Feeling Accomplished

I finally replied to all the comments! WOOt!

School is school (as school as school can be). I’m sure you guys are just about sick of me talking about school all the time XD. I can’t help it though. I don’t have much of a life outside of school. It’s sorta ironic because my sister and brothers were all social and popular in high school :lol: I don’t talk much at home either haha. I am truly the definition of a loser!

Lunch actually wasn’t too bad today. Not much discussion about Brigade, which I was thankful for. I was doing Power Notes when my friend said something along the lines of “black hair…amazing eyes.” I wasn’t really paying attention until she said the name ‘J.’

Me: Wait, wait, wait J who?

Friend: I think his last name is *J‘s last name*

My friend then went on to tell me how hot J is and how his eyes could make you speechless and willing to do anything for him. She also made me admit that I thought his eyes were delicious too  (They are :P ) I told her she has an obsession with him. I thought it was too funny funny because another friend of mine absolutely dislikes J. She thinks he’s such a manwhore (which he is) and she loves talking about his ‘date-rape’ eyes. LOL. But my friend who’s obsessed with him (she says she isn’t) does admit he’s obnoxious, “in a funny, good way.”  Last week, I was walking from the vending machines when J said this really annoying nickname I refuse to mention on here with…a happy expression on his face. It’s probably just my imagination :P OMG, I really need to get over this dude.

I’m really starting to hate school hallways. People ALWAYS stare at me and it makes me paranoid. It makes me think I have like a booger in my nose or my hair is weird-looking or SOMETHING. It happens every day. It’s quite annoying.

Hope everyone’s having a good week!

  1. Opus said:

    There is a logical explanation for all this.

    • AA said:

      :lol: Thank you for this wonderful vid

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