About to go to a parrtyyy

Lol, I wish.

I promise I have the worst luck in the world. We’re doing a research project in English on Ernest Hemingway and we were put into groups to research different topics about him. So here I am seriously hoping and praying to God that I’m put in a group with CB. My teacher reads out the names and I’m just sitting there holding my breath. I hear my name get called, along with three other names that isn’t CB. WTF. I was really disappointed dammit. I was already envisioning the talking and getting to know each other process as soon as my teacher said ‘research project’ and ‘groups.’ I should really stop entertaining the idea that him and I will even talk to each other, much less be friends. I promise I’m not like this with every cute guy I see lol…that would make me…even more pathetic than I am right now :lol:

Apart from my wonderful luck in English, the rest of the day was just blaahhhh. My newly switched classes are more or less the same. I kinda miss my 2nd period though. Oh well. I took a nap for a couple of hours when I got home today. When I woke up, I was really craving some wine. There was two bottles of Sparkling Cider (non alcoholic of course) in the fridge, so I opened one. Then I realized I should ask my parents just in case. After I already opened it and took a sip, I asked mom. She was like, “Psh, if that’s what you want, open it and drink it. Pour me a cup too.”

Yepp, here I am drinking cider watching TLC on a Friday night. My life is so exciting.

  1. Hahahah im sorry but the bottom clip is funny.
    wow im stupid

  2. Dunya said:

    Your parents are too cool :D But it really sucks that you cant drink alcohol in the USA until 21.. here in turkey the drinking age is 18, but nobody cares and drinks anyway… and parents know, they find it perfectly normal. i got familiar with alcohol last year and i was like thinking that it was soo cool and wanting to drink every weekend. ive gotten drunk really bad several times and once i almost fainted and my mother found this out. Of course i was severely punished but i still drink on occasion and my mother allows

    • AA said:

      :lol: This is the first time someone has ever called my parents ‘cool’ LOL. I have many adjectives to describe my parents but cool is not one of them ahahaha! I don’t really care much about alcohol tbh. I think I’ll try it once in my lifetime just to see what it tastes like, but I don’t plan on getting smashed outta my mind haha. Yeah, everyone still drinks despite the law over here too. But I think it’s interesting how your Turkey’s drinking age is 21. I think Canada’s is 18 too. XD

      • Sas said:

        Australia’s is 18 as well.

  3. Annie said:

    I love drinking cider, it makes me feel important. Yeah I’m not sure why either xD


    • AA said:

      LOL, I feel the exact same way! Drinking cider in a wine glass…so wonderful

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