Sinking to the bottom of the ocean

I’M BOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD. It’s raining outside right now. I love the rain. Rain is good. Rain is rain. I’m sinking y’all. Sinking…I’m tempted to do power notes right now. DOESN’T THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING?! My Whap teacher has the calendar up for next semester (4th six weeks) and we have a buttload of power notes to do. If I were smart, I’d be scrambling to get them done during the break (as in right now). I really don’t want to though. Do you know what I really don’t want right now? To be in Whap. I do not want to be in World History AP. What was I thinking when I signed up to take it? I hate that class so much. If dropping the class wasn’t such an annoying process, I’d drop it in a heartbeat. A heartbeat.

  1. Zipo said:

    You have two choices. Sink or swim.

    • AA said:

      I’m not a very strong swimmer, but I’ll persevere :)

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