Live from the library

I’m at the library right now. I came here with my dad (he’s teaching) to work on power notes, but after doing like one paragraph, I quit. Power notes are so pointless and a complete waste of time. I’d take the super hard tests over power notes any day. Wait, scratch that…I’d take neither of those :lol: Maybe I shouldn’t have brought my laptop. I was debating on whether I should bring it this morning because I knew it’d distract me from power notes…and it did/has/is lol. Power notes make you want to jump off a cliff as soon as you start them. They’re that bad. They’re a slow death in the form of homework…

It’s weird being in the library. The last time I came to the library was in the summer, when I was volunteering here. Ok, I admit, part of the reason why I came here today was to see cute library guy. I haven’t seen him yet so he’s either a) not working today b) on vacation c) only worked here during the summer d) quit. I’m still holding out hope I’ll see him when it’s time for me to leave hehehe. Cute library guy is cute lol. He wears a lot of black and he has a mysterious air around him. I can’t really explain my attraction to guys. It’s…strange lol. I try to see the cuteness in every guy. “Oh he’d be really cute if he did this with his hair or burned his current wardrobe and bought better clothes.” or “I bet he’ll look better a few years from now.” I’m pathetic, I know. I state this in like all of my posts XD. But really, It doesn’t matter to me if the guy is a punk, nerd, black, asian, indian, etc. If he’s cute to me, he’s cute.

Oh look, I just explained it lol

  1. Opus said:

    Sometimes I just go to libraries or book stores just see if any intellectual, cute-looking girl is there. haha hasn’t happened yet.
    I am terribly attracted to girls with really nice eyes. :P but that’s only if I don’t know them, if I know them they can’t be immature or ditsy.

    It appears that I’m pretty damn picky :lol:

    • AA said:

      Lol, too bad. Don’t give up hope! I’m sure it’s just your timing…the intellectual cute-looking girl has to leave as soon as you arrive at the library. :lol:

      I’m not too picky haha. I try not to hold out too much hope for the really cute guys. I just end up being disappointed lol

      • Opus said:

        the smart nice looking ones are usually from other schools from across the state that I only meet at Academic Bowl tournaments or Track Meets :lol:

      • AA said:

        It seems like the cute ones are always at other schools. How unsatisfying lol

  2. LOL. I love how you used this whole post to describe the cute library guy

    • AA said:

      Cute library guy is cute :)

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