Remember that commercial from a couple years ago? My title just totally reminded me of it lol.

Hi all! Haven’t posted for awhile now…I don’t know why though! I’m busy but I’m not busy at all. Busy<—>Lazy…I don’t even know anymore haha. My stupid bus driver came early AGAIN. I’m not even fazed by it anymore. I had just walked out of my house when she drove past me. I simply went to the front of the neighborhood to catch the bus when it came back around. I got on the bus and people looked at me like I was a FREAK. I don’t understand it. I got on the bus late, so what? Stare at me like you’ve never seen someone get on a bus before? Baahhhhh. yes, I realize that this post isn’t really making any sense…

School bores me even more. I don’t know how that’s possible, but it is. Maybe my lack of a social life might be contributing to this problem. My sister came home on Friday (and left Sat.) and she asked me about friends…lol. She told me that I used to go to the movies with my friends and stuff…yeah, in like 8th grade. I don’t know what to do about my nonexistent social life anymore. Home life isn’t much better. I’m beginning to know what being an only child feels like. It’s not a very nice feeling. I really do feel like I’m floating sometimes…the feeling of existing but not really existing. Bah, I sound so melancholy lol.

I should really be studying for schoolcrap. I have a whap test, chem test, and a vocab quiz tomorrow. I’m loving how this is happening right before the holidays. Bueno. I can study for my vocab in dance tomorrow, so that leaves me with whap and chem…hmmm…so difficult…I think I should study for whap tonight and then study for chem during lunch tomorrow. I’m going to be a disaster in college. *groan* I don’t even know how to study. When I ‘study,’ it’s mostly just briefly glancing at info I-try-really-hard-to-remember-but-don’t when I take the test. I hate studying xcfvgbhkjlkjhjh. I think I’m trying to convince myself I’m one of those kids who can not study and still ace a test. I am obviously in denial…God help me.

On the plus side, I can somewhat relax after Tuesday. But it depends if my teachers give out homework over the break and if my mother is going to try to make me clean the house…which totally defeats the purpose of a break. This is my so-called life. Yay.

  1. Zipo said:

    Hahaha… you deleted your last post with my comments. Good

    Glad you are up and running. Life is like a bowl of cherries. Sometimes you get the pits. Sounds like something Forrest Gump would say… haha.

    Have a great break! I intend on having one… if it kills me. Maybe I will give Forrest a call. xd!

    Oh, I did see Harry Potter movie. Brilliant start to the holiday break thus far.

    • AA said:

      What?????? What…Confused…

      Lol, ‘up and running.’ Oh the irony! :D I feel like a lazy slob ahahaha!

      Thank you, I did! It was bueno!

      I’ve never read a HP book or seen any of the movies lol. I have no desire to either…I’m sure the newest movie out is crazy awesome though!

  2. Hey, it’s Emma from my other umphulump blog or whatever. I have a new site, new username. Yes. I got homework for the break >:( I mean, common, have some respect for the pilgrims silly teachers.

    • AA said:

      HEY!! I’ll have to check out your new site :) Aw, that sucks. I got ‘homework’ but it wasn’t due right when we go back from the break haha.

  3. ζÔ§Η said:

    Is it the Thanksgiving Break that’s coming up? [Aha, I’m slowly learning what American holidays are when! Yay!]
    Yeah, I hate having homework over long weekends [studying for exams over them is even worst haha, especially when you’re going away >.<] but I think holiday homework over Summer is even worst.

    • AA said:

      Yes, it was Thanksgiving Break :) It used to be a week long a couple years ago (when I was in elementary) but they changed it to 3 days, which, to this day, still makes no sense to me lol

      Yeah, holiday homework sucks! School should have no part in holidays! :P

  4. Zipo said:

    I think you may be facing a lost audience. Srry…. but keep trying.

    • AA said:

      LOL, it appears so, Zipo :) Oh I mean :(

  5. Sas said:

    Guess what?
    I tried an Auntie Annes!! And it was so good!!!
    I took a photo just for you, so you can see it when I get back.
    Heehee! I was so excited!

    I hope your exams go well – your study method sounds a lot like mine, and I do alright. You’ll be fine. :)

    • AA said:

      WHOOOOOOOOO! This just made me really happy lol! Do you try the salted or unsalted pretzels? Did you get anything else under than pretzels? Also, how is your trip going? Do tell!!! :D

      Thank you :) I got a 77 on my chem and a 76 on my whap haha. On the plus side, I made a 100 on my vocab quiz LOL.

      • Yay, congratulations on the good scores!!

        I’m glad to be in the business of spreading joy. :)
        I tried a salted one (and I only had a pretzel sadly, so I’ll have to find another store for more! I’m on my way to New York at the moment, so maybe they’ll have one there!?)
        The trip is really great! Everyone in the US so far has been really nice – like you can actually tell people want to talk to you, unlike in Sydney where no one wants to give you the time of day. We’ve been to Maine and Boston so far and we’re heading to NY right now! One thing I can’t get used to though is your currency – it all looks the same! And the coinage is so confusing haha. So is tipping, I never know how much to give people. How do you do this all the time?!?

      • AA said:

        They’re not the greatest scores, but I’m happy with them lol, thank you!

        I’m sure they have lots of Auntie Anne’s in New York! It is New York after all! I’m thrilled you like it!

        I’m glad your trip is going well! We do love foreigners over here in the US :D I’ve lived here practically all my life, and I suppose if I went to Australia, I’d be just as confused as you are now lol. Keep enjoying your trip! I think you’ll find many things to like about the US, even all the bashings you’ve most likely heard about the US and Americans. (I’m sure you’d have fun even without my telling you XD)

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