My sister has a snuzzle

No, not a snuggie, a snuzzle. I think it came before the snuggie. I laughed at her when she first showed me, but I’m wearing it right now :lol: It’s really soft!

I’m bored. SURPRISE! Lol, yeah, I’m really bored. I need a job. I think I’m going to look for a job. I don’t know if my parents will let me but hey, it’s something. I think I’ll start with Target…hmm…

  1. ζÔ§Η said:

    You totally should’ve applied last month or even earlier to get hired for Christmas!
    Have a merry Christmas!

    • AA said:

      True! But I wasn’t really thinking about finding a job during school time lol. Now that I have absolutely nothing to do, my mind has cleared up a bit haha.
      You too!

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