lunch then. I’ll just eat in in 4th or 5th period lol

      The first year of any foreign languages are usually easy :] I was actually going to take Latin but decided on French at the last min. Haha, I am never taking Spanish again! 3 years is enough for me!

      :D I’m not so sure it’s like an OBSESSION!!!! though. Maybe I shouldn’t have used that word lol. I just really like jeans hehe

      I’m pretty good at Algebra, I prefer it to Geometry anyday. Good luck in Alg. I!

      Thanks! You too :]

  2. Wait, what? Your school has different classes eating lunch at different times? What??
    And bahahaha it took me a while to figure out what ‘ennaeitnua’ meant.

    • AA said:

      Yep! There’s like 3,000+ people at my school so it’d be pretty impossible for everyone to eat lunch at the same time haha. It’s not necessarily different classes, unless you mean grades, but it’s not really that either. Though I’ve never heard of a senior having C lunch, it’s pretty possible ha.

      :D Well, at least you figured it out

  3. Opus said:

    My schedule for my Sophomore year =o
    2. AP Government
    3. Biology II
    4. Chem I
    5. Geometry
    6. English II
    7. Cross Country/Track

    I wish we had AP World History! I would take that :lol:

    • AA said:

      Aughdf! Bio II???????!!!!!! I wish you luck, my friend! I’m so glad to be done with Bio…I hated that class with a passion, not as much as Spanish though. Good luck in geom! (glad to be done with that class also hehe)

      Seniors take AP govrnmt at my school. Well, we have no choice to take World History. There’s regular level WH, K level, and then AP. I don’t think I’ll have much of a life this year (but it’s not like I had one anyway lol)

  4. Opus said:

    Youve already taken Biology II?

    • AA said:

      Lol no. Bio I is enough for me gah XD! Did you make the decision to take Bio II or is it required?

      Btw, nice gravatar :D

      • opus said:

        I had to take either bio II or chem I so i chose both instead of having a slacker hour :D

      • AA said:

        You’d rather take both than having a slacker hour? You’re brave! :)

  5. Annie said:

    Awesome, I don’t actually have any of the same subjects as you except English, haha maybe because my subjects aren’t really split like algebra is part of maths and dance isn’t a subject!

    You have lunches at different times? Wow, at my school the whole school have the same breaks at the same time! But having such an early lunch would make you starve the rest of the day! I wouldn’t be able to stand having my tummy grumble in class bahaha.

    Oh wow I’m not sure how much that is in Australian money but that’s cheeeap :D Lucky lucky! I love jeans too, but I only have like 3 pairs xD
    Oooh if you do make one, I can’t wait for your portfolio :)

    • AA said:

      Dance isn’t really a subject lol :) It’s just an elective. But we do have finals in Dance (like making up a dance or something)

      Wow! How many people do you have at your school?! Do you eat in classrooms or just one big cafeteria? Yea, it sucks! And the thing is, I’m like always hungry lol. I hate it when my stomach grumbles when I’m sitting next to someone. It’s so awkward lol

      It really is! That’s why I like Ross so much haha. I can’t buy anymore jeans right now though. According to my sister, I have enough and I need to focus more on buying tops. In my opinion, you can never have too many jeans XD Thanks :D

      • Annie said:

        Ahh I see, I just have like a dance section in PE, I’m not very good at it xD

        Hmmm, I’m not quite sure, it’s a smaller school, around a thousand maybe? Nah we eat like pretty much everywhere except the classrooms, we don’t have a cafeteria (I’ve only seen/heard of them in movies – are they the places where everyone gets their food from, with those people serving you? Lol.) Haha ikr! My stomach was grumbling while everyone was silent reading books, it was actually quite funny bahaha

      • AA said:

        XD A lot of people just take Dance because it’s a really easy class and almost like a ‘free period’

        No cafeteria?! That’s kinda crazy XD. When it’s lunchtime, some people eat in the cafeteria, some people eat outside, some people eat in classrooms with their fave teachers, etc. And yes, cafeterias are the places we get lunch from, with people serving us lol. The cafe food is okay, but some people bring their lunch. Maybe I should start eating breakfast so my stomach won’t grumble as much lol.

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