Beyond Hope.

I am absolutely, unbelievably utterly pathetic. I woke up at 8:30 this morning with the resolve to do my homework and get things done. I got up, cleaned my bathroom and showered, which took me about an hour. I then got started on my Algebra homework but I didn’t understand it because I wasn’t paying any attention when my teacher explained it on Friday. So I gave up on that and got on my laptop. It’s almost 8:30 pm now, and I’ve got nothing done (apart from the bathroom). I got on my laptop around 10 am and I told myself I’d get off and start my homework around noon, giving me about 12 hours to finish anything till midnight. I changed the time from 12 pm to 1 pm then to 3 pm—>4 pm—>6 pm—>7 pm—>8 pm. Omg, I am beyond hope. I’m hoping to get off around 9.

And on top of that, my nose doesn’t want to stop running and my stomach still hurts uhgfnsdasmkl.,



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