Texas Weather…

Is a tease! It seems like it’s gonna rain and I get excited, but it never does :| Yea, I know, gross when you think about it haha! Feck you, Texas (or more specifically my city) weather, feck you.

I did not like today very much. I didn’t wake up late or anything but I did almost miss my bus. I was merrily on my way to my very far away bus stop (which literally takes me about 5 minutes just to walk to, ugh), when I see my bus in the distance. My first thought: WTF. I was confused because my bus is SUPPOSED TO come at 6:48 and it was only about 6:44 when I left the house (I seriously need every minute to get to my bus stop at 6:48). So I turn back around to go to the front of my neighborhood, where I’ll meet my bus when it turns. I catch the bus and I get on, and like everyone is staring at me. I hate it when that happens. Like, have you people not seen a human girl before? Geez. If my situation were reversed, I would not stare at the person because I have manners, unlike the too-many people who ride my bus. So then my stupid, new bus driver was like “Which stop are you on? Why are you at the front of the neighborhood?” Well, female dog, you see me every fecking day getting on at the first stop, why the hell would you even ask that? And I’m at the fecking front of the neighborhood because your stupid ass decided to come earlier than the time you’re supposed to. I didn’t understand what she meant by ‘stop’ until I sat down, with like 60 pairs of eyes trailing me (Keep your eyes to yourself, dammit!). I also didn’t understand how all the other people on my bus managed to know about the bus coming earlier thing except me. She told me to write my name on a piece of paper and talk to her after we arrived at school. After we got to school and pretty much everyone was off the bus, I talked to her. She told me that she’d now be coming at 6:40 (W.T.F. That means I’ll have to leave my house by like 6:35 and I’m not even done getting ready at that time). How do I put this nicely? I hate my bus, I hate the bus, I hate the people on my bus, and I hate my bus driver. I don’t want to ride the bus any longer.

It’s funny because this afternoon my bus ‘broke down.’ We were almost home, about to turn at one of the 3 traffic lights to get home when my bus hit something and hissing sound + smoke came out. Nothing was on fire, I don’t even think the bus had a flat tire. We stayed put for about 5 minutes, the began to move again and smoke just kept coming out! If you looked through the back window of the bus, it was like a really thick fog. You couldn’t see anything. I’m pretty sure some cars honked at us too. My bus driver decided to park in the entrance to a neighborhood literally next to my neighborhood (like a traffic light away). I’m pretty sure she could’ve gotten us home, sheesh. Anyway, we waited in the heat for like 15 mins, until another bus arrived. Along with that bus also came like 3 fire trucks and a police car. Maybe they thought the bus would explode or something? I didn’t get home until about 3:20 or so (I usually get home around 2:55-3:00). It was a wonderful end to a wonderful day at school.

On the plus side, my birthday’s on Saturday. Earlier this week, one of my friends ask me when my birthday was and I told her Sept. 4. She told me she’d bring me balloons and cake and crap, and that she’d post it on Fb. I told her not to though, because I don’t really like people knowing about my birthday. I don’t get people stuff on their birthdays and I feel bad when people do get stuff for me. I tried to do it a few times in elementary school, but my parents always told me it”s not worth it buying presents and food and w/e. I’m not very confident in my baking skills either. And wouldn’t a plain birthday card be lame? Idk. Thanks Mom and Dad. I feel like a bad friend just giving a hug and a happy birthday wish on a friend’s birthday, when all my other friends give each other gifts and bake stuff for each other. Maybe I should start saving my money up (I already am, $19 so far from lunch money) Secretly, I’d like to be one of those people with like 5000 balloons and their hands overflowing with presents and yummy stuff :( It’s a nice fantasy…And she did post it on Fb with me tagged, but I untagged myself XD

So, yea…didn’t like today. French quiz (super easy though), English essay over Summer Reading Book (Monster by Walter Dean Myers), Algebra 1 Test, and WHAP 2 column notes due today. But at least it’s Friday tomorrow and a 3 day weekend :D I should probably get back to doing my WHAP Power notes now…*sigh*

Hope everyone’s having a good week!

  1. I think you should say “fecking” more, lol. It made me laugh.
    I never give people things on their birthdays. I think the people who get 30 billion ballons kind of obnoxious. One of my friends DEMANDED balloons and cake from everyone and turned into a mega bitch because they didn’t get her the right flavor icing. And then she complained that the balloons she got were too big. And people were actually apologizing to her. I woulda snatched my balloons back, had I gotten her any, and popped them right there.

    • AA said:

      Lol, I will :D
      WUT? Who does that? lawlz. I can’t imagine anyone doing that. “Ok, I want 100 balloons for my b-day tomorrow. Kelly and Heidi, you’re in charge of that. They better be the right size, otherwise there will be hell to pay *glare*. I also want a humongous cookie cake so, Jessica, I’ll put you in charge of making that from scratch. It better be good too. And I’ll need someone to help me carry all the crap I’m going get. That’ll be you, Jonathon.” Girl needs a wake-up slap! And those people who apologized to her do too.

      • It was so ridiculous! I couldn’t even be around her because she was THAT snobby. And the fact that her friends were actually running around like chickens with their heads cut off was making me nauseous. First she was mad because she hadn’t gotten her cupcakes exactly when she expected them. And then was a bitch once she got them. And then complained because she was going to have to struggle under the weight of the two remaining cupcakes, her backpack, and her balloons. I wanted to smack her.

      • AA said:

        I can’t believe her friends didn’t say anything to her. Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t give you a right to act like a selfish, ungrateful female dog -.- People these days…

  2. Annie said:

    Aw wow, I hate it when everyone stares and like eyes are following me.. it’s so scary! Sometimes I don’t get what they’re staring at so I check that theres no toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe and everything lol!

    I usually chip in with some other friends to get someone a birthday present, it’s just easier haha. Actually I only do that to friends who start off by giving something to be because I’d feel bad not giving them anything in return lol.

    Happy birthday :D

    • AA said:

      I know! It’s like, “Oy, what happened now? Do I have something in my teeth, food on my face, ARE MY PANTS ON BACKWARDS?” lol it’s so annoying

      That’s a smart idea…maybe I should do that

      and thank you! :D

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