I called it!

I remember I made a post back in August about the first day of school. I mentioned this cute guy in my English class:

“Anyway, I doubt anything will happen. I bet his schedule will change and BAM, he’ll be out of my class, because I have great luck like that.”

It happened. On Monday, he wasn’t in class so I thought he was sick or something. He wasn’t in class on Tuesday either, so I figured he was still sick. Wednesday came around and he still wasn’t there and I was getting a little suspicious. On Thursday, I concluded he got a schedule change. And today I confirmed it. I was walking to 7th period when I saw him, happy and smiling and being all cute. So he obviously hasn’t been sick…yep.

I don’t want sit with the Brigade girls at lunch anymore (I don’t even want to use the word friend anymore). I went to the kiosk to get a cookie and when I got to the lunch table, I saw one of my friends sitting in my seat (who also happens to be on Brigade). She doesn’t always sit with us so I was like okay, cool. I sat down in the seat next to her, where one of the Brigade girls sit because I thought she wasn’t sitting at the table today. But one of the other BG girls told me she was so I told my friend to scoot over because there was an empty seat next to her and she told me no…No? NO? She told me ‘no’ like she was some self important bitch. She may be my friend and all (and I use the term ‘friend’ very loosely), but what the actual fuck? Then she pointed to a seat across the table…How the fuck are you going to take my seat then tell me to sit somewhere else? She said that P, one of our guy friends, was sitting in the empty seat next to her. Okay…? She could’ve sat in the other empty seat, but nooo. I sat in the other empty seat just because it was across from P and I like P and they were annoying me. It sounds a little silly now, especially since it’s about a seat [lol] but it pissed me off then. OH, and then they started talking about BRIGADE.

I sat down for like 5 mins, talked with P and then P said he was going to the library and I went with him because I didn’t want to stay another second at that table. I didn’t even bother saying bye to them. Conclusion: I’m not sitting with them again. I don’t care if I have to go to the library everyday for the rest of the year, I am never sitting with them again.

Sorry for all the profanity in this post :) Especially since I made a post some days ago about cursing lol. But with my current mood, it feels good to curse right now. Sorry y’all! On the plus side, it’s Friday! On the downside, I have a lot of hw this weekend. Weekends are for RESTING but I never actually get any RESTING done because of all the freakin homework. Dammit, fuck school.


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