I feel horrible when I treat my parents badly. Mis padres are far from pushovers, but I’m the youngest and I know they let me get away with a lot of crap my siblings wouldn’t dare try. My parents are not young whatsoever and…I know they’re not going to be here forever…I look at my dad’s salt and pepper beard and sometimes I start tearing up. Yes, I piss and groan about my parents on here a lot, but I seriously don’t know what I’d do without them. They’re not getting any younger and that just makes me feel even worse when I’m mean and edgy to them. I don’t mean to but I just am (But I’m not one of those spoiled brats who tell my parents to shut up and curse at them…WUT? lol I’d be long gone if I ever did that) My parents work hard (and I mean hard. They’re hustlers. They shouldn’t be working so hard) and sometimes I wish I could just take off some of their stress. The fact that I don’t really do anything at home until I’m told to makes me feel like a horrible daughter. I know I don’t say I love them enough; they’re usually the ones to say it first and I reply back, “love you too.” I’m not very good at expressing myself in real life but saying “I love you” to them shouldn’t be so hard, right? I just want to be a little kid again, not a freakin’ hormonal teen. It was easier back then. To be able to express myself how I wanted to, to do what I was told, to say “I love you” first…so much easier…

Ah, freakin’ tears…Anyway, Please excuse the disorganization of this post (aren’t all my posts like that? lol) Back to finishing my rough draft of my Personal Challenge essay *sigh*

  1. Andrew said:

    Same here, I feel horrible as well. But, sometimes my parents push me too much I just get out of hand. Oh and I’m Andrew. Nice to meet you. I have my own blog as well (I’m trying not to sound like a spammer, ok?). Anyways, how old are you since you are the youngest? Just wondering. Oh I have to be going now. Bye. Also I give your blog a 4.5 star ranking since you had such creativity. :D

    • AA said:

      True, parents do push a lot haha! But I don’t think they always mean to. Hey Andrew :D I’m AA. I’m 16. All my bros and sis are in college~ Lol, ok thanks!

    • Opus said:

      I will have to disagree with you there, good sir. I think this blog is more worthy of a 4.9, considering the extra points gained for the obvious HTML usage and great transcribing of the words and dialect. I think it could be a 5.0, but i wont go the extra .1 point because of the fact i don’t totally agree with the rate of the postings.
      Thank you and good day.

      • AA said:

        Aha, thank you! *wipes tear away* Today is a good day

        BEDFAM – you should try it ;)

      • opus said:

        I see my subtle tone was not understood. Lol oh well.

      • Andrew said:

        Well, sorry then. I agree, but I’m just new to this blog. Sorry. If I offended you AA. And wait you pretended to be an Aunt? Wow, even I’m confused. So, you are a 16 year old girl? Why don’t you want people to know you have a blog? Ah, whatever, that’s none of my business anyways. Pleasure talking with you.

  2. Opus said:

    Parents can be such pains, but most of the time they don’t realize it and consider it helping us. Us kids, however, are totally ignorant of the fact that they normally ARE trying to help us, and we just need to keep that in mind when we get pissy at them.

    your on a roll with these posts!:D lol I’d post more often too, but I’m far too busy..lol

    • AA said:

      So true~ I should really be nicer to my parents haha!

      Gracias, gracias :D I’m trying to blog everyday for a whole month. It’s kinda fun hehe
      It seems like everyone is busy nowadays. WordPress is like DEAD lol. I need a life -.-

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