The Big Yellow School Bus

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of sitting in front of some freshmen boys on the bus. I knew as soon as they got on the bus and I looked at the empty seats behind me, I was screwed. The had the most interesting convo ever. It’s like one of those conversations you can’t not listen to. This was literally their conversation:

Stupid Freshman Boy 1: !@#$% ^^%$# @!^&^ %$#

Stupid Freshman Boy 2: ^%$# @^&^% $#&**

They used at least 3 curse words in every sentence they said. I was appalled and at the same time, I wasn’t. I mean, a few curse words slip out of my mouth every now and then but I don’t use them in my everyday language. How is it even possible that a person cannot go one sentence without saying one curse word? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I really just wanted to backhand slap all of them :| AND I was listening to music on my phone with the volume turned all the way up.

Today, I had the pleasure of listening to people in front of me have a very loud conversation about pooping, curse words included. I. Do. Not. Like. The. Bus.

When I get my licence and a car:




It’s 12:26 now and I should really be asleep but I’m not blehuifjkl. About this post: When I say today, I actually mean yesterday (Thursday), seeing as it’s Friday. I still haven’t replied to comments, siiii. I’ll get on them later today. Sorry guise! ;__;

  1. Opus said:

    i love being able to drive.

    However, my wallet empties out quickly now since i have to pay for gasoline.

    • AA said:

      Rub it in my face why dontcha :P

      I’ll probably have to annoy my parents for gas $$ XD I need a job…

  2. Zipo said:

    Send this guy to their house! It might help them shut the *beep up. hahahahah Happy Halloween Texas!

    • AA said:

      :lol: He seems effective, he’s hired!

  3. Sas said:

    Yeah, being able to drive is fantastic! I have my own car now too, so it is absolutely awesomeness! But it’s a little scary at times too. Everyone one the road is an asshole and no one has any regard for anyone else or the road rules. I mean, hello, they’re there for a reason people!!

    I actually LOVE buses. They have such a nice feeling to them… but I don’t like trains. I know, I’m odd.
    Yeah, I don’t understand people than need to swear 24/7 – no, you aren’t cool, you just have a shocking vocabulary and you aren’t creative enough to express yourself with more than a handful of words. Buy a dictionary, loser.
    I mean, you’d think they could speak properly for at least one sentence, wouldn’t you?

    Our world is full of psychos.

    • AA said:

      Now I can’t wait to drive even more ,even with the psychos and whatnot :]

      Really? I’ve never actually been on a bus that’s not for school so maybe my opinion about buses is a little biased haha. But school buses suck :(

      IK! People like that are irritating times 23456789. Gah, maybe throwing a dictionary at their head would be more effective :D


  4. Zipo said:

    ASSHOLE? LMAO…. Sas you never cease to amaze me :!: Eyup … it is indeed in the dictionary. xd!

    Come on… it’s like everything in life. You learn the right way and then you learn to get around the rules to “improvise to fit the situation”.

    Got to love a psyco. They make the rest of us look half way sane. “Wanna swap meds?” :twisted:

    Just stay out of my lane please. hahahahahahaa

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