When I turn 18…

I’m gonna dress up. Wear heels, a dress, hair, errrthing. Heck, I’ll even bring my own balloons (that say 18 on them of course) and my own cupcakes and cakes and brownies. I’ll throw myself a mini party (guest list: me), gorging myself with yummy goodness and whatnot. I hope to have a car by the time I’m 18 (a little far fetched, but a girl can dream, can’t she?). I’m gonna go party, get wild, get wasted, LOL jk. I can’t wait to celebrate my 18th birthday, by God’s grace! wOOt!

I don’t even know why I’m thinking about my 18th birthday right now. O_O ~


Anywhooo…Chem test tomorrow, wish me luck!

  1. Annie said:

    I’ve never really thought about having more bigger parties like sweet 16’s and stuff, but I can’t wait now that I think about it!
    Good luck on your chem test (:

    • AA said:

      Me too! The prospect of turning 18 is just so exciting :)
      Thanks! Hopefully I did okay

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