Bueno Título

I just looked up from my laptop and my mom is watching The Bachelor. I wonder if she really knows what’s going on LOL. I blew off my homework for my laptop and to bake a cake. I baked the cake, watched some episodes online of Say Yes to the Dress, and I suppose I should work on my hw now, but I’m not. I’m not interested :( I planned to finish my homework in other subjects today and work on power notes tomorrow, but that hasn’t exactly worked out. I’m really going to dislike myself tomorrow. I keep thinking about CB for some reason. He wore shorts on Friday (even though it was like 50 degrees outside) and his legs are really cute…wow. I need help LOL. I’ve reached ultimate creeper status now.

  1. Opus said:

    shorts in 50 degree weather? What a dork! :lol:
    My friend wheres shorts in like freezing cold weather. He wears shorts. All. The. Time. No matter what.

    • AA said:

      Lol! I was just kinda like “what the hell?” when I saw him. I remember last week, I went to Chili’s with my siblings and this girl was wearing running shorts. And it was freezing cold outside. I honestly don’t understand it.

      You should’ve bought your friend pants for Christmas :lol:

    • Zipo said:

      Did you ever think he might “run on hot” All. The. Time. :?: Hormones can do that ya know :!: =]

  2. Zipo said:

    This song just seems to scream your situation. :lol: Thinking about those hairy white legs heh? LOVE IT! I can sing this song standing on my head…. want to hear me sing it???? XD!

    Warning … the following vid is comes with an F-bomb alert.

    So…ya watched it anyway heh? :lol:

  3. Dunya said:

    his legs? thats what you think about?? lol

    • AA said:

      I don’t think about it like all the time lol, only when he wears shorts

  4. Emily said:

    Haha, I think it’s funny when people wear shorts even in winter. It gives off the vibe, “Hey I’m a tough guy because I wear shorts when it’s cold.” xD

    And… his legs? xD But it’s okay. Everybody’s a creeper at some point in time.. I hope I’m past that now :P

    • AA said:

      Lol, I always imagine them thinking “I’m so freakin’ cold, but I’m not going to let it show because I’m tough”

      Bah, it was a random thought. Everyone should just disregard it now XD

  5. Opus said:

    Hey AA, remember when I said you were making me think about making another blog dedicated to just my thoughts?
    Well, here it is. :D
    it’s kinda impersonal right now, but I think once i warm up to it, it will become interesting reading material.


    • AA said:

      WOOO HOOOO! I will check it out as soon as I finish replying to comments :)

  6. Annie said:

    Shorts in 10 degree weather?!?!?!?! (I converted it to celcius so i’d understand hahah)
    But then that reminds me about the people who ALWAYS wear jeans even in like 40 degree weather. Which I shall convert to… 104 degree weather. I don’t know what they’re trying to do but if it were me I think I would rather take them off and walk around then wear them xD

    • AA said:

      I like jeans, but not enough to wear them in weather like that lol. Crazy people in this world

  7. Sas said:

    Haha, I’m a shorts kid. Not in 40 F/10 C degrees (ahhh, why can’t the world have a unified system!) mind you, but I love my shorts. Then again, the Australian weather does sort of lend itself to shorts though.

    Nothing wrong with cute legs I say! Leg stare away my friend. :)

    Oh, I know the HW feeling so well. I’m a procrastinator at heart, and I used to put of school stuff all the time. And then it never got done. Because of that, I have absolutely zero advice to give you (other than the fact that I still managed to do alright in my final exams, so there is hope for you yet! Haha).

    • AA said:

      Ah, so does Texas weather! Hooray for shorts! And cute legs :)

      It’s okay, I’m trying to change my procrastinating ways though haha!

  8. Zipo said:

    Ya know we ‘re just mess’n with ya, right?! :mrgreen: We all love skin… :lol:

    • Sas said:

      I’m definitely partial to skin. I mean, imagine people without skin. Now that’s nastayy.

  9. I feel ya…well not the leg thing LOL…
    but the homework!! I always procrastinate

  10. Opus said:

    *knock knock* anyone home?

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