It’s so surreal…

How school is starting on Monday. DUBBUYAH. TEE. EFF? I’m so not prepared. Summer has turned my mind to mush.What’s the square root of 96? Hell if I know.

I’m gonna miss you, Summer. Even though I didn’t have a  productive summer (that turned out SO well) like I planned, I still don’t want Summer to end. Wah! But at least school will give me somewhere to be and something to do. I don’t think I can stand staying at home 24/7 doing nothing anymore  -______- Besides summer, I’m gonna miss my laptop too. There’s no way I’ll be able to be on it as much as I’ve been on it all summer when school starts. And I hate how they’re making us start on Monday, of all the days of the week! Why not Wednesday or something? *Sigh* As much as I don’t want school to start, I have to admit, I am a little bit excited. Not so much for the schoolwork, but hopefully meeting new people in my classes.

So lately I’ve been thinking that my school has been forgetting to send my mail or that our mailman got our address wrong because I haven’t been getting any of my mails for school. But it turns out my parents just haven’t been giving me my mail :| Mostly my dad, because he forgets. But he’s getting old, so I’ll forgive him lol. I’d been checking the mail like a mad woman, asking if anyone had gotten the mail in yet, and looking through the mail to see if my bus info had come in yet. But my efforts didn’t help. So, on Tuesday night, I was in my parent’s room doing something when I found my bus info thingy pinned to their wall! They hadn’t even bothered to tell me! I took it off the wall and asked my Mom why they hadn’t showed it to me. She told me that my Dad had pinned it there (thanks, father). I also asked her what happened to my TAKS results (which I should have gotten in like May), my orientation letter (for when orientation was. I had to look it up online), and anything related to me and school. She told me she’d put my TAKS results in a big envelope and that my dad has probably done something with my orientation letter. Gee, thanks Mom and Dad for telling me all this stuff and making me be paranoid that I wasn’t getting any mail. But now I finally have my long awaited TAKS results. I found out I missed about 4 on the Reading and about 4 on the Math. I got commended (past the commended mark), but it still kinda made me gasp a little because I usually only miss 1 or 0 on the Reading. Guess I’ll just have to try harder this year *Sigh*

Anyway, I went shopping on Tuesday. My sister took me and I was supposed to have finished up my Back to School shopping, but I couldn’t sadly. I still need school supplies, a bag/purse and a backpack (or maybe I could just wash the backpack I have now, because it’s dirty), and maybe just a few more clothes. But the thing is, Tax free weekend is THIS weekend (starting Friday) and I know it’s gonna be absolute CHAOS and that makes me not want to go shopping at all. Maybe I’ll just skip out on buying more clothes because I’ve already bought: 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of shorts, 3 tank tops, 2 cardigans, 7 shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, and a buttload of accessories. Plus, I still have some stuff I have never worn in my closet. So yeah, no more clothes (for right now). It’s only 12:40 pm right now, so maybe I’ll go do my nails at the nail shop near my house. Or maybe tomorrow, but it doesn’t matter because Tax free wknd doesn’t apply to nails.

I did my hair yesterday and I also got my eyebrows threaded on Tuesday, so those are two more things to cross off my list. Blah, I have so much crap to do before Monday. My older older bro left on Tuesday btw ( :( ). My older younger bro’s birthday is tomorrow (he’s turning 20 on the 20th, how cool is that?) and we’re going out to eat. I still have to get a [[new]] bag/purse/backpack and school supplies (I already have tons of notebooks and binders, so maybe new dividers and pencils and a new pencil case [because my old one broke]). And I have to get my nails done (note: I never do my fingernails, just my toenails because I like having purty toes hehe. Plus the people near my house do it very well for only $10 and it lasts for about a month[+]).

I haven’t had time to go to the library at all and the last time I went was 2 weeks ago. I may never see cute lib dude again (unless he isn’t in college and I go back soon).  I just want to see him one more time, and then maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’ll be okay. Wow, I sound like a creep lol! I’m not doing anything today (for the first time this whole week, unless I can convince someone to take me shopping or I go do my nails). I have no money left (the good thing about the guests is that they gave me $50, and that was nice) so I’ll have to bug my parents for money for school supplies and a new bag. I also bought and finished reading my summer reading book on Tuesday. It’s called Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn. It was surprisingly pretty good. You could say I procrastinated reading it, but I say I just want it fresh in my mind when school starts ;) Maybe I should start preparing my mind for school. I’ve been practicing my handwriting though. And I’ve decided I’m going to make a New School Year Resolutions list right this very second!

New School Year Resolutions:

  1. Try harder at school (i.e. stop procrastinating and blowing off my hw)
  2. Meet at least 4 new people
  3. Be nicer to teachers (i.e. stop cursing them in my mind)
  4. Meet a cute boy(s)
  5. Do Track this year
  6. Stop being lazy (applies to #1 & #5)
  7. Be nicer to people (i.e. stop giving people I don’t like/are annoying the hate glare)

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with them! Maybe I’ll even add more to the list. Well! This is a looong post (as my posts have been lately; current word count: over 1000). Hope everyone’s having a great week!

BTW: My birthday’s in like 2 weeks and I might make a tumblr. Kbai.

  1. 96 has a square root?! Lol.
    Lol, this is certainly a longer post than normal.
    My school called me because all the mail they send gets returned to them and then sent back out to me again because the school thinks I still live at my old house. I live outside the schools limits, so if they found out where I live I’d have to go somewhere else.
    I hate shopping. School close shopping is the worst because it means I HAVE to make a decision on the clothing I want. I always feel like whatever I buy doesn’t fit me. Even if it is my size.
    What’s the book about? I can’t believe I’ve only got two weeks before MY school starts. I’ve been reading like crazy but not the book I’m supposed to read. *shrugs* oh well.
    Lol, good luck with the list. Running track sounds about as crazy as not procrastinating.

    • Zipo said:

      Willowbatel, you wouldn’t by chance be in the Witness Protection Program would you?

      • Lol no. I just prefer to blog in anonymity.

    • AA said:

      It actually does lol. I don’t think it’s an exact number though.
      Ahhh, sneaky! I don’t why it would matter if you live outside the school limits, unless you’re taking the bus. But if you’re driving or someone is driving you, I don’t really see why it’s such a big deal. Oh well, you’ve only got 2 more years soo… :) But at least you still get your mail haha
      I love shopping haha. Well, actually I don’t LOVE IT, but I like it a lot. After about an hour or 2, I get really tired. I get what you mean though. I wish I was one of those people that could grab anything off the rack and it’d fit me. I have to try everything on.But it’s a good thing b/c, it’s annoying returning stuff that don’t fit, bkebghgfd
      It’s about this handsome, popular 16 year old guy who goes to court for beating his girlfriend and now he has to take classes or w/e…here’s a much better description lol
      Thanks! I need it :)

      • My school is over crowed because so many people prefer going there to the school they’re supposed to go to. I hate the school; I just don’t want to have to deal with a whole new set of people who hate gays.
        After an hour I NEED to be done shopping. Like, I get to the point where I want to be done, and then I need to be out of the store and on my way home THAT instant. I turn into a mega snotty bitch if I shop too long.
        Oh. I might recommend it to my sister. She likes those kinds of books.

      • Zipo said:

        That “instant” sounds painful. Do you get a rash with that?

      • Lol, not usually. Most of the time my feet begin to hurt like crazy and I get really hot and my entire body feels uncomfortable.

      • Zipo said:

        Well then,can we consider Foot-and-mouth disease? Never self-diagnose… but if your feet hurt. . .


  2. Your older younger brother? Say what?
    Good luck with school and stuff. For us there’s only 3 and a half months till the end of the school year haha.

    • AA said:

      I’m the youngest and I have two older brothers: my older older brother and then there’s my older younger bro (who’s older than me but not the oldest brother), kinda confusing lol
      Thank you! Exciting haha! There’s only about 4 more months till winter break (I love how I’m calculating this when school hasn’t even started lol)

  3. Zipo said:

    Good Morning Vietnam! Try yelling that over your school’s PA system. :P

    • AA said:

      If I’m awake by that time XD Ziiiiiiiiiii, long time no talk :D Ahaaha,

      • Zipo said:

        AAAAAAAAAA … there was no way to change the spelling on that one.

      • AA said:

        A for effort :D

  4. Zipo said:

    We have it all …. heat, humidity,terrorism. ( I am sure Baltimore has it as well.)

  5. Sarah said:

    Ohmygosh you have gotten more complete on your back to school list then me. I haven’t even gotten my supplies for school, or handbag or clothes D: I’m stressing out here.

    Awh, what grade are you going into :)? I’m going to freshmen year, and I’m scared like heck!

    • AA said:

      Haha, yea. But I’m going back to school Monday so I kinda had to :)

      You’ve been reading my blog all this time and you don’t know what grade I’m going into? :lol: No worries, I’m going into 10th. Freshman year wasn’t all that bad now that I think about it! To be honest, a lot of people don’t care about freshman (not saying everyone). They’re annoying, immature, and…annoying. I’m not saying all fish are like that, just the majority. Heck, I didn’t even like freshman when I was one lol. Just try not to piss off the upperclassmen and enjoy your freshman year! You won’t realize how easy freshman year is until it’s over :]

      • Sarah said:

        Haha :lol: I’ve heard that from 10th graders their self. Oh my, I thought you were in 11th grade or so x’D I was close though. x’D Haha, I’ve heard from everybody that they didn’t like freshmen year and to stay clear of the seniors x’D Haha, but thanks for the advice!

      • Zipo said:

        Don’t believe everything you hear! I loved my little freshminons! They were fresh and edgy! They smelled o’ so good. HAHAHA

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