I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty lazy about replying to comments. And for that, I apologize! :)

What’s new? I’m annoyed with school, but that’s nothing new. Hmmm…my life is still the same. I’m really starting to dislike people more though. I sit with 3 girls (friends? sure, why not) at lunch, and they’re all on Brigade (dance team). All they ever talk about is Brigade this and Brigade that and it came to a point where I couldn’t stand it anymore. So on Thursday and Friday, I skipped lunch and went to the library to work on my homework and to get away from them. It really annoyed me that all they talked about was Brigade, like…really?…Can’t you guys find something else to talk about? Even when they talked about something else, it all came back to freakin’ Brigade. I don’t even want to hear about Brigade anymore. I don’t want people telling me I should join it, I don’t want to hear about what goes on in it, I just…SADFGBHKLFDSJKHBNN. Even if I was on Brigade, I wouldn’t talk about it 24/7 and I’d be considerate of my other friends who aren’t in Brigade and not talk about it all the time.

All 4 of us have English together (English is before lunch btw) and none of them asked me where I went on Thursday. Which I’m kinda glad they didn’t, because I would’ve probably answered, “I just didn’t want to sit with you guys. YOU GUYS BORE ME.” AHAHAHA, I can imagine the looks on their faces if I ever told them that: PRICELESS. But it’s the truth; I am not going to sit with them if all they’re ever going to talk about is Brigade. I’d rather go to the library every day. But you’d think they would get a freakin’ clue. If I’m sitting there with a bored look on my face and not joining in while y’all are droning on about Brigade, shouldn’t that tell you something?

Ignorant people populate my school. That’s one of the many reasons why I hate school so much. I’m not going to say I’m not ignorant at all, but I feel like I’m not as ignorant in comparison to most of the people at my school. I feel like an old person sometimes compared to my ‘friends.’ Everyone’s changed, including me. There’s not much common ground between my friends and I anymore. Music, boys, personality, likes, dislikes, etc. And I have tried to make an effort, but it seemed like it was only me trying, so I stopped. Idrc anymore.

  1. Sas said:

    –> I love the rainbow spewing guy on the side. Cuteness. :)

    Aww, they sound really annoying! American schools sound so strange though! I mean, in my year there are only 80 people. And in my group there are about 30 people. Having such a small ground would weird me out.
    Seriously though, are there other people you can sit with? Because that’s really inconsiderate of them, just talking about Brigade. How much can they really have to talk about it anyway! I mean, it can’t be that freaking good, can it?

    I hope they get less annoying.

    • AA said:

      Lol thanks :)

      They are! I sat with them today for the 1st time since Thursday and it seems like I didn’t miss much. I just wanted to tell them to shut up. They talk about the dances they have to do, the dance officers, other people on Brigade…the list goes on. I’m just kinda put off by Brigade now thanks to them lol. I didn’t even say goodbye to them when the bell rang.

      I’d find other people to sit with but I don’t really want to XD By now, people have already ‘established’ their lunch tables and seats and if I joined a new group of friends, I’d either end up sitting at the end of the table or having nowhere to sit at all. American schools are strange lol! And wow, only 80 people in your year? Is your school small? There’s about 890 people in my year, but then again my school is big ugh. I would rather go to a small school :) But the anonymity (kind of) of being in a big school is sort of nice, I guess. Having such a big group would weird me out XD! I think I remember (not to well though haha) you saying that you don’t have cafeterias at your school. Does your group just for a big circle outside and have lunch? That is awesome [[if you do]]

      Thank you :) I doubt they will but it’d be nice! I guess it really shows how much they have in common other than Brigade :roll:

  2. Sas said:

    By the way, have I mentioned you have awesome taste in music? I always love listening to your new song choices – and I always wind up finding something to add to my iPod! :)

    • AA said:

      Thank you! I never really knew if people actually listen to my playlist, maybe they just click the stop button as soon as they got on my page lol. But I’m glad my music choices makes someone happy! :D

  3. Sas said:

    I love your taste in music! It’s similar to mine –> a bit of everything!

    Yeah, we don’t have cafeterias. Everyone brings their own lunch, or buys it from the canteen. And then they go and sit with their friends (and because I’m a senior we get to sit inside in our own ‘common room’ – think Harry Potter, minus the codewords and the beds and stuff. We have couches and a kitchen in there to cook food, and tables, a computer, a whiteboard, bookshelf etc. It’s pretty cool).
    Everyone else justs sits outside, like you said.

    I guess it would be nice to be anonymous sometimes… Our school is small (although there are way smaller!), but Australian schools aren’t really massive like yours seem to be. I mean, there are BIG schools, but most of them only have a couple of hundred in each year, not like, 900. Wow.

    I have a question; how do restaurants work in the US? Do you guys have entrees? I’ve heard your serving sizes are massive! My family and I are coming for a holiday soon and I was curious…

    • Zipo said:

      ROFL… “Do you have entrees?” That’s like saying… “Do have indoor plumbing?” Yah, bad publicity get’s the USA…. MASSIVE! Serve me up a porker size of fries plz.

      • Sas said:

        Hey, don’t laugh at me! You know how many American’s I have had ask me if I ride a kangaroo to school? Um, if you tried to even touch one they would rip your throat out. And they don’t box, as people seem to think.
        Nor are drop-bears real. We just say that to freak out tourists. ;)
        And once I was asked if because we’re ahead in time zones, if I could tell the future…
        So no laughing!!

        So wait, are the meals bigger? I have heard your coffee is crap though… I don’t think I’ll survive without my nice coffee!!
        Maybe I don’t have indoor plumbing… ^-^

    • AA said:

      Bah! I wish my school had a common room :) I’d bring my lunch everyday for the rest of my high school life is that ever happened lol. Australia schools sound so chill!

      My school opened in like 1941 though XD But even the schools in my school district that opened about a year or 2 ago already have around 2000 students enrolled. I guess everything is bigger in Texas :P haha

      And it seems like Zipo already answered your question ahaha :]

      • Sas said:

        Yeah, Aussie schools – well mine anyway – are pretty cool. We complain about them a lot, but they’re pretty relaxed. I mean, we have uniforms and silly rules and things, but we have more of a family environment I think. Like, we’re pretty close with our teachers and whatnot.

  4. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) said:

    Hey there, they suspended my blog, so I created a new one and then they suspended that one too so I created another one. I think I’ve gotten rid of anything they could have possibly objected too so hopefully they won’t suspend this one too.

    • AA said:

      Ok. Well thanks for letting me know, I guess haha

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) said:

        hahahaha! Yeah, I know. :) You don’t even know me and I’ve hardly ever commented on your blog and I’m an old man and you’re a young girl but I just followed all the links from all the bloggers I know! :) I got to get exposure again and commenting on blogs is the only way I know of to do it! :)

  5. Zipo said:

    Wow, I had to fill in my personal info here…again. I feel like an outsider. xD!

    We are all just another brick in the wall heh?

    • AA said:

      Youtube didn’t fail me this time :) Thanks Z!

      • Zipo said:

        Vous êtes les bienvenus … in your neck of the woods that might be….
        ‘eres bienvenido’. That ain’t redneck either. :lol:

        Gotta love that tune!!!

  6. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) said:

    So …. I’m curious. What is it about people that you dislike? (If you don’t mind answering)

    I don’t like people much either. Most people are mean or aggressive or judgmental or prejudiced or have too many expectations of how you and the world are supposed to be or they’re too wrapped up in themselves or in boring, trivial, stupid things.

    Like sports! Ugh! All I ever hear the guys at work talk about is SPORTS!

    • AA said:

      Well, you pretty much just took the words outta my mouth haha! I prefer not to deal with people most of the time ebgrthnjmkr

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) said:

        Yeah, I understand! The nice thing is, when I started taking Cymbalta (for Fybromyalgia) I don’t even care if I socialize or have any friends any more. I never get lonely any more. :) lol

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