Change is inevitable

It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to work on my power notes after I’ve been distracted. I think I started working on them around 7 or 8 pm. I stopped around 9 to take a break and I haven’t started working on them again since then lol. It’s 1:11 now. I blame the laptop. On a side note, it appears the blogging world is truly dead. I remember those days when I used to get like 20 comments on a post. I barely get any now lol. I used to care about getting a lot of comments before. I don’t really care much about the comments anymore, but they’re still appreciated *wink wink nudge nudge* I’m going on a hunt to find new blogs to comment on since everyone else is busy ;___; Weeeeeeeyah. It’s story time!

I met this girl in 6th grade. We had almost every class together and we became good friends. I was pretty innocent before I met her. I thought she was innocent too…haha. Her version of the story is that she thought I was all sweet and innocent when she first met me and she turned out to be completely wrong about me. I find her version hilarious though. We were really good friends in middle school and I tried to maintain that friendship freshman year for about the first semester. After that I stopped trying. I sent her a ‘Hola!’ text every morning for about 2 or 3 months. But then I started to realize, Hey, why am I the only one doing this? She should be making some effort too. I eventually stopped sending her texts but I still saw her and talked to her in school. Our friendship is definitely not the same as it was 3 to 4 years ago. I don’t know if you can even call it a friendship anymore. It’s like…we’ve been reduced to being acquaintances. I remember in 6th grade there was this fundraiser/party thingy in school. Everyone was crowding around the stage trying to get prizes/dancing. It was pretty crowded but I remember her just SHOVING ME and screaming “GOSH GET AWAY FROM ME!” I stood there in shock for a few seconds before turning to go somewhere not near her. The next day she acted like nothing happened but I was pissed off. Her excuse was that ‘Oh, it was really crowded and I was hot.’…I mean, she was one of my really good friends and I was kinda hurt by that. I even thought of her as my ‘best friend’, even though, now that I think about it, she probably didn’t see us as best friends. I think it was then I began to realize…people aren’t always who you think they are. These days, I don’t even know why I’m still friends with her. To put it simply, I don’t give a fuck about her anymore. It’s funny how things change. Actually, no it’s not. It’s really not that funny. :lol: :|

  1. Zipo said:

    OMG.. you must be a mind reader. I said the very same thing this a.m….. the blogging world is D.O.A.
    All that is missing is the D.B.O. (dead body outline).

    I used to be on the computer until 2 or 3 in the morning just talking to ppl on their blogs. I would have at least 4 to 5 windows open going back and forth between them. On one blog we would have at best 5 ppl wording up. Then we would go to the xat and chat it up until the wee hrs of the morning. The summers were the best then. That was before twitter, face book, skype etc. Just a memory now. But a good one at least.

    You do a good job providing a new post almost daily and your response time is second to none. I have ventured out beyond the parameters of the old and familiar blogs though. There are some pretty decent blogs still out there.

    Isn’t amazing what we find out about ppl? Most are capable of total duality. Heck most are just roll playing. They change personalities like a snake sheds it’s skin.

    Did your madre ever threaten to wash your mouth out with soap? :lol:

    • AA said:

      DBO :lol:

      Those were the good days :) I miss them…

      Lol, I don’t curse around my parents haha! My parents do let a few bad words slip out every now and then…

  2. wow, that was werid. i was just thinking about my old best friend and now she is like in the “in” crowd,which i think is pathetic considering all those people will one day be ugly :) and now we just kinda say hello and hi now an then . but wow i read this and i said o m gee, to the computer and my family probably thinks im now a nut bar :)

    • AA said:

      It’s sad how people change but what can ya do? :?

  3. Zipo said:

    Well maybe you don’t post everyday and your response time is waning. . . and. . . . OMG… another dead blog. :lol:

    • AA said:

      LOL! My response time is terrible, I know! I just get so lazy/busy haha. I definitely need to work on it! My blog is still [somewhat] alive and kicking!

    • AA said:

      I’m here :) haha. Just being my usual lazy self…

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