I hate kittens

Did I accidentally make kittens plural and forget to add in the word heels? Whoops…it’s not like I was trying to get y’all to read this post thinking I hate kittens but then find out I actually hate kitten heels, but keep on reading anyway. Totally not my intention. Just to clear things up, I like kittens, just not kitten heels. I think they are the most disgusting thing to ever be invented. *shudder*

My Monkey Bread and Pigs in a Blanket were a success! The MB was a little bit too sweet but still really delicious. If it wasn’t so fattening, I’d eat it at least 4 times a month :P Christmas went well! The food was yummy and the presents were…oh wait, there were no presents. Lol. Yeah, no presents (probably partially due to the fact that there was no Christmas tree, but not really). But I’m not complaining! Well, maybe a little. Getting on Fb and seeing things like ‘OMGGGSH, I GOT A CAR ! !” or “I LOOOOVE MY NEW MISS ME JEANS ! MY BUTT IS GONNA LOOK SO CUTE . !” (really exaggerated, but I think you guys get the point) was annoying and a happy-mood killer. I mean, why act surprised and post it on Fb when your parents are rich and you know you’re obviously going to get something like that for Christmas? I should’ve just kept my account deactivated.

I wasn’t really expecting presents anyway. I’m not depressed over it or anything. Getting presents for Christmas doesn’t mean that much to me anymore, I guess. “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy things that make you happy.” True, but that happiness won’t last forever. Money, clothes, and an iPod would be nice though. Looks like I’ll just have to get the iPod with my saved up lunch money. Which isn’t that much, but a good effort on my part. I’ve never been good at saving lunch $$ and skipping lunch. I love food a lot, but since I have no job and don’t get an allowance, this is the only way. I think I’ll get an iPod shuffle. It is the cheapest one lol.

My laptop is on the verge of death. It keeps saying I should consider getting a new battery. I did a battery scan thingy just to be completely sure aaaaaaand…it says I should get it replaced also. :( Damn HP! I don’t have that kind of money for a new battery/laptop! There’s no point in telling my parents because they’d just be like, “Well, you killed it. You should have spent less time on your laptop. You’re always on it. Nag, nag, nag.” I am officially announcing my hate for HP laptops. Boo, HP, you whore. (I love how I’m blaming HP for this instead of my SEMI bad computer managing habits lol)


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