Rock Bottom

Why is the pope so important?

Honestly. I don’t see what’s so great about the guy, I even think he’s kinda creepy looking. I’m really not trying to offend any Catholics but that’s just my opinion. He’s human just like everyone else. What makes him so important that people actually worship him? Same goes with celebs. They can act/sing/dance/whatever but why do some people care so much about what happens in their lives? I’m sure there are more pressing matters in the world than this celebrity cheating on that celebrity. No comprende.

It’s cold and rainy outside :) It makes me just want to go to sleep and not do anything. I think this kind of weather should be reserved for Fridays. I wish it was Friday :( Whap annoys me, as usual. I wish we would just get out of the religions unit already. I think that’s what makes me dislike the class so much. I’m not atheist or anything, but I think it’s so weird how teachers teach it, gtfwedkkghg. I don’t even want to…

I was going to go to the lib today to work on Power Notes during lunch but I ended going to the caf. I kinda wanted to talk about J more. LOL omg. My friend describes his eyes as “beautiful crystal blue eyes.” They think I’m oblivious to J and his beautifulness…I guess I’m just really good at masking my feelings :lol: He’s beautiful…yes but I don’t like him.

I find myself wanting to a boyfriend these days. No…maybe not a boyfriend…maybe just someone to be cute with and talk to and have fun and take cute pictures with and POST IT ALL OVER FB. Nah, the Fb part is for like serious couples. I think it’d be awkward if I broke up with someone and I have all the pics of us on Fb. I wouldn’t delete them, especially if it was a very serious relationship…well I wouldn’t delete them immediately but I would eventually. I mean, I can’t have the pics on my Fb forever, right? Or maybe just not posting pics of us at all would be a better way around the problem. But yes, [[And I can’t believe I’m saying this]], I want a boyfriend :? OH NOE, I’ve hit rock bottom! I don’t think I’ll ever get a boyfriend anyway haha. I’m not in a rush to get a bf/desperate and it’s not on the top of my list or anything…I think I just want more of a snuggle buddy. Maybe I should get a dog LOL

Adios guys! Here’s something that may or may not brighten up your day :)

  1. Opus said:

    i have the same situation, except replace the word “Boyfriend” with “Girlfriend”.

    Theres this girl that’s like the girl ive been looking for all this time. For a long time it seemed to me that she liked me too, and i have gotten really close to getting somewhere, but recently I’ve grown more and more pessimistic(its complex and im not willing to explain lol) about it.
    basically I think i have no chance with her and that i’ve wasted all this time just being foolish.
    ugh :/

    • AA said:

      fgfbhrjkm,lw All I can say is (especially since I don’t know the whole story) don’t be discouraged :)

      …Ok, that sounds kinda corny…I suck at this stuff…kbai

  2. Zipo said:

    Maybe you and Opus could hook up? Some long distance thing?

    Opus has commitment issues. Hahahahahahah Srry. He rarely responds to comments on his own blog. So how does he think he can commit to a hands on relationship?
    THINK ABOUT IT. (Jkn’ with ya)

    BTW… I took personal umbrage about the Pope!!! Being Catholic… it is all about the Popemobile~~~ XD!

    • AA said:

      LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

      AH lo siento! But really, can you explain to me why he’s so impt?

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