I have decided.

That I am going to be a chef. I’ve already figured out my electives for Junior year hehehe. Web Mastering, Culinary Arts, 1/2 year of Athletics, 1/2 year Principles of Hospitality & Tourism (this is a maybe, only because it’s recommended for Culinary Arts). I have no idea why I’m planning out my junior year already, but it’s sorta exciting! I’m not really going to be a chef, but I love food and I think it’d be fun baking and cooking my last two years of high school. Especially since my mom complains about my learning how to cook (Baking ♥), which I don’t think would be that hard. My stomach is growling just thinking of Culinary Arts…mmm.

Anyway, I got an 84 on my whap test. It includes 12 bonus points (from the bonus, which I got right), so that means I actually got a 72. Kinda depressing…guess I should study harder (and longer lol) next time. dfgcchjkklkjjhgfd, back to English essay. Oh, and I haven’t reactivated my Fb account for a few days now ^_^

  1. Annie said:

    YUM! That looks so good lol.
    Oooh awesome – I defs cannot cook. I burn myself, drop eggs on the floor, make a mess, and often end up putting the wrong ingredients in the cooking haha.
    Hmmm, what’s whap?

    • AA said:

      I know, I just wish I could eat it lol
      Aha! I’m not much of one either, but not to that extent XD
      WHAP = World History AP

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