I don’t think that’s even a word but this is gonna be a quick post. Sooooooooooo, today was the first day of school. *sigh* Even though I wasn’t that tired waking up at 6:00 today, I know it’s gonna be hell once my school mode actually kicks in. It hasn’t kicked in yet, even after going to school. I still think that I’m gonna sleep till 12pm tomorrow and do nothing all day, UJHSBKFNCDMLSA! Freakin’ school!

This post isn’t going to make a lot of sense but bear with me :P Morning classes: Breezin’ through ’em. Afternoon classes: W.T.F. So far I have homework in Algebra and World History AP. I’m not too surprised having HW in World History AP (it IS a college level course anyway) but it’s the first day of school! Wah! I know it’s really not a valid excuse for not having any homework, but still. On facebook, that’s what almost everyone is talking about. I think people secretly like complaining that they have HW on the first day haha!

I must say, it took me a couple hours to finish my WHAP homework and I started right when I got home (which is something I NEVER do). It’s a seven page packet (counting front and back). And I’m not talking about the normal sized packets, I’m talking about the loooooongg ones, the ones that you have to fold so it’ll fit in your binder or folder. I had to pull through to get done with the freakin’ thing. I was about to fall asleep and I was going to but I decided to stand up and work on the packet, because I’m a trooper! I can tell this class is gonna kick my butt, along with Chemistry (and possibly Algebra). PURE BLISS.

On the plus side, my teachers are pretty cool. My Chem teacher is sort of a Spaz, but she means business. French teacher’s ok. Dig Int Media teacher’s pretty cool too. And so are my English, Algebra and WH teachers. There’s TOO MANY freshmen, my goodness! Gosh, I’ve always known that freshmen are annoying, but this year’s freshmen take it to a whole new level. The main hallway at my school is like ten times more crowded than it usually is.  Maybe it’ll get better once everyone figures out their schedules and routes. Speaking of routes, mine are pretty jacked up. My classes are like 10 miles away from each other. And it seems like I’ll actually be USING my locker this year! I’ve got more notebooks and binders than I did last year and there’s no way I’ll be carrying everything in my bag. My bus is unbelievably crowded too! Can you guess the reason? That’s right, freshmen. They need to be exterminated :P Being a sophomore’s not that much better, but it’s still better than being a fish! And even though I’ll probably bash on freshmen a lot later on, I have nothing against them lol. I thought I was gonna pass out on the bus ride home. Crowded Bus + Texas Heat = HELL. I need to start driver’s ed and get my own car. I refuse to ride the bus after this year. But I probably still will, sadly.

Ummm…what else…THERE ARE NO CUTE GUYS IN MY CLASSES!! AT ALL!!! Ok, that’s an exaggeration because there is a really cute guy in my English class :D I’ve actually seen his profile on Facebook and I was actually hoping we’d have a class together…YES, I AM A CREEPER, BITE ME. Anyway, I doubt anything will happen. I bet his schedule will change and BAM, he’ll be out of my class, because I have great luck like that. On the upside, I have no classes with J. I don’t know whether I should be glad or kinda sad XD. AHHH, w/e! I did see him in the hallways a few times though.

AND BTW, it turns out the summer reading book that I read (Breathing Underwater) is more of a book for struggling readers (because it’s a really easy read) and my English teacher HIGHLY SUGGESTS that we read another book if we read that one. Wonderful. They could’ve mentioned that before I bought the book and read it. Now I have to read another book and on top of that, I can’t find the damn receipt, UGH.

This wasn’t a very short post, but I am typing this very quickly because I still have a few Algebra problems to finish and I’ll be establishing a bedtime at 11:00 (or 11:30 ;) )…Anyway, summary of the first day of school: Bleh.  But it still wasn’t that bad.


  1. We had two tests on the first day of school a few months ago haha. And today we had four tests.
    I find that after a week or two school settles down and gains a rhythm, if you know what I mean. You can expect to get this much homework for these subjects one night, less homework from other subjects for another night, so on.

    • Ari said:

      I get what you mean! This week felt like the lo000ongest week everr! XD My teacher’s aren’t that considerate lol! I get homework almost every night in almost every class. It is pure bliss!

  2. Zipo said:

    Quicken is indeed a word. It is a software program for finance bookkeeping. It rocks!

    Your off and running…

    • Ari said:

      Ah, maybe I’ll get it when I need to do some finance bookeeping XD!

      Si, that I am *sigh*

  3. Annie said:

    Woahhh school sounds busy!
    Hahah in my school you just get these teensy lockers which you just walk past and put your own lock on, and there was this girl who forgot her combination and sat there every recess and lunch trying all the combinations until she got it xD
    Ahaha no cute guys, I never see any at school cos they’re not allowed in lol ;p

    • Ach our lockers are tiny too! I can barely fit all my stuff in there :/
      Thought that’s probably because I like to be organised and have many many binder folders.

    • AA said:

      It is!
      At my school, we have top and bottom lockers but they’re roomy and can fit all my books plus more. Lol! Couldn’t she ask a teacher or someone for her combo? At the beginning of school, we gets all these forms and “All About Me” and we put our lockers and combos and stuff on there
      Oh the horror! :D

  4. Opus said:

    :o you’ll get used to school. :P I have

    • AA said:

      Yea, it’s all coming back slowly :P

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