I’m still tempted to do power notes, but the urge is slowly subsiding. I know I’ll be pissed at myself when school starts up again, and all my wonderful whap buddies are bragging about getting all their power notes done over the break. :roll: Can’t freakin’ wait.

I’m not excited about school starting on Wednesday but at least we’re not starting Monday. That’s just…cruel. I’m trying to put off the thought of school, but it’s hard. Now that I think about it, school is such a strange word. School. School. SCHOOL. I can’t wait for this year to be over (school year). 10th grade is…annoying. I’m ready to be an upperclassman now! Yip yip!

  1. Zipo said:

    Martians/ OMG… I frickn’ love them. They are like marshmallows! xd!
    However, I do sometimes put a double wrap of aluminum foil on my head. I don’t like anyone seeing my personal thoughts.

    I think school it just a state of mind. At some point…. it becomes a career. Eyup…. that’s where I am at. :P

    And I am out the door to PARTAY… can I pick you up? I think we would have major fun~

    • AA said:

      They’re lovable! Marshmallows eh? :lol:

      A state of mind…hmm…puts me at ease a little lol

      Whoop whoop! PARTAY! I think we’d have major fun too, but I have to go to church :) Not that I’m complaining!

      (Ya know, I’d look for a happy new year vid for you too but I have no time)

  2. Opus said:

    You’re making me want to make a social blog so that I can start posting my thoughts.
    I can’t really do that with ‘Musical Soul’ because it was made to be a music blog :lol: but i don’t want to start over again!

    • Zipo said:

      WTF…. OHHHHHH srry. . .MY bad …. you have a blog Opus?… What part of it isn’t social Opus? We all have been waiting for your personal thoughts for ages!!!!! AGESSSSSSS. . . . If you don’t do it soon, it will be too late for me. LOL
      Why is it that I feel like glue? No one comments on a site… then when I do… they all come out of the woodwork. I am glue I tell ya…. :lol:

      • AA said:

        Really Opus? Then my plan is working..ahem, I mean…that’s wonderful :D

        Gah! Choices! You could make a thoughtful post one day, then a music one the next, and switch on and off…oh I have no clue. I don’t care how you do it, but I’m hoping you do (me and Zipo both lol!) :D Go for it! Share you thoughts with the world! w00t!

        Glue indeed! Superglue!

    • AA said:

      A slow death in the form of homework. Basically, we take notes out of the college ap textbook. We write out a main idea for each paragraph (numbered of course) and we have to note down the pictures and whatever other crap is in the crap filled book. My teacher gives us assigned pages to take the notes from called ‘sets.’ Sometimes she gives us up to 20 pages in a set, but from looking at the new calendar, some sets are way more than 20. We didn’t have power notes every night before the break but on the new calendar, we have power notes every night. Oh, and it’s not like the book has easy, everyday language. The language is…annoying lol. Let’s not forget to mention, power notes take FOREVER. It’s wise not to start on them a few days before we have to turn them in, but people still do anyway. And we also have ‘Power Notes Quizzes.’ I usually get a C on them. You’d think they’d be easy, since the questions are just stuff you took notes on out of the book, but they’re really not. I think she’s insane. You can really tell how much I love power notes lol.

      • Yeah, I’d say it sounds like you don’t like them much :) Sounds kind of nasty. So what’s the purpose of power notes?

        I’d ask if you minded talking about it but after that lengthy explanation I suspect you don’t :)

  3. Lucky..I started Monday..
    I woke up feeling like a zombie…

    • AA said:

      Lol, I’m sure that’s how I’m going to feel tomorrow!

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