Power Notes will be the death of me.

If I suddenly stop posting for a very long time, you guys’ll know why ;__; It’d be smart of me to be working on my whap power notes, but like I mentioned in my last post, I’m not very smart. Which would explain why I’m playing Cube Field on my supposedly deactivated Fb account (ssshhh, no one has to know. I’ll just deactivate it again…) I finished up my Dialectical Journal, French, and Chem HW. All that’s left is lovable whap…currently on page 26 of the 37 I have to do. Damn, I just crashed into a cube…

  1. Zipo said:

    Your little pics of life are absolutely great.

    La vie dans un cube peut faire de vous un carré!

    Take care.

    • AA said:

      Thanks :lol:

      Eeek, I’m not that far into French :0!

      Gracias. Tu tambien!

  2. Zipo said:

    Trans.: Living in a cube, may turn you into a square.

  3. Annie said:

    Cube field is annoyingly addictive lol :)

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