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I woke up at 8:30 this morning to get started on homework. I didn’t end up starting till around 10. I finished up some Chem, French, and a Whap WS. It’s 4:45 pm now :( I have to do pages 66-80 of power notes. I really need to start doing power notes the day they’re assigned. We got a new calender for the 6 wks on Friday and my friend counted up the amount of pages we have to do for power notes. Sixty. SIXTY PAGES. My whap teacher cheerfully said, “Oh, that’s not even that bad!” IS THAT SOME KIND OF FORESHADOWING?! Even though all 60 pgs aren’t assigned on one day, that’s still a lot. I looked at the calendar and we have like 5-6 pgs of power notes to do almost every night. Oh my goodness. What have I gotten myself into?

Today is the HC dance, and as I predicted that’s all people are talking about on Fb. I plan on making some brownies after I finish my power notes and then chill :) No fretting about my hair and dress and makeup and whatnot.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about driving and I figured I should start Driver’s Ed soon. I looked up the driving school in my area and they have a few openings. I really want to start soon, preferably on the 4th haha but that’s too soon. Unless I can convince my parents :/ But I really would like to start on the 4th. If I start on the 18th…the class starts at 7pm and lasts for 2 hours. Uhhh…I don’t think so. And DE is about 3 1/2 weeks. It’s going to be taking up a lot of my time *sigh* And after I get my permit, I’ll need to wait 6 months before getting my licence. That’s kinda why I want to start now b/c that means I could get my licence around April or May…just in time for summer :) I can almost see it. Driving to the mall, shopping, relaxing, going to the library, maybe even getting a job…

…but it’s not like I’m even going to get a car by then. Though it’d be awesome if my parents do decide to give me a car b/c that means I can drive to school junior year! But my bros and my sis didn’t get their cars until they were in college so I doubt I’m getting a car in high school LOL. When my parent’s decide to give me a car, I want my mom’s Lincoln Navigator. My dad wants to sell it, but he knows I want it so I don’t think he will. I really want it :D

Power notes time.

  1. You should totally start driving. I’ve decided I’m going to get my L’s/licence the day I turn sixteen – May 2011 :]

    • AA said:

      Yea, now that I found out it’s one year to get my licence I really need to! Lucky you :)

  2. It’s been a strangely loooong time since I watch Fresh Prince. OMG, it’s been a REALLY LONG time. I forgot about that show!
    School sucks, no doubt about it. 60 pages is extreme, I don’t care what class you’re in. Wishing you luck! Does your teacher even grade the notes?
    Driving’s not that fun lol. Everyone loves it but I just see it as another chore. Drivers Ed is BOOOOOORING. And it takes up a lot of time. You just sit and take notes on nothing. If you’re lucky your teacher’s boring too. It’s lots of fun.

    • AA said:

      IK, I randomly started singing the into and it got stuck in my head haha. Nick at nite doesn’t show it anymore bshjcds
      Thank you! It’s a college course and I guess they’re trying to prepare us but I really don’t think whap is a good exaple of ‘preparing’ us lololol.

      I think my teacher is nuts. She’s nice and a very good teacher but she’s the ONLY whap teacher in the entire school and she’s been doing it for years. It kinda makes you wonder…especially with the amount of crap she gives us…And yes she actually does grade the notes, smh.

      Now that you mention it, I really do enjoy being in the passenger seat lol.
      I can’t wait! :D

      • Laaaaaame.
        I’m really not looking forward to those 30 page essays that you only have one week to complete. That’s really going to suuuuck.
        Lol, only the people who no lives grade notes.
        I prefer the passenger seat lol. I enjoy looking at the flowers too much to care about the car that’s stopped in front of me.

  3. Andrew said:

    Oh God, I can’t wait for my license to arrive. I’m only 11. But, who says I can’t have any big expectations at this age? School is kind of interesting I have to say. But, then it gets boring and irritating when they give you something new and hard.

    • AA said:

      School is boring. It gets old after a while :)

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