I like blogging, yes I do

I like blogging, how about you? Reasons? Reasons?

  1. Reading other people’s blogs. I don’t know if that makes me nosy or creepy, or both, wanting to know what goes on in people’s lives, but I do enjoy it
  2. I’m anonymous here. No one really knows who I am, apart from what I write about my life.
  3. Venting about my feelings :)
  4. Writing without being judged (well, I can’t really speak for everyone who reads my blog)
  5. Writing about random crap

Ok, there’s more, but I’m too lazy to rack my brain right now. You know what would make me love blogging even more? If people actually blogged more (Reason #1). I have commented on other blogs but they never commented on mine! :lol: I mean, it’s only common courtesy (IMHO). Oh well :/

I deactivated my Fb account (again) lol. It’s depressing getting on Fb and seeing that everyone else is having tons of fun and taking millions of pictures to document their fun while I’m sitting at home, slowly losing it because the boredom is too much to take. Yes, I realize I could change this, but honestly…what the hell can I do about it? I don’t have a car to drive places. I don’t have a job to keep me occupied. My family is busy with their own lives and jobs (and cars). I don’t really have any real (real) friends that I can just call or text and ask to hang out or go over to their house. The internet is becoming less and less appealing because of how much time I spend on it. To put it simply, I’m unsatisfied (or is it dissatisfied?) with my life. I shouldn’t be, but I am.


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