EDIT: I had some really nice pics but WP is being a dick so feck it.

It’s been usually cold this past week. You’d think it was December or January :? What’s up with that, Texas?

We had a cute sub in Algebra today. A lot of girls have been talking about him (since last year too) but I never had him/saw him. But he is really cute *creeper smile*

I just found out that the waiting period to get your licence is no longer 6 months but 6 years 1 year. FECK.

This week has been bleh-ish/okay-ish. Every week is like that. I don’t have AHMAZING DAYS/WEEKS  like some people claim on Fb. Oh well…

Tarea tiempo.

  1. When my pictures don’t appear, what I do is find their direct link and add them to my post via the link. that might help?
    Usually cold? Ummm, okay.
    Yeah, I feel left out when people write on facebook “Best day ever” today. What was so good? We were at school, in the same class, what did I miss out on? Sure, I have super mega fun days but I never brag about them haha.

    • AA said:

      *Unusually, happy?

      Yeah, I don’t really understand it either. I think those people over exaggerate ‘-.-

  2. Sarah said:

    Hehe, there was cute sub in my class a few weeks ago. Girls were all over him. Some even were like opps I dropped my pencil and I’m like o.o

    And omg a year to wait, that sucks D:

    Tarea tiempo for me as well :P

    • AA said:

      Lol that’s a little extreme! The day we had the sub, some girl in my class walked in and was like ‘YESSS!!’ lol

      It does ugh. If I start now, I’ll have my licence next October yaaayyy

  3. Annie said:

    Haha cute subs. I don’t think I’ve ever had one.. just creepy/stalker looking/dude with strange accent subs xD

    • AA said:

      Lol, I got lucky this time! I usually get those kinds of subs too XD

  4. Andrew said:

    Wish I could subscribe to your blog, unfortunately, I don’t need my mother peeping into my blogging business. And I can only use my mom’s e-mail. It’s lame dude. Oh God, it’s been cold where I live (Buford, Georgia) which state do you live in?

    • AA said:

      Aha, oh. That’s too bad :)

      o.O I mentioned it in my post…it’s in my about me…it’s even in the little intro in my sidebar…

  5. Opus said:

    “OMG this week was so amazing.!! <3 <3"


    • AA said:

      :lol: I get so annoyed when I see statuses like that

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