ZoMg, BOY$!!!111!

I don’t understand them. Who does anyway?

  • Cute, but jerk-assholish (well, not to me)-junior guy (with a girlfriend that goes to another school, but you’d never know it) in my French class – He always talks to me, but today I walked in to class, sat down and waited for him to say something stupid like “ERR DAMN DAY!” (a phrase he says to annoy me). But then he didn’t say anything to me. Not one word to me throughout the whole class period. Whatever. He’s a jerk anyway.
  • I was walking to the buses this afternoon and I hear this really annoying nickname, that I refuse to mention on here, that the guys in my World Geography class last year said to annoy me. I turned around and who did I see? J. And naturally, I couldn’t think of anything cool to say except “That’s not my name.” FOOK. Then he said my real name (how nice…) and then I flashed him a small thumbs up and went off to my bus. I’m so cool.
  • Cute guy who rides my bus – I sat in seat 7 instead of my usual seat 8 on the bus this morning because I thought the guy in front of me was gonna sit there, but he decided not to and I had already sat down in seat 7. CGWRMB sat in the seat next to seat 8. This afternoon, I saw CGWRMB sitting in seat 6 and I sat in my usual seat 8. After a couple minutes, he moved to the seat in front of me, 7. WHAT? Idk.
  • Cute guy in my English class – I feel his eyes on me. That’s all I have to say about this matter.

UAIOJHDVGFBHNSJA. Time for some whap hw. O, and my birthday’s on Saturday. Yippee-Yi-Yay!

  1. Zipo said:

    Ok HONEY ( :lol: ) … here is the deal. You might just want to give everyone a big wet kiss and move forward. As long as they are upwardly mobile that is.

    abcdefghijk…. and the rest you know. =]

    I do like the look here. I saw that huge flower and thought… well that isn’t the Rose of Texas…. but it has it’s own attributes. Is it eatable?

    • AA said:

      :P Gracias! Wet kiss partay woohoo!

      Texas has a rose? :lol: I learn new things everyday :!: Sure, it can be eatable, just for you

  2. Zipo said:

    RUKM… that is in some kinda lingo…. LMAO… Are you kidding me? The Yellow Rose of Texas. It is epic. Well apparently not.

    Party ON!

    • AA said:

      I kid you not, my friend :D I’ve never heard of the Yellow Rose. All they taught us in school was the Bluebonnets lol


  3. Zipo said:

    Have a great holiday weekend!

    • AA said:

      Gracias! You too!

  4. Zipo said:
    • AA said:

      Thanks, Zipo! Never head this song before either lol

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