I had the strangest dream a couple days ago. I kept meaning to make a post about it, but I always forgot. I mean, all my dreams are strange but the one I had just takes the cake! It wasn’t a freaky, totally-out-of-the-realms-of-reality dream. It was, in a way, pretty realistic. I can’t even explain it lol. It was just so…ugh and…omg and…WTF. I will say that the dream took place in school and the jerky cute guy in my French class was in it. SDRFNHGJMKL,HGFDFGHSNJ stupid dream! I hardly ever remember my dreams but I just HAD TO remember this one ughhgfj. The ending of it is what gets me the most. ARGHGHH, sorry guys, this post is bleh-ish lol.

Other than that, everything’s the usual. I’m as lazy as ever, I’m drinking Arizona Green Tea like a maniac, and I still hate school :D Homecoming is next Sat. Homecoming Spirit week is next week. I’m probably not going to go to HC. Maybe senior year. Omgsh I’m so lame. I have no social life. I could change that but I’m too lazy to D: Could I possibly be an introvert? :o Ehh, idrc XD

EDIT: I accidentally posted this with no title. Oh well XD That’s how this post will stay, WITHOUT A TITLE :o

  1. Opus said:

    I am inspired by my dreams all the time. i remember them very well.

    • AA said:

      Really? That’s amazing! I remember portions of my dream when I woke up and after about 5 mins, it’s like, “what was my dream about again?” lol

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