I just want to sit in the rain and think about nothing. Just the feel of the rain on my skin and nothing else.

I want to be happy. My life is good. I have a loving family, I’m getting an education, I’ve never gone through any hard challenges in my life…I should be grateful; I can’t really complain seeing that I have a fairly normal, good life compared to many other people out there in this world…but why am I so unhappy? I’m confused…very confused.

  1. ζÔ§Η said:

    I love rain, the sound, the smell, the feeling on your skin too :]
    Yeah, it’s funny how we all complain so much even though we are all so privileged…

    • AA said:

      Rain makes me happy ♥
      When I realize it, it makes me feel pathetic sometimes.

  2. Zipo said:

    What’s normal? :lol:


    In a psychiatrist’s waiting room two patients are having a conversation. One says to the other, “Why are you here?”

    The second answers, “I’m Napoleon, so the doctor told me to come here.”

    The first is curious and asks, “How do you know that you’re Napoleon?”

    The second responds, “God told me I was.”

    At this point, a patient on the other side of the room shouts, “NO I DIDN’T!”

    We all have puddles we must jump in life. Don’t sit in the rain too long. You might be brain washed.

    Man that was deep heh? YOU’RE ALIVE… oh wait that was Frankenstein wasn’t it. I am in this spooky mood. Full moon, crisp air..rain. Eyup it’s Halloween again. Get out there and have some fun girl.

    • AA said:

      I don’t think normal really exists anyway XD

      Fun? What’s fun? These days it’s all whap…

  3. Sas said:

    Hey, don’t worry. :)
    I feel confused sometimes too – and I have a great life. I have a wonderful family, friends, a nice house and an education. I have lots of amazing things, yet I still complain. Why? Because we always want what we can’t have, and maybe that’s why humanity is so amazing somtimes. We just keep striving for the new and the impossible.
    There is nothing wrong with being confused, or about complaining, as long as you mean it. Maybe do something that doesn’t involve too much thinking, just relax, try and clear your head and look at life with a new approach, a new perspective.

    I like the rain too.
    I love those massive thunderstorms where the lightning is everywhere and the thunder overtakes everything and the ground shakes and the air feels electric. It’s so invigorating.

    • AA said:

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thanks Sas :) Your comment made me feel a little better!

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