The day before tomorrow

Was okay-ish, for a Monday anyway. It didn’t rain, to my disappointment, but it was pretty chilly. It was like 60 degrees, unusual for a September day. But it is Texas after all. Nothing about Texas weather surprises me anymore lol.

The parade was all right, nothing amazing. Just a bunch of people seeking attention by blowing kisses and waving and dancing and singing on their floats. Isn’t that the whole point of the parade? What is the point of the parade? <–Serious question. Anyway, it’s HC Spirit Week, yay! Today was ‘Wear your club shirt’ and tomorrow is ‘Dress up as a superhero.’ I have no desire to participate in HC SW :| The only thing I’ll probably do is ‘Wear your class color’ on Wednesday (10th grade is white). Bah, I’m so boring. I know, siiiiiiiiiii

I saw J today. I really should be over this dude. I mean, I don’t even like the guy. His 7th period class is right next to my 7th period class so I’m bound to see him every now and then. Yippee. I am seriously hating on his hair these days. It seems like he’s invested in hair gel, just like the rest of my high school’s male population [[well not all of them :P]]. Not that I have anything against hair gel, but I honestly cannot take any guy who uses hair gel seriously after watching just one episode of Jersey Shore LOL. But I’m not saying every guy who uses hair gel looks bad…not at all…*creeper face* So yea…he still looks douche-baggy in my opinion. I totally wouldn’t mind the guy if he would just wipe that arrogant expression off his face. No, J, “Every girl should want to go out with me. I mean, who can resist this sexiness?” Just no. I admit, I am feeling a bit spiteful (and why? I haven’t a clue), but whatever! :P

I’m sleepy. I tried to start my whap hw, and as usual, I almost fell asleep. It’s 10 now, I really should get started on it :( Have I mentioned I’m ready for senior year (or even better: graduation) already?

  1. Zipo said:

    What are you wearing? A red superhero cape? Everyone should own at least one in the closet. Tights? Say this sounds like porn… hahahaa

    Well if you color is white… you best get a quick tan. You don’t want to look like a Texas’ albino squirrel.

    • AA said:

      Hoho! No thank you, sir lol! I didn’t participate! I did see a lot of people in tights and capes though~

      LOL! I don’t think I’ll ever have a problem with looking like an albino squirrel Zipo XD But thanks for the suggestion :lol:

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