Annoying Things People Say on FB:

  • Jerseeyyy Shorree <3
  • Pretty Little Liars <3
  • Hanging out with maaaa fraands
  • Boyfrraaand ! Love him soooooo much [[even though we’ve only been going out for 4 hours]] <3
  • Going runninggg !
  • with that skank “insert name here”
  • goiingg shoppingg !
  • Usiiiiiiiiinggggg extraa leettteerrrsss zomg
  • Using ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’
  • Quotes from songs
  • <3 <3 <3
  • ♥ ♥ ♥
  • like like like

Why am I even friends with these people?

Goooood thing I got maaa bloooggg !  ♥ y’all ! <3

  1. The most pointless status of all: “Going to bed. Goodnight.”
    What a great status. Made my day.

    But I personally love putting lyrics as statuses. Haha.

    • AA said:

      Yes! I really hate that one too lol

      I don’t really mind lyrics, unless it’s an annoying/stupid song like Airplanes XD

      • I think I joined a fb fan page that went something like:
        “Can we pretend that airplanes in the –No, it’s not possible alright?”
        or something like that haha.

        Posting statuses that are popular group/fan page names are not cool either.

      • AA said:

        Lol, if I still joined pages, I’d join that one!

  2. Sarah said:

    Bawha, I agree with almost everything on there.

    Even though I do the little pretty little liars thing x’D and quotes as statuses. I find it annoying when people fill my new feed with like three girls fighting back and forth it like O.O what the heck. or when people make really long status of what they did all day x’D

    Love the new theme btw :)

    • AA said:

      Ik! I don’t understand why people fight on FACEBOOK, of all places! It’s so annoying and stupid lol. I never even read the really long statuses haha

      Thank you! :)

  3. Opus said:

    I may sound like a total ingrate when I say this, but those long prayer statuses annoy me. lol
    Once is just fine, but when everyone and their mother does it, it gets irritating because its like spam. lol

    I also dislike statuses that are in all caps, are typed like text messages, and ones that are about how liberals are evil.
    Actually, i kinda enjoy the last one, gives me a reason to troll them for my amusement. :lol:

    • AA said:

      Everyone and their mother lol! I don’t really mind it though

      I’ve never really seen any statuses about evil liberals lol. The caps one is really annoying. Bah, sometimes I wonder why I even get on Fb lol.

  4. Annie said:

    I pretty much agree with all of them! And I bet nearly everyone does too cos usually those kind of statuses have no likes or comments and make people look lonered, haha!
    I actually hardly ever have a status, I think I’ve only had 5 or something in a year xD

    • AA said:

      Haha Ik! And me too lol. I only update it once in a while. I don’t really even do anything on Fb lol. I’m always offline the chat and I post things on peoples’ walls sometimes hehe (i.e. happy birthday)

  5. Please tell me you’ve heard the Snookie song. My sister made me listen to it and now it’s stuck in my head. You have to listen to it.
    Here’s the link:
    I agree with the boyfriend one though. It’s like, you’ve like only been like dating for like five minutes. Like how could you love him like I don’t understand. Like. Hahaha.

    • AA said:

      AHa, that is hilarious! That kinda just made my day XD! Jersey Shore annoys me so bad. I watched a full episode before and it dawned on me like, “Why the hell am I watching this crap?” lol
      Ik, right? There’s this one girl I know and she does that ALL THE TIME. She’s always saying how she loves her current boyfriend and it’s true love and blah blabbity blah. She’s had like 10,000 boyfriends, and God forgive me, but I do not find her attractive at all, inside and out. I used to hang out with her in like 7th grade. In 8th grade, I started getting sick of her. And last year, I pretty much just lost all respect for her. I’m not saying this to be mean, but I don’t know how anyone could be friends with her. BLeioghtvbh. Ok rant done lol

      • I’ve seen one or two episodes, but it was too stupid to watch anymore than that. My sister thinks the guys are cute. They’ve got nice bodies, but their personalities make me want to throw up.
        I just wonder what people think love means. I mean, it’s rare that I say ‘I love you’ to some of the people I’m related to. My sister seems to throw the word around like it’s nothing. I don’t know, I just think it’s a word with too much depth to talk about your superficial boyfriend of 17 who’s known for sleeping around and has cheated on you twice. But that’s just me.

      • AA said:

        No offense, but she thinks they’re CUTE? Their bodies are nice, but they look like Oompa-Loompas to me XD

        I agree. The people who use the word the most are the ones that have no idea what it actually means. And besides that, a lot of people don’t really know the true meaning/ definition of love. It’s annoys me, but hey, what can ya do?

      • Oh, imagine how the oompa-loompas must feel knowing that THOSE guys look like them. Lol.
        Listen politely while those people tell you angrily about how their significant other broke up with them. I used to do that, but after the hundredth time, I got bored with it. Slowly people realized I didn’t care and stopped talking to me about it.

  6. Opus said:

    The gals at my school have a tendency to add ”Ha!” to parts of their sentences and for some reason end with the following punctuation ”.!” a period followed by an exclamation mark. It gets quite repetitive. lol

    • AA said:

      .! :lol: It’s the new thing, everyone does it now ha.! XD

      • Opus said:

        it just annoys grammar Nazis like me :lol:

  7. Hey Ari, how have you been?
    Oooh, everything looks different! Just shows how busy I’ve been – I feel so out of the loop!
    Most of those are annoying – but I love song statuses. Unless they’re annoying songs. Haha. :)

    I’m a grammar Nazi too Opus, you are not alone. :)

    • AA said:

      Sas! I’ve been so-so, how about you? Baha, everyone’s felt like that at least once in their blogging life :)
      The annoying songs are the ones that get me the most lol.
      Grammar Nazis unite! I even posted a status once that said “I lose brain cells everytime someone uses ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’” and the some of the people that liked it were the ones who do it :lol:

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