In all seriousness…

I wish my parents bought a one story house instead of this wonderful two-story one. Up and down the stairs, up and down, up and down, up and down…after about 8 or 9 years living here, it’s gotten rather tiring. I’m afraid I’m not as young as I used to be. LOL I sound like such an old person. I’m sitting here complaining about the stairs in my house, me, a 16 year old…I wonder how it must be for my aging parents…

Hi everyone! Yes, I know, I’m the scum of this blogging world. Not posting or replying to comments…I should be banished :( But with the upcoming holiday, hopefully I’ll be able to post more! I would like to get 100 posts by the end of this year (85 so far), but that would require me posting almost daily…HAHA!

Soooooo, yesterday was my father’s birthday. He is 59 years old now. Yes, 59. What an old guy :) My mom and I sang for him at 12 am and then I just got really sad. My dad isn’t getting any younger, his salt and pepper beard is proof of that. I think a lot about that a lot these days. That thought…it scares me, because I love my dad (and my mom too of course!). I know I shouldn’t think about it, but I do. After we sang for him (including my sister and brothers on a 3 way call), I went to my room and cried…for about a minute lol. I forced myself to stop crying because I just really hate crying…ugbuhjnksd. I pray my dad will live to see many more years to come! (and my mom too!)

Okay, sadness begone! Let’s see…what else is new? My hatred for school is increasing, but that ain’t nuthin’ new. My desire for learning…I don’t where it has gone but not close to me anymore. I seem to have lost it. Oh  well :/ There’s only about 700-800 more days ’till graduation, not too bad, right?! :D

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but I’m glad I did (who knows how long I would’ve put it off!)! I really have missed blogging. And one other thing…IT’S DECEMBER! W00T! Can you guys believe that’s almost 2011?! Time sure does fly. I’ve added some seasonal songs, including a few from last year’s playlist. I think you guys might enjoy at least one of the songs ;) Have a great week everyone!

  1. Your dad’s got a long time to go. Don’t worry about it. It’s sweet/cute that you all sang for him. But 12 am is a bad time lol. I’m surprised he didn’t kill you to be honest.
    Me too! My desire to learn went straight out the window with my happiness and motivation. I don’t know what I did to offend them but they clearly weren’t enjoying themselves here. Maybe they went off to find someone who will take them places.

    Seriously though, who is the delicious piece of vanilla chocolate sprinkled beautiful bit of man candy on your side bar. Oh and he’s got a nose like no other. His nose and his eyes kill me. I repeat, he needs to reproduce A LOT. I don’t even care if he’s an ass. That trait will eventually go away. But beauty is forever.

    • AA said:

      Aw, thank you :) Singing at 12 am is like a tradition at my house, whether the person likes it or not (but I think it’s nice) lol!

      Maybe they did. Kinda rude of them, but then again…I guess we weren’t taking a very good care of them :lol:

      I wish I knew, Willow! I wish I knew :cry:

      OMG: “I don’t even care if he’s an ass. That trait will eventually go away. But beauty is forever.” LOL, so true!

  2. Zipo said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA It’s your boyfriend…. now that was seriously funny. You got a hottie heh? hahaha Riot! I wouldn’t call you the scum of blogging… but maybe…. oh nvm… ;) Just jkn’ with ya. You aren’t any different than anyone else. No one seems to be posting much anymore. I sometimes like to give ppl a hard time over it. Only because I care. :roll:

    Nice cheerful look and sound here for the season. A little Christmas buzz. Now let’s not muck it up with tears … only if they are tears of joy. Padre has mucho years left unless like any of us… someone else has another plan. Good golly my grandparents are only in their 50’s and they can keep up with the best of them on any given day. Me included… as I do travel in that crowd ya know. xd! We all travel back and forth across the pond to see each other yearly. But now with the groping going on in airports, we all might go more. Hhahahahahahahahaha!!!! Ok enough about me….

    Sounds like you are getting the idea. No pain no gain. Hang tight. Someday you will wish you were back in school.

    What’s on you Christmas list? (I think WillowB needs to remember Santa knows who is naughty and nice… so yah, let’s keep it clean…. hahahahaha)

    I need more tunes. Yours just shut off…. I can’t work under this pressure. I can actually hear myself think! OMG!!! The horror…. ;3

    • AA said:

      It is, he just isn’t aware of it :) If only…Yes, it’s not so lively over here in this part of the blogosphere anymore, but thank you for caring lol.

      I agree, let’s not muck it up with tears! Vos grands-parents (did I say that right? hehehe) are only 50?! That’s crazy…and awesome. “But now with the groping going on in airports, we all might go more.” Groping. GROPING. :lol:

      I will? I suppose I would when I get out there into…The Real World O_O

      My Christmas List? An iPod would be fantastico, clothes, money, etc. I’m not really asking for much. And yours Zipo?

      I’ll try to add more songs to the playlist, if that makes you feel any better :) Hearing yourself think think is a truly scary thing, isn’t it? The horror indeed…

  3. Zipo said:
    • AA said:

      OMG, thank you Zipo :D Adding this to my playlist!

  4. Zipo said:

    Mon plaisir, you are more than welcome, and Charlie Brown rocks!!! I mean this is a classic! I get like all warm and fuzzy when I hear it. I would love to live in that little world. Snow globe worthy. Use to play that little jazz number for many of year at concerts. Your additions are a great cross section. Mostly jazz. That pops my cork. hahaha Absolument fabuleux :!: Or as they say in your neck of the woods, Absolutamente fabuloso :!: ( I am harmonizing with Amy right now :) )

    You do have a short wish list. My list is ever-growing. I will try to reign it in soon. You can ask for the moon, it doesn’t mean you will get it, but there are many fine options for Santa to choose from. xd!

    • AA said:

      Pops my cork. POPS MY CORK. Lol, I am going to start doing this to every one of your comments now :D Charlie Brown does give off that warm, fuzzy feeling :3 Zipo, I am very curious about your age. You don’t even have to tell me your real age, just some hints *wink wink nudge nudge* DO NOT AVOID THIS QUESTION ~~***

      Santa disappoints me year after year. I’m really liking St. Niccolas though. My French teacher made my class take off our right shoe and put at the front of the room on Monday. Apparently, it was St. Niccolas day or something like that. She put chocolate in our shoes (she was very sneaky about. didn’t even see her do it!). ………Ok I just felt like sharing that with you lol

      • AA said:

        Oh, and I’m taking my playlist off autoplay lol. I think I’ll put it on autoplay again when it’s closer to Christmas haha!

      • Zipo said:

        ‘Pops My Cork’ trips your trigger? :lol: Well being from a wine vs. whine family… that is good!!!

        I believe we have addressed the age issue before. And like before I said, “I wished I had a nickel each time someone asked my age.” I remember once I said…. “Good golly I can dumb down.” I think the whole question posed evolves around the fact I was born in France and I do believe if you know the educational system, France is one of the highest testing results in education. Since I go back and forth, I might just have a few more hours of education under my belt, but, I don’t always wear a belt. ;) I am still in school, as I told you before. Just older than most.
        I really should move on, but I do like to contribute to those who still have blogs. I think I will be ending my “guest” comments by Christmas. I use to comment on like 15 blogs. I am down to 4. Sad!!! One must recognize when the fat woman sings. hahahahahah

        You have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
        Soyez bien mon bon ami :!:

    • AA said:

      OH! I see! You’re ending your ‘guest’ comments?! So this means you’re finally getting a blog?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D Woohooooyah

      I iz not happy. :cry:

      • Zipo said:

        Hilarious animation. Wicked! No blog for me…. but I will try to comment. You are comment worthy ya know!

      • AA said:

        Yay! I feel special now :)

  5. Annie said:

    Wow, 12am! Haha I’m usually the only one in my house still awake at midnight.

    Yeah i know right! This is so cliche but the year has gone by really, really fast. I love Christmas, but I always want the white Christmas that all those Christmas songs are on! Too bad it never snows here :(

    • AA said:

      Lol, my family is full of a bunch of night owls.

      It never snows where I like either! It snowed last year though, but it wasn’t around Christmas and I don’t think the fluffy stuff that didn’t even touch the ground qualifies as snow lol.

  6. Zipo said:

    Let’s sing! It is that time ya know. =]

    Annie … the grass is always greener isn’t it? !

  7. Andrew said:

    Man, I have no idea how you do it AA. But, you’re posts are always so unique, interesting, and has a good texture of writing. I love Willow’s blog because his life is interesting more often. I just like how you write and post things. That’s the only difference.

    Merry Christmas, by Andrew.

    • AA said:

      Thank you! Wow, this comment made me really happy haha! I’m flattered :D

      Merry Christmas to you too!

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